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Halliday, Brett

Works: 74 works in 238 publications in 2 languages and 3,161 library holdings
Genres: Fiction  Drama  Detective and mystery films  Comedy films  Film adaptations  Detective and mystery fiction  Noir fiction 
Roles: Author, Bibliographic antecedent
Classifications: PZ3.D816, 813.087208
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Shoot to kill; Michael Shayne's 49th case by Brett Halliday( Book )
11 editions published between 1964 and 2016 in English and held by 174 libraries worldwide
Mike Shayne's advice to Dorothy Larson was to cut out the monkey business before her husband's hot temper drove him to commit murder. But Ralph Larson already has blood on his hands, and the victim is no stranger to police files - because the corpse has already been murdered. And Shayne finds himself working on a case where nothing is what it seems to be
A taste for violence by Brett Halliday( Book )
13 editions published between 1949 and 2015 in English and held by 107 libraries worldwide
In a mining town, Mike Shayne finds that buried secrets can be deadly The miners are striking in Centerville, Kentucky, and the town is about to explode. Three men have been killed in the past week, and Charles Roche fears he will be next. Heir to the Roche mining fortune, he sees death in every shadow, and the only man who can save his life is in Miami. Roche writes to world-famous detective Mike Shayne, offering a 5,000 retainer to come to Centerville and save his life. Shayne cashes the check and hops on a plane, but by the time he gets to Kentucky, his client is already dead. The mines s
When Dorinda dances by Brett Halliday( Book )
17 editions published between 1951 and 2015 in English and held by 85 libraries worldwide
To save a judge's daughter, Mike Shayne must invade the red-light district For twenty years, Judge Nigel Lansdowne has been one of Washington's greatest progressives. The red-baiters in Congress would do anything to destroy his reputation, and they may have found the perfect weapon. Her name is Julia, but when she dances she goes by Dorinda. The judge's daughter came to Miami in search of a new life, and she found it dancing nude in the city's infamous red-light district. Mike Shayne is hired to bring Julia home before the judge's enemies learn of her new career, but his real job will be kee
The corpse that never was, Michael Shayne's 46th case by Brett Halliday( Book )
7 editions published between 1963 and 2016 in English and Hebrew and held by 77 libraries worldwide
Mike Shayne finds strange secrets hidden beneath the cover of a grisly double suicide. It's 10:30 pm, and Mike Shayne is sipping cognac, ruminating on the perfection of Lucy Hamilton's fried chicken, when a shotgun fires upstairs. Following the acrid stench of gunpowder to a locked door halfway down the hall, Shayne has no choice but to batter it down, tumbling face first into the scene of a particularly ugly double suicide. The woman lies on the floor in the middle of the sitting room, her face twisted by the deadly kiss of cyanide. A few feet beyond her body is what remains of a man, his head obliterated by the shotgun's blast. The woman's father is one of Miami's power brokers, and he refuses to believe that his daughter would end her life over a silly affair. Isn't it possible, he asks, that she was murdered? Convinced or not, Shayne is the only man ruthless enough to find out. The Corpse That Never Was is the 46th book in the Mike Shayne Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order
Murder is my business by Davis Dresser( Book )
5 editions published between 1945 and 2010 in English and held by 74 libraries worldwide
Legendary private eye Mike Shayne travels to Texas to investigate a hit-and-run killing that's been laid at the feet of one of El Paso's richest businessmen
What really happened by Brett Halliday( Book )
13 editions published between 1952 and 2015 in English and held by 67 libraries worldwide
A mysterious woman draws Mike Shayne into a twisted murder plot The call comes just as Mike Shayne is pouring a much-needed cognac. A gangster's voice warns, "Stay away from Wanda Weatherby." Simple enough-except that Shayne has never heard of any woman by that name. A few minutes later, he receives another call, from a woman desperately worried about Wanda Weatherby. A third call then comes in from the woman herself: Wanda Weatherby begs Mike Shayne to save her life. He drives to her apartment, hoping that she'll be able to explain just what is going on, but he's too late. Wanda Weatherby is
Dressed to kill ( visu )
1 edition published in 2005 in English and held by 65 libraries worldwide
Private eye Michael Shane puts his long-awaited marriage with showgirl Joanne La Marr on hold while he investigates the murders of a Broadway producer and a stage actress
Stranger in town by Brett Halliday( Book )
13 editions published between 1955 and 2015 in English and held by 62 libraries worldwide
In a strange town, Mike Shayne meets a deadly damsel in distress Mike Shayne is 3 hours from Miami when the sun dips below the horizon and he decides to make a pit stop. For Shayne, that means cognac, and the only bar in town is a lonely little dive whose inhabitants don{u2019}t look friendly. Shayne doesn{u2019}t care. The barkeep pulls a dusty bottle down from the top shelf, and Shayne is settling into his drink when a blonde walks through the door. As the detective admires her, she raises her hand . . . and with a gesture of her dainty little finger, marks him for death. Two men wrestle Shayne outside, beat him senseless, and try to run him over with their car. To escape this hayseed town alive, Shayne will have to discover the identity of the dame from the bar{u2014}and why she chose for him to die
Framed in blood by Brett Halliday( Book )
8 editions published between 1951 and 2015 in English and held by 60 libraries worldwide
When a blackmail scheme goes wrong, Mike Shayne is left to pick up the pieces Bert Jackson could have been a great reporter, if he had the patience for it. Married to a woman with expensive taste, Jackson has spent himself into the kind of debt that he'll never pay off at 62.50 a week. He needs a big score, and he needs it tonight. Working the city hall beat, Jackson has stumbled upon the greatest corruption scandal in Miami history. If he publishes it, he could win a Pulitzer. But it's money that he wants, and he'll risk death to get it. Using the information in his story, Jackson plans t
Target: Mike Shayne by Brett Halliday( Book )
9 editions published between 1904 and 2016 in English and held by 58 libraries worldwide
Out of jail and hungry for revenge, a career criminal comes after Mike Shayne They call him the Actor. An armed robber with a sense of style, Bram Clayton planned every heist with care, slipping so convincingly into the actions and motives of his characters that even experts couldn't tell him apart from the real thing. He played electricians, salesmen, even a bank examiner, but for the last 13 years he's been stuck in a single role: jailbird. When Clayton finally earns freedom, he has no trouble convincing the warden he's going to stay straight, but the Actor is about to pull the greatest heist of his career. There's a beautiful woman waiting for Clayton when he gets out. An old friend with an ulterior motive, she comes equipped with a bottle of whiskey, a carton of cigarettes, clean clothes, a gun, and a plan for a $200,000 heist so simple that it's almost a sure thing-so long as it isn't upset by Clayton's hunger for revenge against the man who put him away: legendary detective Mike Shayne. Target: Mike Shayne is the 34th book in the Mike Shayne Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order
Michael Shayne mysteries ( visu )
1 edition published in 2007 in English and held by 56 libraries worldwide
The man who wouldn't die: Shayne is thrust into a confounding mystery filled with shocking twists when he poses as the fiancé of a gorgeous woman to investigate an attempt on her life-- only to discover that his prime suspect is a man with an airtight alibi: he was already dead and buried
Weep for a blonde by Brett Halliday( Book )
11 editions published between 1956 and 2015 in English and held by 53 libraries worldwide
A blonde with a rotten husband sends Mike Shayne into the past Mike Shayne isn{u2019}t scared of anyone, but that doesn{u2019}t mean he feels comfortable in a tuxedo. He squeezes into the monkey suit for the sake of Lucy Hamilton, his beloved secretary, and grins and bears his way through a meal at the ultra-posh Martinique. The detective is just settling into the evening when he sees a woman who stops his blood cold: Lydia Kane, a friend of his late wife. She{u2019}s polite, but her eyes show mortal terror. The reunion is soon broken up by Lydia{u2019}s husband, a squat thug who explodes at Shayne for talking to his wife. The men exchange harsh words, then swift punches, which causes Shayne and Lucy to be kicked out of Martinique. When Lydia is murdered soon after, Shayne suspects her husband is the killer. But how can the detective prove it when the police are hot on his own trail?
Murder and the married virgin by Brett Halliday( Book )
16 editions published between 1944 and 2015 in English and held by 48 libraries worldwide
"Mike Shayne investigates an impossible murder in the Big Easy It's not often that Mike Shayne runs with an honorable crowd, but there is a lieutenant in his office mourning the fiancée who killed herself the day before. Honest and heartbroken, he begs this hardened private investigator for help answering one simple, impossible question: Why? It's a question Shayne has been asking ever since his wife was murdered in Miami and he moved to New Orleans to escape her memory. For the sake of a soldier, he will put his own mourning aside and try to explain a suicide that looks an awful lot like murder. Katrin Moe was working as a maid in the home of a wealthy New Orleans family when she was found locked in her room, the gas pumping full blast. Coincidentally, a priceless emerald necklace went missing from the house a few days before and the insurance company hired Shayne to find it. On the hunt for a killer, Shayne will find that the necklace and the crook are more closely related than meets the eye."
The corpse came calling by Brett Halliday( Book )
11 editions published between 1942 and 2015 in English and held by 37 libraries worldwide
"Mike Shayne is accused of homicide after a dying man stumbles into his office When an old friend calls begging to see him immediately, Mike Shayne is surprised to say the least. He hasn't set eyes on Jim Lacy in ten years, and time has not been kind. Jim's face is deeply wrinkled, and his eyes are glazed. His skin is gray--and there is blood seeping through his shirt. Jim mutters a few last words as he collapses on Shayne's office floor. His stomach is filled with lead and he is dead before he hits the ground. Shayne reaches into Lacy's pocket and pulls out his wallet. Emptying it, he finds $200--enough for a retainer fee. Mike Shayne has never let a client's murder go unpunished, and he will not rest until he catches the men who shot Jim Lacy and sent him to die. But first he will have to convince the police that he was not the man who pulled the trigger."
Marked for murder by Brett Halliday( Book )
4 editions published between 1945 and 2015 in English and held by 36 libraries worldwide
When a crime wave grips Miami, Mike Shayne comes home to fight In the city room of the Courier, a reporter blocks out the clatter of typewriters to tell Miami the truth. In the past week, three murders have been committed in Miami Beach, and Timothy Rourke is the only person who sees the connection. As the mayor and the chief of police deny rumors of a crime wave, Rourke hollers from page one: Organized crime has taken over Miami, and the bloodshed has only just begun. Rourke is beaten to a pulp for exposing the mob's dirty dealings, and then he discovers a hot-eyed blonde in his apartment p
This is it, Michael Shayne by Davis Dresser( Book )
6 editions published between 1949 and 2015 in English and held by 26 libraries worldwide
Arthur Devlin wakes up so hungover that for a moment, he thinks the ship is sinking. As he gets his bearings, he realizes the only storm is inside his own head--and he isn't on a ship at all. The last thing he remembers is being handed another drink at his going-away party. That was twelve days ago. Devlin has awoken in a sleazy hotel room, dressed in a stranger's ratty clothes, with a bump on his forehead and a dead man at his feet. The phone rings: A woman who calls him Joey asks if he went through with the murder. Devlin has no choice but to say yes
The uncomplaining corpses : a Michael Shayne story by Brett Halliday( Book )
3 editions published between 1950 and 2015 in English and held by 4 libraries worldwide
"The honeymoon is over--and it's time for Mike Shayne to prepare for Miami's killing season For years, Mike Shayne has tangled with the toughest crooks the country has to offer, outsmarting some and outpunching the rest. He was good at his job, but he had no one to come home to--until he met Phyllis. After rescuing his damsel in distress more than once, the hard-boiled PI found himself falling in love, and before he knew it, they were married and on their honeymoon in Cuba. Unfortunately for the lovebirds, their migration home to Miami marks the height of tourist season, when every gangster in America travels south to play. He may be a married man, but Mike Shayne won't be spending this balmy winter cozied up at home. When a real-estate developer tries to hire Shayne to break into his home as part of an insurance-fraud scam, the scheme quickly turns to murder. With more deaths on the horizon, Shayne will have to be careful if he doesn't want to celebrate his first wedding anniversary behind bars." "
Killers from the Keys; new Mike Shayne novel by Brett Halliday( Book )
4 editions published between 1964 and 2015 in Hebrew and English and held by 3 libraries worldwide
Mike Shayne takes a dip in the deadly Florida Keys for a dancer named Sloe Burn He smells her perfume before he walks through the door. It's called Black Sin, and the woman wearing it certainly lives up to the name. Esther Piney, better known as Sloe Burn, is a hard-boiled stripper born and raised in the swamps of the Florida Keys. Where she's from, murder is currency, and bodies disappear never to be found. Her favorite client has vanished, taking a fat bankroll with him, and she knows the only way she'll get him back is to beg a favor from the legendary Mike Shayne. Unfortunately for Sloe Burn, Shayne doesn't make a habit of tracking down missing strip-club regulars. But when a woman comes asking him to find her husband-who just happens to fit the description of Sloe Burn's sugar daddy-Shayne decides it's time to go fishing in the darkest corner of the Keys. Killers from the Keys is the 39th book in the Mike Shayne Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order
Tickets for death; a Michael Shayne story by Brett Halliday( Book )
2 editions published between 1950 and 2015 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
"Mike Shayne receives a tip off from a desperate drunk concerning corruption at the racetrack Marriage hasn't stopped Mike Shayne's phone from ringing. Every night it seems there's some troubled dame calling up with a problem that only Miami's toughest PI can solve. Thankfully, Phyllis Shane isn't the jealous type. She simply passes along the messages and lets her husband get himself into trouble. Tonight the call comes from the notorious Red Rose Apartments, home to the city's least discreet women. Someone has been cashing counterfeit tickets at the local greyhound track, taking the owners for thousands of dollars every night, and Mayme Martin, resident of the Red Rose Apartments, has an idea about who's responsible. But drunk and haggard, she won't be able to tell Shayne everything he needs to know in time. Mr. and Mrs. Shayne are on their way to the racetrack, but they may have to kill if they are to escape alive."
Fight for Powder Valley! the Powder Valley Westerns by Brett Halliday( file )
2 editions published in 2015 in English and held by 0 libraries worldwide
On the trail to New Mexico, Pat Stevens and his friends Sam and Ezra risk their lives to fulfill a dying man's last wish. Two men ride across the desert. One is young, nearly mad with thirst and fear. The other is stalwart--a blue-eyed legend who doesn't panic at the sight of a hanging posse on their trail. He asks no questions of the young man whose life he's agreed to save. He simply rides. It has been fifteen years since a youthful Pat Stevens, wrongfully accused of stealing horses, placed his life in the hands of the legendary Mose Higgins. Since then, Pat has settled in Powder Valley and hung up his guns to run his ranch and raise his family. One day, a strange letter comes from New Mexico. Someone has threatened Mose's life, and only Pat can rescue him and his innocent little girl. Pat owes Mose a priceless debt--and it can only be paid in blood
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controlled identity Dresser, Davis, 1904-1977

controlled identity Terrall, Robert

Halliday, Brett, 1904-1977
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