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Comenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670

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Most widely held works by Johann Amos Comenius
The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
191 editions published between 1663 and 2017 in 12 languages and held by 1,683 libraries worldwide
"The study of Protestant spirituality in the early modern period has generally focused on Puritans and Pietists. The tradition of the Slavic Reformation that culminated with John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) has been largely ignored. This volume seeks to redress this imbalance by introducing Comenius's neglected masterpiece, The Labyrinth of the World, to a broader audience." "Though better known as the father of modern education, Comenius was a pastor and spiritual leader of the Bohemian Brethren (Unitas Fratrum), a Czech Protestant group inspired by the Hussite movement of the fifteenth century. The Labyrinth, an allegory of the spiritual journey in the style of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, represents the culmination of his literary accomplishments. The work was written against the backdrop of the calamitous Thirty Years' War and Comenius's profound personal sufferings. His satirical castigation of the world's false ambitions and values is paralleled by a deep yearning for understanding and experience of life with God." "The work comprises two parts. The first introduces a pilgrim in search of a profession. Escorted by a series of guides who lead him through the maze of life's occupations, he visits tradesmen, scholars, clergy, rulers and various other classes of society. Disillusioned by the petty rivalries and deception that mark every vocation he explores, the pilgrim ultimately despairs of the vanity and emptiness of human existence. In the second part of the text the pilgrim turns inward, where he finds "the paradise of the heart." After encountering Christ, he is led on a spiritual journey among those who have found the true meaning of life in relationship with God."--Jacket
Orbis sensualium pictus; facsimile of the third London edition 1672 by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
338 editions published between 1658 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 1,152 libraries worldwide
"This famous work, apart from ABC's, might be considered the first picture book for children and marked the beginning of juvenile literature in its own right"--Osborne Collection of early children's books, 1566-1910, page 113 (in note to the 1777 London edition)
The Orbis pictus of John Amos Comenius by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
28 editions published between 1887 and 2013 in English and held by 646 libraries worldwide
The great didactic of John Amos Comenius by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
45 editions published between 1907 and 2015 in English and held by 601 libraries worldwide
Translation of the 17th century text on educational pedagogy which introduced the idea of child-centered learning so that education would be more natural and better reflect how people actually learn
John Amos Comenius on education by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
12 editions published between 1957 and 1968 in English and held by 600 libraries worldwide
The school of infancy by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
52 editions published between 1858 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 518 libraries worldwide
Již podruhé Hendrichem revidovaný překlad z r. 1905. Didaktika, vytištěná latinsky 1658, vyšla dodnes již v 15 jazycích a právě nyní se cení pro "skvělé vystižení funkce výchovy, jíž každý člověk i všechno lidstvo má být přivedeno k pravému lidskému životu", pro demokratičnost škol. plánů a požadavek, aby každý mohl být vzděláván mateřským jazykem, pro praktičnost rad a doporučení názornosti vyučování a samočinnosti žactva
Grosse Didaktik by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
68 editions published between 1954 and 2007 in German and Undetermined and held by 476 libraries worldwide
Comenius by John Edward Sadler( Book )
9 editions published between 1956 and 1972 in English and Undetermined and held by 476 libraries worldwide
The angel of peace by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
5 editions published between 1944 and 2010 in English and held by 262 libraries worldwide
Große Unterrichtslehre by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
33 editions published between 1871 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 121 libraries worldwide
Panorthosia or Universal Reform, chapters 19 to 26 by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
4 editions published in 1993 in English and held by 69 libraries worldwide
Comenius in England by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
3 editions published between 1932 and 1971 in English and Undetermined and held by 10 libraries worldwide
Comenius und die Sprache by Heinrich Geissler( Book )
1 edition published in 1959 in German and held by 8 libraries worldwide
Analytical didactic : translated from the Latin with introd. and notes by Johann Amos Comenius( Book )
4 editions published in 1953 in English and held by 6 libraries worldwide
Johannes Amos Comenius by Jan Jakubec( Book )
4 editions published between 1928 and 1971 in Czech and Undetermined and held by 4 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
C., J. A. 1592-1670
Comeni, J. Amos 1592-1670
Comenii, J. A.
Comenii, J. A. 1592-1670
Comenii, Joh. A.
Comenii, Johannis Amos 1592-1670
Comenio 1592-1670
Comenio , Amos
Comenio, Giovanni Amos
Comenio, I. A
Comenio I. A. 1592-1670
Comenio , Jan Amos
Comenio, Jan Amos 1592-1670
Comenio, Joanne Amos
Coménio João Amos
Coménio, João Amós 1592-1670
Comenio, Juan Amós 1592-1670
Comenio teologo e pedagogista ceco
Comenio teólogo, filósofo y pedagogo moravo
Comenius 1592-1670
Comenius, Amos
Comenius Amos 1592-1670
Comenius cseh pedagógus és író
Comenius, I.A. 1592-1670
Comenius, Ian amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Ioannes Amos
Comenius, Ioannes Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Iohannes A.
Comenius, Iohannes Amos.
Comenius, Iohannes Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, J. A.
Comenius, J. A. 1592-1670
Comenius, J. A. (Johann Amos), 1592-1670
Comenius, J. Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, J. Amosus.
Comenius, Jan A. 1592-1670
Comenius, Jan Amos.
Comenius Jan Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Jan Amos Komenski 1592-1670
Coménius, Jean amos
Coménius, Jean Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Joahannes 1592-1670
Comenius, Joan Amos
Comenius, Joan Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Joann. Amos.
Comenius, Joannes Amos.
Comenius, Joannes Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Joannes Amosius 1592-1670
Comenius, Joh. A.
Comenius, Joh. A. 1592-1670
Comenius, Joh. Amos.
Comenius, Joh. Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Johan Amos.
Comenius, Johan-Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Johan-Amosus 1592-1670
Comenius, Johann A. 1592-1670
Comenius , Johann Amos
Comenius Johann Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Johannes 1592-1670
Comenius, Johannes A.
Comenius, Johannes A. 1592-1670
Comenius Johannes Amos
Comenius Johannes Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Johannes Amosus 1592-1670
Comenius, Johano Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, John A. 1592-1670
Comenius, John Amos
Comenius John Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Juan Amós 1592-1670
Comenius philosophe et théologien
Comenius, Yohanes Amos 1592-1670
Comenius, Z.A. 1592-1670
Comensky, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Comenus, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Commenius, I.A. 1592-1670
Commenius, Joh. Amos
Commenius, Joh. Amos 1592-1670
Commenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Comnenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Comoenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Comoenius, Johannes Amos 1592-1670
I.A.N 1592-1670
I.C 1592-1670
J. A. C.
J. A. K.
J. A. K 1592-1670
Jan Amós Comenius
Jan Amos Comenius Tsjechisch schrijver
Jan Amos Komenski
Jan Amos Komenský český barokní náboženský filozof a spisovatelel
Jan Amos Komenský Český barokní spisovatel, filozof, náboženský spisovatel, pedagog, politický spisovatel a vědecký spisovatel
Jan Amos Komenský pedagóg, jazykovedec, prírodovedec, humanista, filozof, politik
Janas Amosas Komenskis
Jans Komenskis
Johan Amos Comenius
Johann Amos Comenius Czech teacher, educator, philosopher and writer
Johann Amos Comenius Philosoph, Theologe und Pädagoge
Johann Amos Comenius teacher, educator, philosopher and writer
Johannes Amos 1592-1670 Niwniczensis
Johannes Amos Niwniczensis 1592-1670
Johano Amoso Komenio Ĉeĥa filozofo (1592-1670)
John Amos Comenius
K., J. A. 1592-1670
Kamenios, Jōannes Amos 1592-1670
Kanēnios, Jōānnēs A. 1592-1670
Kanenios, Johannes A. 1592-1670
Komeniĭ, I︠A︡n Amos 1592-1670
Komenios, Iōannēs A. 1592-1670
Komeniōs, Iōannēs Amōs 1592-1670
Kōmenios, Iōannēs Amōsos 1592-1670
Komenios, Jan Amos, 1592-1670
Komenius Amos 1592-1670
Komenius Amoz 1592-1670
Komenius, J. A.
Komenius, Jan Amos, 1592-1670
Komenius, János Ámos 1592-1670
Komenius, Johan Amos 1592-1670
Komenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Komeniusu, J. A. 1592-1670
Komeniusz, Jan Amos
Komeniusz, Jan Amos, 1592-1670
Komensk, Jan Amos, 1592-1670
Komenski, Ân Amos.
Komenski, I︠A︡n Amos 1592-1670
Komenski, Ivan Amos
Komeński, Jan Amos.
Koménski, Jan Amos 1592-1670
Komenskiĭ, I︠A︡. A.
Komenskiĭ, I︠a︡n Amos
Komenskiĭ, I︠A︡n Amos 1592-1670
Komenskij, Ân Amos
Komenskij, Ja. A. 1592-1670
Komenskij, Jan A. 1592-1670
Komenskij, Jan Amos
Komenskij, Jan Amos 1592-1670
Komenskis, J. A. 1592-1670
Komenskis, J. A. (Jans Amoss), 1592-1670
Komenskis, J. (Jans Amoss), 1592-1670
Komenskis, Janas Amosas 1592-1670
Komenskis, Jānis Amoss, 1592-1670
Komenskis, Jans Amoss 1592-1670
Komenskis, Jonas Amosas 1592-1670
Komenský, J. A.
Komenský, J. A. 1592-1670
Komenský, J. A. (Jan Amos), 1592-1670
Komenský, Jan A. 1592-1670
Komenský Jan Amos
Komenský, Jan Ámos, 1592-1670
Komenský, Jean Amos 1592-1670
Komensky, Johann Amos 1592-1670
Komensky, John Amos
Komensky John Amos 1592-1670
Komensky, Yan Amos
Komensky Yan Amos 1592-1670
Komenyus, Jan Amos 1592-1670
Komnianský, Jan Amos, 1592-1670
N. N. N. &c.
Neufeld, Ulrich von 1592-1670
Neufeld, Ulricus de.
Neufeld, Ulricus de 1592-1670
Neufeldius, Ulricus.
Nivanus, Joannes A. 1592-1670
Segeš, Jan 1592-1670
Učitel národů, 1592-1670
Ulricus 1592-1670 de Neufeld
Ulricus de Neufeld.
Ulricus de Neufeld 1592-1670
Yan Komenski
Ιωάννης Αμός Κομένιος φιλόσοφος, παιδαγωγός και θεολόγος
Комений И. А
Комений И. А. 1592-1670
Коменский А
Коменский А. 1592-1670
Коменский И. А
Коменский И. А. 1592-1670
Коменский Я
Коменский Я. 1592-1670
Коменский, Я. А.
Коменский, Я. А 1592-1670
Коменский, Я. А. (Ян Амос), 1592-1670
Коменский, Я. (Ян Амос), 1592-1670
Коменский, Ян, 1592-1670
Коменский, Ян Амос
Коменский, Ян Амос 1592-1670
Коменский, Ян Амос чешский педагог-гуманист, писатель, общественный деятель, епископ Чешскобратской церкви
Коменский, Ян Амосс, 1592-1670
Ян Амос Каменскі
Ян Амос Коменски
Ян Амос Коменский
Ян Амос Коменский чешский педагог-гуманист, писатель, общественный деятель, епископ Чешскобратской церкви
Ян Амос Коменський
Ян Амос Коменський чеський теолог, мислитель, педагог, письменник
Јан Амос Коменски
Յան Ամոս Կոմենսկի
יוחנן עמוס קומניוס
جان آموس كومينيوس
جون آموس كومينيوس
یان آموس کمنسکی
یان آموس کمېنسکي
იან კომენსკი
요한 아모스 코메니우스
코메니우스, J. A. 1592-1670
코메니우스, 요한 아모스 1592-1670
코메니우스, 존 아모스 1592-1670
코멘스키, 요한 아모스 1592-1670
コメニウス, J. A.
コメニウス, ヤン・アモス
コメニウス, ヨハン・A
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