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Robson, James 1733-1806

Works: 233 works in 374 publications in 1 language and 4,076 library holdings
Genres: Bibliography  Glossaries, vocabularies, etc  History  Drama  Personal narratives  Biography 
Roles: Author, Bookseller, Printer, Publisher
Classifications: AC4, 970.1
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Publications by James Robson, published posthumously.
Most widely held works by James Robson
A chronological history of the discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean by James Burney( Book )
in English and held by 194 libraries worldwide
Captain James Burney (1750-1821), the son of the musicologist Dr Charles Burney and brother of the novelist Fanny Burney, was a well-travelled sailor, best known for this monumental compilation of voyages of discovery in the Pacific Ocean. After joining the navy in 1764, he sailed on Cook's second voyage between 1772 and 1774, and was also present on the ill-fated third voyage. He retired from the navy in 1784 and turned to writing works on exploration. These volumes, published between 1803 and 1817, and regarded as the standard work
Cymbeline a tragedy by William Shakespeare( file )
3 editions published between 1767 and 1770 in English and held by 138 libraries worldwide
Voyages and travels of an Indian interpreter and trader describing the manners and customs of the North American Indians, with an account of the posts situated on the river Saint Laurence, lake Ontario, &c., to which is added a vocabulary of the Chippeway language ... a list of words in the Iroquois, Mehegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux tongues, and a table, shewing the analogy between the Algonkin and the Chippeway languages by J Long( Book )
4 editions published in 1791 in English and held by 138 libraries worldwide
Facsimile reprint of 1791 edition. With an account of the posts situated on the River Saint Lawrence, Lake Ontario, etc. To which is added a vocabulary of the Chippeway language. Names of furs and skins, in English and French. A list of words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux tongues, and a table, showing analogy between the Algonkin and Chippeway languages
A catalogue of books, comprehending many libraries, particularly that of Robert Butler ... Which are now selling (1791) ... by James Robson by James Robson( file )
7 editions published between 1791 and 2005 in English and held by 129 libraries worldwide
A catalogue, of the library of Solomon Dayrolles ... also of John Ellis ... to be sold cheap, this day, 1786 ... by James Robson by James Robson( file )
6 editions published between 1786 and 2005 in English and held by 128 libraries worldwide
A catalogue of many thousand volumes of books in all languages and sciences, containing the valuable library of the Reverend Doctor Bland, prebendary of Durham, and several other curious collections. Amongst the rest are, piranesii's works complete, 14 vol. fine impression. Viner's abridgment, 24 vol. Rymer's Fœdera, 20 vol. eleg. Journals of the H. of com. 32 vol. Lapdes Diluvii testes, fig. colorat. Danubius illustratus, marsiglii, 6 vol. Catesby's carolina, 2 vol. finely col. Wolfgang res herbariæ, fig. colorat. Blackwell's Herbal, 2 vol. finely col. Hill's Herbal, large paper, coloured. - Gardening, ditto, coloured. Miller's plants, 2 vol. coloured. Hill's natural hist. 3 vol. coloured. Hughes's barbadoes, large paper, col. Rosel hist, ranarum, coloured. Floræ Danicæ, 6 vol. coloured. Wilkes's Moths & butterflies, col. Rumphii Herb. Amboiense. 7 vol. Petiveri Opera, 2 vol. fig. col. Dilenni Hortus, 2 vol. fig. Hortus Cliffortianus, pul. exemp. Physica Sacra, lat. & fr. fine cuts. Sandellii hist. succinorum, ch. max. Cæsar, a Clarke, mult. fig. cor. rus. Atkins's Gloucestershire, large pap. Guicciardini & Davila, ch. max. eleg. Crozat's prints, L.S. paper. Ld. Clarendon's hist. 4 vol. R.P. Tempesta's etchings, Morocco. Rubens's landscapes, fine. Fables de Fontaine, 4 tom. L.S.P.el. Hogarth's works complete. Rembrant's works. fine imp. Ridinger's works com. 6 vol. Ruins of palmyra-balbeck-dioclesian's palace-pæstum- an. & mod. romæ, &c. &c. atlas, par Robert, del'isle, rouge. Rossi's statues. Teniers's gallery, Morocco. Cambell's vitruvius, 3 vol. Pembroke' s medals, L.S.P. eleg. Demosthenes Wolsii. Euripides barnesii. D̂Aeschylus stanleii. Pindarus, a west. Polibius causauboni. Anglicani scriptores varii. Biblia sacra, 4 tom. lit gothicis. Two curibus missals, illuminated. Dictionaries by airsworth, 2 vol.- Johnson, 2 vol. - chambers, 2 vol. - bailey-bayle, 5 vol. - biographia, 7 vol. - general diet. 10 vol. -postlethwayte, 3 vol. &c. &c. state trials, 10 vol. best edit. Rushworth's collections, 8 vol. Stukeley's itinerary, and aubery. Rapin, guthrie, hume, smollet, macauley's hist. of England. Universal hist. 7 vol. Locke, bacon, bolingbroke, temple's works. Busson, 15 vol. Inscriptions des belles lettres, 32 vol. With many hundreds more, equally valuable; which will begin to be sold very reasonable this day, 1769, for ready money, the lowest prices printed in the catalogue, and continue one continue on sale till midsummer, by James Robson, bookseller to the Princess Dowager of Wales, in New-Bond-Street, who gives the utmost value for any library or parcel of books. Cataloguzs (price 6d. to be allowed) to be had of Mr. Dodsley, pall-mall; Mr. Blamire, corner of Craven-street, Strand; Mr. Cater, Holbourn; Mr. Owen, Fleet-street; Mr. Law, Ave-mary-lane; Messrs. Richardson and urquhart, Royal-Exchange; also of the booksellers at Oxfor, Cambridge, &c. and at the place of sale by James Robson( file )
2 editions published in 1769 in English and held by 98 libraries worldwide
A catalogue of the libraries of the Hon. Lieutenant General Guise, of George Street, Hanover Square, Joseph Grove, Esq; of Richmond, and part of the library of the Revd. Charles Morgan, prebendary of Durham, all lately deceased Also a very capital collection of books of prints, and all the valuable foreign authors just imported, and elegantly bound in the most curious London and Paris bindings; the whole making a very curious collection of many thousand volumes (many of them very sarce) in every branch of learning, and in all languages. Amongst which are, folio. Smith's metzotintos, 3 vol. russia museum florentinum, ch. max. IIV. Estampes, par crozat, 2 tom. gr. pap. Galleria Justiniana, 2 tom. ch. max. Marsigli description de danube, 10t. Speculum naturale vincentii beluecen. Cabinet de boyer d' angu lles, belles atlas, par de l'isle, gr.pap. - par Robert, gr. pap. Baronagium genealogium Angl. 2t. Desseins du Raimond le Fage, gr.pap. Gallerie iu lexembourg, par rubens Major's curious collection of prints Inigo Jones, by kent, 2 vol. Cæsaris comment. a Clarke, 2 vol. Guichardini historia, 2 tom. russia Defgodetz Edisices de Rome Italia magini, chart. depict. mar. cellarii atlas, ch. max, depict. Temple des muses Holingshed's chronicle, 2 vol. Reliqua urbis romæ overbeke, 3v. Restes de pan. Rome, gr. pap.russia Restes de Strasbourg, gr. pap.moroq. Ruins of palmyra - of balbec - of dioclesian's palace ruins de la Grece, par le roy heads of illustrious persons, Russia Camphell's viturvius, 3 vol. l. p. Picart's ovid, 2 vol. l. p. elegant Medailles de Louis XIV. Russia Plinius, harduini 3 tom. cb. max. Testamentum gt. ch. max. typ. reg; Aristophanis, kusteri. Diodorus siculus, wesselingii, 2 tons. Thucydides, dukeri piato, facini homerus gr. cb. max. 4 tom. glasg. Thesaurus brandenburgicus, 3 tom. Goltzii opera numismat. 5 vol. Testament. Græcum steph. max. Dictionaties, Eng. Lat. Gr. Fr. &c. Seldeni opera, 6 tom. ch. max. eleg. Rapin and continuation, 5 vol. Grævii thesaurus, 12 tom. Poeti græci, 3 tom. Norden's travels, 2 vol. l. p. Virgilii frag & pictur. a bartholo cay's statutes, 6 vol. Religious ceremonies, 6 vol. Harris's voyages, by Campbell, 2 vol. Petiver's natural history, 3 vol. philof. transactions at large, 53 vol. His. de l'acad. des sciences, 63 vol. Which wll begin to be sold very reasonable, (for ready money only) the lowest price printed in the catalogue, on Monday, December 2, 1765, and continue daily on sale, by James Robson, bookseller to Her Royal Highness the Princess Dowager of Wales, in New Bond Street. Who gives the utmost value for any library of parcel of books. Catalogues (Price Six-pence) to be had at the place for sale; Mr. Walter's Charing Cross; Mr. Millar's, in the Strand; Mr. Cater's, in Holborn; Mr. Owen's, Fleet-street; and Mr. Richardson and Co., at the Royal Exchange: also of the booksellers at Oxford, Cambridge, York, at the great towns in England by James Robson( file )
1 edition published in 1765 in English and held by 96 libraries worldwide
A catalogue of upwards of twenty thousand volumes of books including the remaining part of the valuable library of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle and the entire Collection of a Person of Distinction, lately deceased: With some very capital Books of Prints, just imported from France and Italy, and many large Parcels, lately purchased. The whole forming a Curious Variety of the best Books inall Languages, Arts and Sciences, in fine Condition, and many upon Royal Paper, in elegant Russia and Morocco Bindings. Amongst which are, Seba Thesaurus eorum nat. 4 tom. Rus. Deliciae nat. selectae, 2 tom. fig. col. Mor. Merian de Insectis Surinam, fig. col. M. Hill's Nat. Hist. Gard. & Herb. roy-pap. 5 vol. coloured, Russia Weinmani Phytantheza Iconograp. 4 tom. coloured Catesby's Carolina, 2 tom. Rus. col. Edward's Nat. Hist. 7 vol. Mor. col. Trew Hortus Nitidissimus, fig. colorat Physica Sacra, 8 tom. Ornithologie par Martinet, 3 v. fig. illu. Wilkes and Harris's Moths and Butterfl. coloured Pitture D'ercolano, 5 tom. Estampes de la Gallerie de Dresda, 2 tom. Vandermulen's capital Works, Mor. Oeuvres de Basan, 3 tom. - complet de Vernet, gr. pap. Statute Grece & Romane di S. Mar. R. Illustrious Heads, first Impressions, 1. pap. Fables, & Contes de Fontaine, bel. fig. Pitture di Pelligrino Works of Salvator Rosa - of Ostade. Estampes du Cabinet du Roy, Mor. fine. Halleri Icones Anatomicae, 2 tom. Voyages de Le Brun, 3 tom. General Dictionary, 10 vol. Vocabolario della Crusea, 6 tom. Flor. Dictionaries by Johnston, Chambers, Ainsworth, Bayle, James, Postlethwayte, Richlet, &c. &c. L'antique explique par Montfaucon, 15 tom. gr. pap. Views of the Palace and Gardens at Versailles, Mor. Teniers's Gallery, fine Impressions Stoch, Pierres Antiques par Picart, g. p. Ruins of Balbeck Palmyra-Dioclefian's Palace, de la Grece par le Roy, &c. &c. D. of Newcastle's Horsemanship, 2 v. Imp. paper ; Morocco. Clarke's Caesar, Russia leather. Rymer's Foedera, 21 vol. Viner's Abridgment, 24 vol. Pembrochiae Numismata, ch. max. Robert and De L'isles Atlas, gr. pap. Piranesi Antichita Romane, 4 tom. Guichiardini & Davilla Istoria, ch. max. Clarendon's Rebellion, 4 vol. roy. pap. Inigo Jones's Designs, by Kent. Rapin's History, 2 vol. large pap. Mor. Norden and Pocock's travels, large pap. Strafford's Letters, by Knowler, 2 vol. large paper, Morocco. Diodorus Siculus Wesselingii, 2 vol. Demosthenis Wolfii. Homeyns, 4 tom. ch. max. Glasgow. Dionysius Halicarnasseus Hudson, 2 v. Euripides Barnesii. Pindarus, per West. Picart's Ovid, fine cuts. Missals, finely illuminated. Voyage en Siberie, 2 tom, Mor. With many Hundreds more, equally valuable. Which will begin to be Sold very reasonable, this Day, 1770, (for ready Money only) the Prices printed in the Catalogue, to continue on Sale till all are Sold, By James Robson, Bookseller at the Feathers in New-Bond-Street. Who gives the utmost Value for any Library or Parcel of Books. Catalogues (price 6d. to be allowed in the Purchase) to be had of Mr. Dodsley, Pall-Mall ; Mr. Blamire, corner of Craven-Street, Strand ; Mr. Cater, Holborn ; Mr. Owen, Temple-Bar ; Mr. Law, Ave-Mary-Lane ; and Messrs. Richardson and Urquhart, at the Royal-Exchange ; also of the Booksellers of Oxford, Cambridge, and all the great Towns in England by James Robson( file )
1 edition published in 1770 in English and held by 80 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
Robson, J.
Robson, J. 1733-1806
Robson, J. (James), 1733-1806
Rosbon, J. 1733-1806
English (80)
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