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Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich 1870-1924

Works: 24,403 works in 55,315 publications in 29 languages and 366,463 library holdings
Genres: History  Biography  Fiction  Sources  Archives  Records and correspondence  Historical fiction  Criticism, interpretation, etc  Personal narratives 
Subject Headings: Heads of state  Revolutionaries 
Roles: Author, Honoree, Creator, Other, Author of introduction, Contributor, Editor, Speaker, Dedicatee, Narrator, Correspondent, Performer, Interviewee, pre, wpr, wst, Lyricist, Annotator, Adapter, Recipient, Illustrator
Classifications: DK254.L4, B
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Most widely held works by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin
What is to be done? Burning questions of our movement by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
284 editions published between 1925 and 2015 in 15 languages and held by 2,264 libraries worldwide
Kommunismus : [Quellen]
State and revolution by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
159 editions published between 1917 and 2015 in 3 languages and held by 2,172 libraries worldwide
Lenin's classic work on the state, clarifying the differences with the opportunists of various stripes. He shows how the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat was raised by Marx and Engels after the Paris Commune
Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism : a popular outline by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
122 editions published between 1920 and 2013 in English and held by 1,940 libraries worldwide
Vladimir Lenin created this hugely significant Marxist text to explain fully the inevitable flaws and destructive power of Capitalism: that it would lead unavoidably to imperialism, monopolies and colonialism. He prophesied that those third world countries used merely as capitalist labour would have no choice but to join the Communist revolution in Russia. "Great Ideas": throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are
Materialism and empirio-criticism : critical comments on a reactionary philosophy by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
300 editions published between 1900 and 2009 in 7 languages and held by 1,801 libraries worldwide
Kommunismus : Philosophie : [Quellen]
"Left-wing" communism, an infantile disorder : a popular essay in Marxian strategy and tactics by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
312 editions published between 1900 and 2016 in 10 languages and held by 1,746 libraries worldwide
"Left-Wing" Communism: An Infantile Disorder is a work by Vladimir Lenin attacking assorted critics of the Bolsheviks who claimed positions to their left. Most of these critics were proponents of ideologies later described as left communism. The book was written in 1920 and published in Russian, German, English and French later in the year. [& Lenin points out that the Russian Revolution has considerable international significance, and criticises the leaders of the Second International, including Karl Kautsky, for failing to appreciate this. [& Lenin asserts that in a war against the bourgeoisie, "iron discipline" is an "essential condition". He then describes the circumstances which led the Bolsheviks to this conclusion in their success at taking state power in Russia. -- Fron Wikipedia (Feb. 25, 2016)
The Lenin anthology by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
4 editions published in 1975 in English and held by 995 libraries worldwide
Ten days that shook the world by John Reed( Book )
38 editions published between 1924 and 1992 in 6 languages and held by 984 libraries worldwide
The American journalists classic eyewitness account of the events surrounding the Russian Revolution
Der Imperialismus als jüngste Etappe des Kapitalismus by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
310 editions published between 1900 and 2016 in 9 languages and held by 859 libraries worldwide
Kommunismus : Kapitalismus - Imperialismus : [Quellen]
Marx, Engels, Marxism by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
186 editions published between 1925 and 1984 in 14 languages and held by 856 libraries worldwide
Two tactics of social-democracy in the democratic revolution by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
122 editions published between 1905 and 1989 in 7 languages and held by 802 libraries worldwide
"Written in June and July, 1905, Lenin here set forth his basic views on the bourgeois revolution in Russia, on which serious differences had developed with the Mensheviks. The revolution was then in progress, and Lenin felt the need for a clear understanding of the character and driving forces of that revolution, the role of the working class in it, the revolutionary prospects, and the tactics arising from the analysis. Here is developed in full the concept of the revolutionary-democratic government of the proletariat and the peasantry and the path of transition from the bourgeois-democratic to the socialist revolution. The views elucidated in this work were followed by the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution of 1905-1907, which Lenin later called the "dress rehearsal" for the Revolution of 1917. To help the reader understand Lenin's numerous references to the events and personages of the time and his historical comparisons, explanatory notes have been supplied by the editors"--Back cover
The proletarian revolution and renegade Kautsky by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
181 editions published between 1918 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 698 libraries worldwide
Kommunismus : [Quellen]
Critique of the Gotha programme by Karl Marx( Book )
22 editions published between 1933 and 1989 in English and held by 688 libraries worldwide
Critical comments on the 1875 draft programme of a united workers party of Germany
Lenin on politics and revolution : selected writings. by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
12 editions published between 1968 and 1976 in English and held by 671 libraries worldwide
Ausgewählte Werke in zwei Bänden by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
198 editions published between 1932 and 2004 in German and Undetermined and held by 667 libraries worldwide
What is to be done? Burning questions of our movement by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
19 editions published between 1902 and 1943 in English and held by 544 libraries worldwide
The Trotsky papers, 1917-1922 by Leon Trotsky( Book )
7 editions published in 1964 in 3 languages and held by 541 libraries worldwide
On literature and art by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
96 editions published between 1900 and 2008 in 5 languages and held by 541 libraries worldwide
New data for V.I. Lenin's "Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism." by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
26 editions published between 1920 and 1970 in English and held by 539 libraries worldwide
Revolution, democracy, socialism : selected writings by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
12 editions published between 1966 and 2011 in English and Turkish and held by 103 libraries worldwide
Part of Pluto's 21st birthday series Get Political, which brings essential political writing in a range of fields to a new audience. This is an entirely new collection of Lenin's writing. For the first time it brings together crucial shorter works, to show that Lenin held a life-long commitment to freedom and democracy. Le Blanc has written a comprehensive introduction, which gives an accessible overview of Lenin's life and work, and explains his relevance to political thought today. Lenin has been much maligned in the mainstream, accused of viewing 'man as modeling clay' and of 'social engineering of the most radical kind.' However, in contrast to today's world leaders, who happily turn to violence to achieve their objectives, Lenin believed it impossible to reach his goals 'by any other path than that of political democracy.' This collection will be of immense value to students encountering Lenin for the first time, and those looking for a new interpretation of one of the 20th century's most inspiring figures
The unknown Lenin : from the secret archive by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
5 editions published between 1996 and 1999 in English and held by 38 libraries worldwide
Was Lenin a visionary whose ideals were subverted by his followers? Or was he a cynical misanthrope, even crueler than Stalin? This book, which contains newly released documents from the Lenin archive in Russia, lays bare Lenin the man and the politician, leaving little doubt that he was a ruthless and manipulative leader who used terror, subversion, and persecution to achieve his goals. Edited and introduced by the eminent scholar Richard Pipes, the documents date from 1886 through the end of Lenin's life. They reveal, among other things, that Lenin's purpose in invading Poland in 1920 was not merely to sovietize that country but to use it as a springboard for the invasion of Germany and England; Lenin took money from the Germans (here we have the first incontrovertible evidence for this); in 1919 Lenin issued instructions to the Communist authorities in the Ukraine not to accept Jews in the Soviet government of that republic; as late as 1922 Lenin believed in the imminence of social revolution in the West, and he planned subversion in Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, and other countries; Lenin had little regard for Trotsky's judgment on important matters and relied heavily on Stalin; Lenin assiduously tracked dissident intellectuals and urged repressive action or deportation; and Lenin launched a political offensive against the Orthodox Church, ordering that priests who resisted seizure of church property be shot - "the more the better."
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Alternative Names
Faladimir Lenin
Fladimir Lenin
I-li-chʻi 1870-1924
Ilʹič, Vladimir 1870-1924
Ilin, Vladimir
Ilʹin, Vladimīr 1870-1924
Ilʹin, Vladimir Pseudonym von Vladimir Ilʹič Lenin 1870-1924
Iline, Vladimir
Iļjičs 1870-1924
Il'jin, Vladimir 1870-1924
Illiin, We 1870-1924
Ilyin, V. 1870-1924
Konstantinov, N. 1870-1924
Lahnīn 1870-1924
Le-ñin 1870-1924
Lenin 1870-1924
Lenin, B. I.
Lenin, I.
Lenin, I. W. 1870-1924
Lenin, Mikuláš 1870-1924
Lenin, N.
Lenin N. 1870-1924
Lenin, Nicola 1870-1924
Lenin, Nicolai 1870-1924
Lenin, Nikolai
Lenin, Nikolai 1870-1924
Lenin , Nikolaj
Lenin, Nikolaj 1870-1924
Lenin, Nikolaj Ivanovič 1870-1924
Lenin, Nikolaus Wlad. Jljitsch Uljanow 1870-1924
Lenin, Niḳolay 1870-1924
Lenin político ruso, teórico comunista, líder de la facción bolchevique del Partido Obrero Socialdemócrata de Rusia
Lenin revolucionario comunista, político e teórico político ruso
Lenin rivoluzionario e politico russo
Lenin, U. I. 1870-1924
Lenin, U. I. (Uladzimir Ilʹich), 1870-1924
Lenin, Uladzimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Lenin, Uladzimir Ilʹich 1870-1924
Lenin, V.
Lenin, Ṿ. 1870-1924
Lenin , V. I.
Lenin V. I. 1870-1924
Lenin, V. I. (Vladimir Ilʹich), 1870-1924
Lenin, V. I. (Vladímir Ílitx), 1870-1924
Lenin, Valdimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Lenin, Vi. Ai 1870-1924
Lenin , Vladimir
Lenin, Vladimir 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir I. 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹič
Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich
Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilics 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilitch 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Il'itx
Lenin, Vladimir Il'itx 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Iljic 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Iljitj 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Iljitš 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyič' 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich 1870-1924
Lenin, Vladimir Oulianoff 1870-1924
Lenin, Vlagyimir Iljics 1870-1924
Lenin, Vlladimir I.
Lenin, Volodymyr Illič 1870-1924
Lenin, W.
Lenin, W. 1870-1924
Lenin, W. I.
Lenin, W.I. 1870-1924
Lenin, W. Ilʹič 1870-1924
Lenin, W. J. 1870-1924
Lenin, Wł.
Lenin, Wladimir I. 1870-1924
Lenin, Wladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Lenin, Wladimir Iljitsch.
Lenin, Wladimir Iljitsch 1870-1924
Lenin, Wladimir J. 1870-1924
Lenin, Włodźiměr I. 1870-1924
Lenin, Włodzimierz.
Lenin, Włodzimierz Ilicz.
Lenin, Włodzimierz Iljicz.
Lenina, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Leninas, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Leninas, Vladimiras 1870-1924
Lénine 1870-1924
Lénine homme d'état russe (soviétique)
Lénine, N.
Lénine, N. 1870-1924
Lénine, Nicolai 1870-1924
Lénine révolutionnaire et homme d'état soviétique
Lénine, V.
Lénine, V. 1870-1924
Lénine, V. I.
Lénine, V.I. 1870-1924
Lénine, V.J. 1870-1924
Lenine , Vladimir Il'ič
Lénine, Vladimir Iliitch.
Lénine, Vladimir Iliitch 1870-1924
Lénine, Vladimir Ilitch
Lénine, Vladimir Ilitch 1870-1924
Lenine, Wladimir Iliitch
Lenine Wladimir Iliitch 1870-1924
Lenine, Wladimir Ilitch
Lenine, Wladimir Ilitch Oulianof 1870-1924
Lénine, Wladimir Ilitch Oulianov 1870-1924
Lenini Vladimir
Lenini, Vladimir Ilias je 1870-1924
Ļeņins, 1870-1924
Ļeņins, N. 1870-1924
Ļeņins, V. 1870-1924
L̦en̦ins, V. A. 1870-1924
L̦en̦ins, V. A. (Vladimirs Il̦jičs), 1870-1924
Ļeņins, V. I. 1870-1924
Ļeņins, V. I. (Vladimirs Iļjičs), 1870-1924
Ļeņins, V. (Vladimirs), 1870-1924
Ļenins, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Ļeņins, Vladimirs, 1870-1924
Ļeņins, Vladimirs Iļjičs 1870-1924
Lenjin, N.
Lenjin, V. I.
Lenjin, V.I. 1870-1924
Lenjin, Vladimir
Lenjin, Vladimir Ilič
Lenjin, Vladimir Iljič
Lenjin, Vladimir Iljič 1870-1924
Lieh-ning 1870-1924
Lièníng 1870-1924
Līnīn 1870-1924
Līnīn, F. 1870-1924
Līnīn, W. I. 1870-1924
N., N. 1870-1924
Oeljanov, Vladimir Iljitsj
Oeljanov, Vladimir Iljitsj, 1870-1924
Oulianof, Vladimir Ilitch 1870-1924
Oulianov, Vladimir 1870-1924
Oulianov, Vladimir Ilitch
Oulianov Vladimir Ilitch 1870-1924
Toulin K. 1870-1924
Ulânov, Vladimir Ilič
Ulʹânov, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Ulʹi?a︡nov, V. (Vladimir), 1870-1924
Ulʹi?a︡nov, Vladimir Ilʹich, 1870-1924
Ulíanov Lenine, Vladímir Ilitch 1870-1924
Ulianov, Uladimir Ilitch
Ulʹi︠a︡nov, V. 1870-1924
Ulianov, V. I. 1870-1924
Ulʹi︠a︡nov, V. (Vladimir), 1870-1924
Ulianov, Vladimir Ilich
Ulʹi︠a︡nov, Vladimir Ilʹich 1870-1924
Ulianov, Vladimir Ilitch
Ulíanov, Vladímir Ilitch 1870-1924
Ulianov, Vladimir Ilitich
Ulʹi︠a︡nov, Vladimir Ivanovich 1870-1924
Ulʹjanoff, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Uljanoff, W. 1870-1924
Uljanoff, Wl. 1870-1924
Uljanoff, Wladimir 1870-1924
Uljanov Lenin, Wladimir 1870-1924
Uljanov, V.I. 1870-1924
Ulʹjanov, Vladimir I. 1870-1924
Ulʹjanov , Vladimir Ilʹič
Ulʹjanov, Vladimir Ilʹič 1870-1924
Ulʹjanov, Vladimir Ilʹič Wirklicher Name von Vladimir Ilʹič Lenin 1870-1924
Uljanov, Vladimir Iljič 1870-1924
Uljanov, Vladimir Iljitj 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, V. 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, V. I. (Vladimirs Iļjičs), 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, V. (Vladimirs), 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, Vl 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, Vladimirs, 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, Vladimirs Iļjičs 1870-1924
Uļjanovs, Volodja 1870-1924
Uljanow-Lenin, Wladimir 1870-1924
Uljanow, W. 1870-1924
Uljanow, Wladimir I. 1870-1924
Uljanow, Wladimir Iljitsch 1870-1924
Uljanows, W. 1870-1924
Ulyanov-Lenin, .. 1870-1924
Ulyanoṿ, Ṿ. 1870-1924
Ul'yanov, V. I.
Ul'yanov, Vladimir Il'ich
Ulyanov, Vladimir Ilich 1870-1924
V. I. Lenin
V. Iljič
Vladimir I. Lenin
Vladimir Ilić
Vladimir Il'ič Lenin
Vladimir Il'ič Ul'janov
Vladimir Ilich Ulianov Lenin
Vladimir Ilici Lenin
Vladimir Iljič Lenin
Vladimir Iljič Lenin ruský a sovětský politik, revolucionář, vůdce VŘSR
Vladimir Iljič Lenjin
Vladimir Iljič Lenjin ruski političar
Vladimir Iljič Uljanov ruski revolucionar in politik
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin politicus uit Keizerrijk Rusland (1870-1924)
Vladimir Lenin Ruso a politiko, a nangidaulo ti Oktubre a Rebolusion
Vladimir Lenin Russian politician
Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution
Vladimir Lenine
Vladimir Lenjin
Vladimirs Ļeņins
Vladimirus Lenin
Vlagyimir Iljics Lenin orosz politikus, a Szovjetunió első vezetője
Vlaidímír Leinín
W. I
W. I. [a]
Wladimir Iljič Lenin ruski politikar, nawjedowar oktoberskeje rewolucije
Wladimir Iljič Lenin rusojski politikaŕ, nawjedowaŕ oktoberskeje rewolucije
Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin
Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin russischer Revolutionär und Politiker
Władimir Leńin
Włodzimierz Lenin organizator i przywódca Rewolucji Październikowej
Wuliyangniofu, Fulajimier Yiliqi, 1870-1924
Βλαντιμίρ Λένιν
Владимир Илич Ленин
Владимир Ленин
Владимир Лењин
Володимир Ленін
Ильин, В 1870-1924
Ильин В. 1870-1924 псевдоним
Ильин, Владимир
Ильин, Владимир 1870-1924
Ильичил Владимир Ленин
Ленин, 1870-1924
Ленин, В. (Владимир Ильич), 1870-1924
Ленин В. И. 1870-1924
Ленин, В. И. (Владимир Ильич), 1870-1924
Ленин, Владимир 1870-1924
Ленин, Владимир (Владимир Ильич), 1870-1924
Ленин, Владимир Ильич.
Ленин Владимир Ильич 1870-1924
Ленин Н. 1870-1924
Ленин, Николай 1870-1924
Ленін Володимир Ілліч
Петров псевдоним, полит. деятель 1870-1924
Уладзімер Ленін
Уладзімір Ільіч Ленін
Уладзімір Ільіч Ленін расійскі і савецкі палітычны і дзяржаўны дзеяч, правадыр Кастрычнікай рэвалюцыі
Ульянов В. И. 1870-1924
Ульянов, Владимир 1870-1924
Ульянов, Владимир Ильич
Ульянов Владимир Ильич 1870-1924
Լենին, Վլադիմիր, 1870-1924
Վլադիմիր Իլյիչ Լենին
אוליינוב, וולאדימיר איליטש
וולאדימיר לענין
ולדימיר איליץ' לנין
ולדימיר איליץ' לנין פוליטיקאי רוסי, מנהיג את מהפכת אוקטובר ומקים ברית המועצות
לאנין, ולאדימיר
לנין, וו. אי
לנין, וולאדימיר איליץ'
לנין, וולדימיר איליץ 1870־1924
לנין, ולדימיר איליץ' 1870-1924
לנין, ניקולאי
לנין, ניקולי
לענין, וו.אי
לענין, וו. אי. 1870-1924
לענין, ולדימיר איליץ' 1870-1924
לענין, נ.
לענין, נ 1870־1924
לענין, ניקאלאי
לענין, ניקאלאי 1870-1924
לענין, װ. אי
לענין, װ.אי 1870-1924
לענין, װ. אי 1924־1870
לענין, װ. י.
לענין, װלאדימיר איליטש 1870-1924
לענינ, וו. אי. 1870-1924
לענינ, וולאדימיר איליטש
فلاديمير ايليتش لينين، 1870-1924
فلاديمير لينين
فلاديمير لينين، 1870-1924
لنين، ولاديمير اليتش
لنین, ولادیمیر.
لينين، ف. ا.
لينين، فلاديمير اليتش
لينين، ولاديمير اليتش
ولادمير ايليچ لېنين
ولادیمیر لنین
ولادیمیر لینن
ڤلادیمیر لێنین
व्लाडिमिर लेनिन
व्लादिमिर इलिच लेनिन
व्लादिमीर लेनिन
ভ্লেডিমিৰ লেনিন
ভ্লাদিমির লেনিন
ਵਲਾਦੀਮੀਰ ਲੈਨਿਨ
ଭ୍ଲାଡିମିର ଲେନିନ
விளாடிமிர் லெனின்
ವ್ಲಾಡಿಮಿರ್ ಲೆನಿನ್
ව්ලැඩිමියර් ලෙනින්
วลาดีมีร์ เลนิน
ვლადიმერ ლენინი
ლენინი, ვ. ი..
레닌, N. 1870-1924
레닌, V. I 1870-1924
레닌, 블라다미르 일리치 1870-1924
레닌, 블라디미르 일리치 1870-1924
레닌, 블라디미르 일리히 1870-1924
레닌, 블라지미르 일리치 1870-1924
블라디미르 레닌
ቪ አይ ሌኒን.
ቭላዲሚር ሌኒን
ᐆᓛᑏᒫ ᓖᓃᓐ
វ្លាឌីមៀរ អ៊ីលីច លេនីន
レ-ニン 1870-1924
レーニン, ヴェ・イ
レーニン, エヌ
レーニン, ニコライ
乌里扬诺夫, 弗拉基米尔·伊里奇·, 1870-1924
列甯, 1870-1924
列寧 1870-1924
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