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Clark, Mary Higgins

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Two little girls in blue by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
109 editions published between 2006 and 2011 in 10 languages and held by 6,325 libraries worldwide
Traumatized by the kidnappings of her twin three-year-old girls, only one of whom was recovered, a mother begins a desperate search when her returned daughter claims that the other twin, believed dead, is still alive and in mortal danger
Nighttime is my time by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
118 editions published between 2004 and 2016 in 10 languages and held by 6,016 libraries worldwide
Jean Sheridan, a college dean and prominent historian, comes to her twenty-year reunion at Stonecroft Academy to be honored, but she does not suspect that among the distinguished people she is greeting is The Owl, a murderer on his mission of vengeance
On the street where you live by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
129 editions published between 2000 and 2014 in 13 languages and held by 5,847 libraries worldwide
Feeling a need for stability after her divorce and pursuit by a stalker, criminal defense attorney Emily Graham accepts a job with a Manhattan law firm and buys the former family house in New Jersey. When the house is renovated, the corpse of a missing woman turns up along with evidence linked to a family disappearance in 1892
No place like home by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
106 editions published between 2004 and 2011 in 11 languages and held by 5,834 libraries worldwide
Growing up under an assumed identity after accidentally shooting her mother and escaping her abusive father, Liza Barton, still fearful that her past will reclaim her, is shocked when her husband inadvertently buys her childhood home
Where are you now? by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
84 editions published between 2008 and 2014 in 8 languages and held by 5,831 libraries worldwide
Carolyn Mackenzie is driven to solve the mystery of her older brother's disappearance ten years ago, hoping that she and her mother will achieve closure. Her pursuit of truth plunges her into a world of danger and unanswered questions. Do the police believe that Mack is a serial killer? Was Mack guilty of the murder of his drama teacher and the theft of his taped sessions with her?
The second time around by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
115 editions published between 1986 and 2013 in 9 languages and held by 5,785 libraries worldwide
In a novel that reaffirms her reputation as "America's Queen of Suspense," Mary Higgins Clark delivers a gripping tale of deception and tantalizing suspense. Nicholas Spencer, charismatic head of the medical research company Gen-stone, involved in the development of an anticancer vaccine, suddenly disappears. His private plane crashes en route to Puerto Rico, but his body is not found. Early results of the vaccine seemed highly promising. Yet, coinciding with Nicholas Spencer's disappearance comes news that the FDA is denying approval. Then follows the shocking revelation that Spencer had looted Gen-stone of huge sums of money -- including the lifetime savings of people who had risked every penny they had. Marcia "Carley" DeCarlo, the thirty-two-year-old columnist for the Wall Street Weekly, is assigned to cover the story. Carley is the stepsister of Spencer's wife, Lynn, an aggressive PR woman and socialite, whom she dislikes and distrusts. The day after news of her husband's disappearance rocks the financial and medical world, Lynn attends a meeting of the stockholders of Gen-stone, flaunting expensive clothing and jewelry. Accused of having participated in the scam, she appears indifferent to the anger and despair of the people attending, among them a man whose child has cancer and who is now about to lose his home. That night, she narrowly escapes death when her mansion in Bedford, New York, is set on fire. She turns to Carley, begging her to use her investigative skills to prove that she was not her husband's accomplice. As Carley proceeds with her investigation, she is confronted by seemingly impenetrable questions: Is Nicholas Spencer dead or in hiding? Was he guilty or set up? Why the sudden reversal in medical opinion of the vaccine from recognition to condemnation? And as the facts begin to unfold, she becomes the target of a dangerous group involved in a sinister and fraudulent scheme. The Second Time Around is Mary Higgins Clark at her best, telling a story that intertwines fiction with the stuff of real-life headlines in a novel of breathtaking suspense and surprises
Just take my heart by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
67 editions published between 2006 and 2015 in 4 languages and held by 5,661 libraries worldwide
Emily Wallace, an attractive thirty-two-year-old assistant prosecutor and heart-transplant recipient, is given a plum assignment--the murder trial of theatrical agent Gregg Aldrich, accused of murdering his wife. During the trial, Emily experiences sentiments that defy all reason and continue after Gregg Aldrich's fate is decided by the jury. In the meantime, she does not realize that her own life is now at risk
Daddy's little girl by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
52 editions published between 2002 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 5,631 libraries worldwide
Ellie Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her fifteen-year-old sister, Andrea, was murdered near their home in Oldham-on-the-Hudson, a rural village in New York's Westchester County. There were three suspects: Rob Westerfield, nineteen-year-old scion of a wealthy, prominent family, whom Andrea has been secretly dating Paul Stroebel, a sixteen-year-old schoolmate, who had a crush on Andrea and Will Nebels, a local handyman in his forties. It was Ellie who had led her parents to a hideout in which Andrea's body was found -- a secret hideaway in which she met her friends. And it was Ellie who was blamed by her parents for her sister's death for not telling them about this place the night Andrea was missing. It was also Ellie's testimony that led to the conviction of the man she was firmly convinced was the killer. Steadfastly denying his guilt, he spent the next twenty-two years in prison. When he comes up for parole, Ellie, now an investigative reporter for an Atlanta newspaper, protests his release. Nonetheless, the convicted killer is set free and returns to Oldham. Determined to thwart his attempts to whitewash his reputation, Ellie also returns to Oldham, intent on creating a Website and writing a book that will conclusively prove his guilt. As she delves deeper into her research, however, she uncovers horrifying and heretofore unknown facts that shed new light on her sister's murder. With each discovery, she comes closer to a confrontation with a desperate killer. Gripping and relentlessly compelling, Daddy's Little Girl, a portrayal of a family shattered by crime, reflects Mary Higgins Clark's uncanny insight into the twisted mind of a killer and is further evidence of why she is America's favorite author of suspense
Before I say good-bye by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
88 editions published between 2000 and 2012 in 8 languages and held by 5,405 libraries worldwide
Nell MacDermott discovers that the boat explosion her husband was killed in was not an accident, but a planned murder. She also discovers that he was not the man she thought he was as she finds out he was involved in illegal real estate deals
The shadow of your smile by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
77 editions published between 1993 and 2014 in 7 languages and held by 5,355 libraries worldwide
Olivia Morrow, a Manhattan psychologist, begins to suspect that her husband Jonathan, a brilliant obstetrician and medical researcher, may have been murdered instead of his twin brother, Charles. Her search for the truth plunges her into life-threatening danger which is only increased when she crosses the path of Henry Patton, a criminologist, who is on a search of his own, the truth behind a long-ago scandal involving his grandmother that must now be solved at all costs
While my pretty one sleeps : a novel by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
191 editions published between 1981 and 2015 in 13 languages and held by 5,232 libraries worldwide
Eeve Kearny may be the only person in New York worried about the disappearance of Ethel Lambston. Ethel, a bestselling author famous for her juicy exposés, is one of the best customers at Neeve's exclusive Madison Avenue boutique. But Ethel's ex-husband, her parasitical nephew, and the fashion moguls skewered in her latest article all have reason to be glad she's no longer around. When Ethel Lambston is found with her throat cut, Neeve's memories of her mother's long-unsolved murder loom up once again. Now as an innocent witness in the Lambston investigation, Neeve is drawn into a new nightmare ... a sinister labyrinth of greed and ambition that will lead her into mortal danger
I'll walk alone by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
52 editions published between 2006 and 2014 in 3 languages and held by 5,064 libraries worldwide
Thirty-two year old Alexandra Moreland is a rising star in the architectural world and lives in Manhattan. But when she is plagued by identity theft, her successful life is turned upside down. Someone has gained access to her bank accounts, credit cards, personal background, and is now impersonating her. Then, with overwhelming circumstantial evidence stacked against her, Alexandra is arrested for the murder of a woman she claims she's never met. Or has she?
Moonlight becomes you : a novel by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
108 editions published between 1996 and 2015 in 9 languages and held by 5,056 libraries worldwide
Maggie Holloway arrives at a dinner where she is to be honored as the long-lost stepdaughter and finds the hostess Nuala dead, the victim of an apparently random break-in and robbery
I'll be seeing you : a novel by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
162 editions published between 1986 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 4,988 libraries worldwide
"The murdered woman could have been her double. When reporter Meghan Collins sees the sheet-wrapped corpse in a New York City hospital, she feels as if she's staring into her own face. And Meghan has troubles enough already without this bizarre experience. Nine months ago, her much-loved father's car spun off a New York bridge. Now, investigators are saying that there's no trace of his car in the river, and they suspect he faked his own death. With frightening speed, links start to appear between Meghan's father and her dead lookalike. Meghan may be in danger herself, but she's determined to find the truth to the mystery. In a nightmare journey spiraling from New York to Connecticut to Arizona, Meghan finds that the truth can sometimes be deadly."--Author's web site
Pretend you don't see her : a novel by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
52 editions published between 1957 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 4,896 libraries worldwide
A novel on the witness protection program. The heroine is Lacey Farrell of New York, a real estate agent who witnesses a murder. The police relocate her to Minneapolis, but she is lonely, makes phone calls to her mother and the killer finds out
Let me call you sweetheart : a novel by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
159 editions published between 1991 and 2012 in 11 languages and held by 4,863 libraries worldwide
"Sweetheart roses-the traditional gift of lovers. Yet they had been an important clue in the murder ten years ago of strikingly beautiful Suzanne Reardon, whose husband, Skip, is now serving a life sentence for that murder. Kerry McGrath had only begun to work in the county prosecutor's office at the time of the infamous 'Sweetheart Murder Case,' yet she remembers being impressed by both the ability of her new boss, Frank Green, displayed in successfully pursuing the conviction, and the general ineptness of the defense counsel. Skip Reardon's fate was sealed, and Green's reputation made. Now Kerry herself has gained quite a reputation as a smart and relentless prosecutor, so much so that her name has been given to the governor as a candidate for a new judgeship he is about to award. It is something she wants desperately, not only a change to enter a level of the legal world open to only a few, but an opportunity to prove to her ex-husband, Bob Kinellen, that she is indeed special. Then suddenly Kerry's plans are turned upside down. When Kerry's beloved daughter, Robin, is injured in an automobile accident, suffering superficial but nonetheless potentially disfiguring cuts to her face, she is treated by a well-known plastic surgeon. It is in the doctor's office that Kerry first sees the woman with the beautiful face, a face she remembers from the past but can't place. Then, on another visit to the plastic surgeon, she sees the same haunting face again-but not on the same woman as before! Suddenly she remembers-the face those women share was the same face she had seen in the pictures of Suzanne Reardon, the 'Sweetheart Murder' victim, killed ten years ago! But why would someone be giving these women the face of a dead woman? When Kerry begins to ask questions, it soon becomes clear that almost no one involved-not her boss Frank Green; not her ex-husband and his shady 'Irish Mafia' client Jimmy Weeks; not her long-time friend and benefactor, State Senator Jonathan Hoover; and most especially no Dr. Smith, the plastic surgeon-wants to see the case reopened. And it soon becomes apparent that one of them will stop at nothing to prevent it"--Page 2 and 3 of flaps
You belong to me by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
127 editions published between 1952 and 2014 in 13 languages and held by 4,855 libraries worldwide
A killer seduces women on ocean cruises and the heroine, psychologist Susan Chandler, decides to get him. She uses her radio program to contact women who escaped his clutches, unaware he has heard the program and is coming after her
A cry in the night by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
160 editions published between 1981 and 2013 in 9 languages and held by 4,777 libraries worldwide
When Jenny MacPartland met dashing artist Erich Krueger, he seemed like the answer to her prayers. Handsome, good with her two daughters, he only wanted to whisk her away from her poverty-stricken life. But when she married him and moved to his ranch, Jenny began to worry-about his strange obsession with his long-dead mother and his growing possessiveness
Santa cruise : a holiday mystery at sea by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
54 editions published between 2002 and 2011 in English and held by 4,768 libraries worldwide
Embarking on a Mystery Seminar cruise during the holiday season, amateur sleuth Alvirah, private detective Regan, and their family members find their voyage overshadowed by a ghost spotting, the disappearance of a fan, and an unexpected storm
All around the town by Mary Higgins Clark( Book )
87 editions published between 1982 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 4,688 libraries worldwide
Professor Alan Grant is found stabbed to death in his New Jersey home. All the evidence points to an obsessed student, twenty-one-year old Laurie Kenyon, who sent him passionate letters, followed him, even watched him through his study window-and awakens in her dorm room, covered with Grant's blood and clutching the knife that killed him
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Alternative Names
Clark Higgins , Mary
Clark, Marry Higgins
Clark, Mary 1931-
Clark, Mary Higgins, 1927-
Clark, Mary Higgins, 1929-
Clark, Mary Higgins 1931-
Clarková, M. H.
Clarková, Mary Higgins-
Higgins Clark, Marry
Higgins-Clark, Mary
Higgins Clark, Mary, 1927-
Higgins-Clark, Mary 1929-
Higgins-Clarková, Mary
Higgins, Mary 1929-
Klark, Mėri Chiggins 1929-
Klark, Mėri Kh.
Klark, Meri Khigins
Klārka, Mērija H.
Klārka, Mērija H., 1927-
Klārka, Mērija Higinsa
Klārka, Mērija Higinsa, 1927-
Maria Higgins Clark
Mary Higgins Clark Amerikaans auteur
Mary Higgins Clark amerykańska pisarka
Mary Higgins Clark écrivain américaine
Mary Higgins Clark scrittrice statunitense
Mary Higgins Clark US-amerikanische Autorin von Kriminalromanen
Кларк, Мери Хиггинс
Кларк, Мэри Хиггинс
Мери Хигинс Кларк
Хиггинс Кларк, Мэри
היגינס קלרק, מרי 1929-
מרי היגינס קלארק
קלרק, מרי היגינס 1929-
ماري هيجنز كلارك، 1928-
ماري هيغينز كلارك
مری هیگینز کلارک
클라크, 메리 1931-
클라크, 메리 히긴스 1931-
클라크, 메어리 H. 1931-
클라크, 메어리 히긴스 1931-
クラーク, メアリ・H
クラーク, メアリ H. 1931-
クラーク, メアリー・ヒギンズ
English (1,052)
Spanish (311)
French (216)
German (200)
Italian (172)
Polish (43)
Russian (42)
Chinese (23)
Croatian (19)
Portuguese (9)
Hungarian (8)
Danish (5)
Slovenian (5)
Vietnamese (3)
Persian (3)
Czech (2)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (2)
Slovak (2)
Arabic (1)
Indonesian (1)
Hebrew (1)
Korean (1)
Turkish (1)
Malay (1)
Albanian (1)
Bulgarian (1)
Norwegian (1)
Thai (1)
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