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Thomas à Kempis 1380-1471

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Most widely held works by Thomas
The imitation of Christ by Thomas( Book )
6,463 editions published between 1441 and 2017 in 39 languages and held by 17,723 libraries worldwide
Describes the way of the follower of Christ as he learns to mould his life in conformity with the pattern set by Christ. An immensely practical book, which faces the temptations and difficulties of daily life, but also describes the joys and helps which are found on the way
L'Imitation de Jesus-Christ : traduction avec une pratique et une prière à la fin de chaque chapitre by Thomas( Book )
522 editions published between 1712 and 1983 in 6 languages and held by 685 libraries worldwide
The confessions of Saint Augustine by Augustine( Book )
10 editions published between 1909 and 2009 in English and held by 603 libraries worldwide
The influential early work by the great doctor of the church describes Saint Augustine's journey from sinner to man of faith and reflects on such themes as faith, identity, truth, time, self-understanding, education, and spiritual awakening
The Christian's pattern, or, A treatise of the imitation of Jesus Christ : in four books by Thomas( Book )
158 editions published between 1698 and 1888 in English and Undetermined and held by 550 libraries worldwide
Of the Imitation of Christ : in three books by Thomas( Book )
73 editions published between 1763 and 1964 in English and held by 368 libraries worldwide
Thomae à Kempis ... De imitatione Christi : libri quatuor by Thomas( Book )
165 editions published between 1601 and 1955 in 7 languages and held by 302 libraries worldwide
Geschrift uit de kring van de Moderne Devotie (veertiende-vijftiende eeuw)
De Christo imitando : contemnendisque mundi vanitatibus libellus by Thomas( Book )
16 editions published between 1685 and 1984 in 3 languages and held by 251 libraries worldwide
L'imitation de Jésus-Christ traduction nouvelle avec des réflexions à la fin de chaque chapitre by Thomas( Book )
161 editions published between 1485 and 2010 in 6 languages and held by 244 libraries worldwide
Giolito's second ed. of Remigio's Italian translation of the Imitatio Christi, first published anonymously in 1418. Over the centuries, the Imitatio has been attributed to various writers, including Jean Gerson, although in recent years, the authorship of Thomas à Kempis has been definitively established
An extract of the Christian's pattern, or, A treatise of the imitation of Christ by Thomas( Book )
56 editions published between 1753 and 1972 in English and held by 229 libraries worldwide
The Christian pattern paraphras'd, or, The book of the Imitation of Christ by Luke Milbourne( Book )
12 editions published between 1696 and 1980 in English and held by 212 libraries worldwide
A companion for the altar : Extracted from Thomas à Kempis. By John Wesley ( Book )
47 editions published between 1742 and 1779 in English and held by 70 libraries worldwide
The authorship of the De imitatione Christi, with many interesting particulars about the book by S Kettlewell( Book )
1 edition published in 1877 in English and held by 40 libraries worldwide
An extract of the Christian's pattern: or a treatise of the imitation of Christ. Written in Latin by Thomas à Kempis. Publish'd by John Wesley, M.A ( Book )
24 editions published between 1759 and 1770 in English and held by 29 libraries worldwide
The following of Christ. In four books. Written in Latin by Thomas à Kempis. Newly translated into English, by R ... C ... D.D ( Book )
13 editions published between 1744 and 1756 in English and held by 20 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
À Kempis
A Kempis, Thomas
A Kempis Thomas 1380?-1471
Campis, Thomas
Campis, Thomas 1379-1471
Campis Thomas 1380?-1471
Campis, Thomas a 1379-1471
Campis, Thomas à 1379/80-1471
Campis, Thomas de 1379/80-1471
Champs, Thomas des 1379-1471
De imitatione Christi
DesChamps, Thomas 1379-1471
Foma 1379/80-1471 Kempijskyj
Foma 1380-1471 Kempiĭskiĭ
Foma, Kempi-Ski
Foma, Kempiĭskiĭ
Foma, Kempiĭskiĭ, 1380-1471
Foma Kempijskij ca 1380-1471
Foma, Kempijskyj, 1379/80-1471
Foma Kenpskij 1379-1471
Gembaci Tovma 1380?-1471
Gembacʿi, To̕wmas 1379-1471
Gembeci, Thōmas 1379/80-1471
Haemerlein, Thomas
Haemerlein, Thomas 1379-1471
Haemmerchen, Thomas von Kempen
Haemmerlein, Thomas
Haemmerlein, Thomas 1379-1471
Haemmerlein, Thomas 1380-1471
Haemmerlein, Thomas ca. 1380-1471
Hämerken, Thomas
Hamerken, Thomas 1379-1471
Hamerkens Kempenes, Toms 1379-1471
Hamerkens, Toms 1380-1471
Hammerken 1380-1471
Hammerken, Thomas
Hammerken, Thomas 1379-1471
Hämmerken, Toma 1379-1471
Hämmerlein, Toms 1380-1471
Harmelein, Toma 1379-1471
Hemerkem de Kempis, Tomás ca. 1380-1471
Hemerkem, Tomás de Kempis
Hemerken a Kempis, Thomas 1379-1471
Hemerken de Kempen, Thomas
Hemerken Kempenský, Tomáš 1379-1471
Hemerken, Thomas
Hemerken, Thomas 1379-1471
Hemerken Thomas 1380?-1471
Hemerken, Thomas ca. 1380-1471
Hemerken van Kempen, Thomas 1379-1471
Hemerkien, Thomas
Hermerken a Kempis, Thomas 1379-1471
Kempe, Thomas
Kempe, Thomas 1379-1471
Kempe, Thomas 1380-1471
Kempen-Sailer, Thomas v. 1379-1471
Kempen, Thomas Hamerken van 1380-1471
Kempen, Thomas Hemerken de
Kempen, Thomas van 1379-1471
Kempen, Thomas van 1379/80-1471
Kempen, Thomas von
Kempen, Thomas von 1379-1471
Kempen Thomas von 1380?-1471
Kempen, Thomas von ca. 1380-1471
Kempen, Tomad de
Kempen, Tomad de 1379-1471
Kempen, Tomas de 1379-1471
Kempen, Tomas wa 1379/80-1471
Kempenac, Toma 1379-1471
Ķempenes, Toms, 1380-1471
Kempensis, Thomas 1379-1471
Kempensis, Thomas 1380-1471
Kempensis, Thomas ca. 1380-1471
Kempenski, Domaš 1379-1471
Kempenski, Toma 1379-1471
Kempenský, Tomáš
Kempenský, Tomáš 1379-1471
Kempes, Thomas a 1379-1471
Kempi-Ski, Foma
Kempietis, Tomas
Kempietis, Tomas 1380-1471
Kempiĭskiĭ, Foma
Kempiĭskiĭ, Foma 1380-1471
Kempijski, Tamaš
Kempìjskij, F́oma
Kempijs'kij, Tomi Gemerken
Kempis, Tāmas 1380-1471
Kempis Tamás bibliamásoló, teológus, keresztény misztikus, egyházi író, szerzetes
Kempis, Thoma a 1379-1471
Kempis Thomas à
Kempis, Thomas â 1379-1471
Kempis, Thomas à 1379/80-1471
Kempis Thomas a 1380?-1471
Kempis, Thomas a ca 1380-1471
Kempis Thomas de
Kempis, Thomas de 1379-1471
Kempis, Thomas de 1379/80-1471
Kempis, Thomas de ca 1380-1471
Kempis Thomas H.
Kempis Thomas Hemerken
Kempis, Thomas Hemerken 1380-1471
Kempis, Thomas Hermerken a 1379-1471
Kempis, Thomas von 1379-1471
Kempis, Thomas von 1380-1471
Kempis, Tomas 1379/80-1471
Kempis, Tomas A.
Kempis, Tomas a 1379/80-1471
Kempis, Tomás de
Kempis, Tomas de 1379-1471
Kempis, Tomás de, 1380-1471
Kempis, Tomàs de, ca. 1380-1471
Kempis, Tomaso, de.
Kempis , Tommaso : da
Kempis, Tommaso da 1379-1471
Kempis Tommaso da 1380?-1471
Kempisius, Thomas
Kempisius, Thomas 1379-1471
Kempisius, Thomas, 1379/80-1471
Kempisius, Thomas, 1380-1471
Keng-pai-ssu 1380-1471
Kenpskij, Foma 1379-1471
Khemphaci, Thōmas, 1379/80-1471
Maleous 1379-1471
Malleolus a Kempis, Thomas 1379-1471
Malleolus, Thomas
Malleolus, Thomas 1379-1471
Malleolus, Thomas, 1379/80-1471
Malleolus Thomas 1380?-1471
Malleolus, Thomas, ca. 1380-1471
Sailer, Thomas v. Kempen- 1379-1471
Tāmas 1380-1471 Kempis
Tamas Kempijski
Tāmas, Kempis, 1380-1471
Thoma, a Campis, ca. 1380-1471
Thoma ca. 1380-1471 a Campis
Thomae a Kempis
Thomas 1379-1471
Thomas 1379-1471 a Campis
Thomas 1379-1471 a Kempis
Thomas 1379-1471 aus Kempen
Thomas 1379-1471 Campis
Thomas 1379-1471 de Kempis
Thomas 1379-1471 de Monte Agnetis
Thomas 1379-1471 DesChamps
Thomas 1379-1471 Haemerlein von Kempen de Montmorency
Thomas 1379-1471 Haemmerlein
Thomas 1379-1471 Hamerkein
Thomas 1379-1471 Hamerken
Thomas 1379-1471 Hemerken
Thomas 1379-1471 Hemerken van Kempen
Thomas 1379-1471 Kempensis
Thomas 1379-1471 Kempisius
Thomas 1379-1471 Malleolus
Thomas 1379-1471 van Kempen
Thomas 1379-1471 van Kempis
Thomas 1379-1471 von Kempis
Thomas 1379/80-1471 Kempisius
Thomas 1379/80-1471 van Kémpen
Thomas 1379/80-1471 von Kempen
Thomas 1380-1471
Thomas 1380-1471 à Kempis
Thomas 1380-1471 aus Kempen
Thomas 1380-1471 canon regular of the Monastery of Mount Saint Agnes
Thomas 1380-1471 Montis Sancte Agnetis in Traiecto regularis canonicus
Thomas 1380-1471 of Kempis
Thomas 1380-1471 of Mount Saint Agnes
Thomas 1380-1471 von Kempen
Thomas a Campis.
Thomas a Campis 1379-1471
Thomas à Kempis
Thomas a Kempis 1379-1471
Thomas a Kempis 1379/80-1471
Thomas, a Kempis 1380-1471
Thomas, à Kempis, ca. 1380-1471
Thomas à Kempis German canon regular
Thomas a Kempis moine allemand
Thomas a Kempis Nederlands theoloog (1380-1471)
Thomas aus Kempen 1379-1471
Thomas av Kempis ca 1380-1471
Thomas ca. 1380-1471 à Kempis
Thomas ca. 1380-1471 de Kempis
Thomas ca. 1380-1471 von Kempen
Thomas ca. 1380-1471 von Kempis
Thomas Campis
Thomas Campis 1379-1471
Thomas Campis 1380?-1471
Thomas, canon regular of the Monastery of Mount Saint Agnes, 1380-1471
Thomas de Kempis
Thomas de Kempis 1379-1471
Thomas, de Kempis, ca. 1380-1471
Thomas de Monte Agnetis 1379-1471
Thomas DesChamps 1379-1471
Thomas Haemerlein
Thomas Haemerlein von Kempen de Montmorency 1379-1471
Thomas Haemmerlein 1379-1471
Thomas Hamerkein 1379-1471
Thomas Hamerken 1379-1471
Thomas Hamerken 1379/80-1471 van Campen
Thomas Hamerken 1379/80-1471 van Kempen
Thomas Hamerken, van Campen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Hamerken, van Kempen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Hemerken
Thomas Hemerken 1379-1471
Thomas Hemerken 1379/80-1471 van Campen
Thomas Hemerken 1379/80-1471 van Kempen
Thomas Hemerken 1380?-1471
Thomas Hemerken, van Campen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Hemerken van Kempen 1379-1471
Thomas Hemerken, van Kempen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Hemerken von Kempen
Thomas Kempe
Thomas Kempe 1380-1471
Thomas Kempensis
Thomas Kempensis 1379-1471
Thomas Kempis
Thomas Kempis 1380?-1471
Thomas Kempisius
Thomas Kempisius 1379-1471
Thomas, Kempisius, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Maleolusa Kempis
Thomas Malleolus
Thomas Malleolus 1379-1471
Thomas Malleolus 1379-1471 a Kempis
Thomas Malleolus 1379/80-1471 a Kempis
Thomas Malleolus 1380?-1471
Thomas Malleolus a Kempis 1379-1471
Thomas Malleolus, a Kempis, 1379/80-1471
Thomas Malleouis.
Thomas, Montis Sancte Agnetis in Traiecto regularis canonicus, 1380-1471
Thomas of Kempen
Thomas, of Kempis, 1380-1471
Thomas, of Mount Saint Agnes, 1380-1471
Thomas van Kempen 1379-1471
Thomas, van Kémpen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas van Kempis 1379-1471
Thomas von Kempen
Thomas von Kempen 1379-1471
Thomas, von Kempen, 1379/80-1471
Thomas, von Kempen, 1380-1471
Thomas von Kempen Augustinermönch und Mystiker
Thomas, von Kempen, ca. 1380-1471
Thomas von Kempis.
Thomas von Kempis 1379-1471
Thomas, von Kempis, ca. 1380-1471
Thomásse z Kempis 1379-1471
Thome de Kempis
Tohmas 1379-1471 von Kempis
Tohmas von Kempis 1379-1471
Tohms 1379-1471 no Kempenes
Tohms no Kempenes 1379-1471
Toma 1379-1471 Hämmerken
Toma 1379-1471 Harmelein
Toma 1379-1471 Hemerken Kempijs'kyj
Toma 1379-1471 iz Kempena
Toma 1379-1471 Kempenac
Toma 1379-1471 Kempenski
Toma 1379-1471 od Kempah
Toma 1379-1471 od Kempis
Toma 1379-1471 od Kempisa
Toma Haemmerken
Toma Hämmerken 1379-1471
Toma Harmelein 1379-1471
Toma Hemerken Kempijs'kyj 1379-1471
Toma iz Kempena
Toma iz Kempena 1379-1471
Toma Kempenac
Toma Kempenac 1379-1471
Toma Kempenski
Toma Kempenski 1379-1471
Toma Kempijski
Toma Kempinski
Toma od Kempah 1379-1471
Toma od Kempis 1379-1471
Toma od Kempisa
Toma od Kempisa 1379-1471
Tomás 1379-1471 a Cempis
Tomás 1379-1471 de Kempis
Tómas 1379-1471 Gembecí
Tomáš 1379-1471 Kempenský
Tomas 1380-1471 Kempietis
Tomás a Cempis
Tomás a Cempis 1379-1471
Tomas a Kempis
Tomás, a Kempis, ca. 1380-1471
Tomás ca. 1380-1471 a Kempis
Tomás de Kempis
Tomás de Kempis 1379-1471
Tomàs de Kempis 1380?-1471
Tomàs de Kempis canonge agustí i escriptor místic
Tomas fan Kempen
Tomas frå Kempten
Tomas fraa Kempten
Tómas Gembecí 1379-1471
Tomáš Kempenský
Tomáš Kempenský 1379-1471
Tomas, Kempietis
Tomas, Kempietis, 1380-1471
Tomaso da Kempis
Tomaso el Kempis
Tomasso da Kempis
Tomasso da Kempis 1380?-1471
Tomasu de Kempis 1379-1471
Tomasz 1379-1471 a Kempis
Tomasz à Kempis.
Tomasz a Kempis 1379-1471
Tomasz, à Kempis, ca. 1380-1471
Tomasz ca. 1380-1471 à Kempis
Tomasz Hemerken z Kempen
Tomasz z Kempis.
Tomaž 1380-1471 Kempčan
Tomaz, Kemcan
Tomaž, Kempčan
Tomaž, Kempčan, 1380-1471
Tommaso 1379-1471 da Kempis
Tommaso 1379/80-1471 a Kempis
Tommaso 1380-1471 da Kempis
Tommaso, a Kempis, 1379/80-1471
Tommaso da Kempis
Tommaso da Kempis 1379-1471
Tommaso, da Kempis, 1380-1471
Tommaso da Kempis monaco tedesco
Toms 1380-1471 no Kempenes
Toms, no Kempenes, 1380-1471
Tʻovma 1380-1471 Gembatsʻi
Tovma Gembaci 1380?-1471
Tʿovma Gembatsʿi 1379/80-1471
Tʻovma, Gembatsʻi, 1380-1471
Tóvmas 1379-1471 Gembecí
Tʻovmas 1380-1471 Gembatsʻi
Tʻovmas, Gembatsʻi, 1380-1471
Tóvmas Gembecí 1379-1471
T'owmay 1379-1471 Gembac'i
T'owmay Gembac'i 1379-1471
Tūmā l-Kammbīsī ca 1380-1471
Tuomas Kempiläinen
Van Kempen, Thomas
Von Kempen, Thomas
Θωμάς ο Κεμπήσιος
Θωμάς ο Κεμπήσιος 1379-1471
Гамеркен, Фома
Кемпен, Томас фон
Кемпийский, Фома, 1380-1471
Кемпийский, Фома, ок.1379-1471
Тома Кемпійський
Тома Кемпійський 1379-1471
Томас а Кемпис
Фома 1380-1471 Кемпийский
Фома Кемпиец 1379-1471
Фома Кемпийский
Фома Кемпийский 1379-1471
Фома, Кемпийский, 1380-1471
Хемеркен, Томас
Хеммерляйн, Томас
Ѳома Кемпійскій
Գեմբացի Թովմա 1380?-1471
Թովմա Գեմբացի
Թովմա Գեմբացի 1380?-1471
תומאס א-קמפיס
תומס, א-קמפיס, 1380-1471
<<ال>>كمبيسى، توما
الكمبيسى، توما
الكمبيسي، توما، 1380-1471
توما الكمبيسى
توما الكمبيسي
توما الكمبيسي، 1380-1471
كمبيسي، توما
തോമസ് അക്കെമ്പിസ്
캠피스, 토마스 아 1380-1471
켐피스, 토마스 아 1380-1471
켐피스, 토머스 A. 1380-1471
토마스 아 켐피스
ア ケンピス, トーマス
アケムピス, トマス
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Polish (157)
Danish (51)
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Arabic (7)
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