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Ferguson, Kitty

Works: 65 works in 304 publications in 12 languages and 10,795 library holdings
Genres: Biography  Biographies  Juvenile works  History  Popular works 
Roles: Author, Performer
Classifications: QC16.H33, B
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Most widely held works by Kitty Ferguson
Stephen Hawking : an unfettered mind by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
13 editions published between 1991 and 2017 in English and held by 1,470 libraries worldwide
"Stephen Hawking has been an iconic figure in physics for the last half a century, making many groundbreaking discoveries on the nature of the universe. Yet while his mind roams to the farthest corners of reality, his body has become increasingly trapped by the advance of Lou Gehrig's disease, which has bound him to a wheelchair, without speech or movement except for a few facial muscles. Told in his youth that he would not live past his 20s, Hawking will turn 70 in 2012, and today he continues to inspire millions, drawing rock-concert-sized crowds wherever he lectures. Science writer Kitty Ferguson has been working with Stephen Hawking for decades, and produced an internationally bestselling biography of his life in 1992. Now, she brings his life as well as his scientific discoveries up-to-date. This is a remarkable look at how one of the greatest scientific mind alive overcame the odds to become the truly inspirational figure he is today"--Résumé de l'éditeur
Measuring the universe : our historic quest to chart the horizons of space and time by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
7 editions published between 1999 and 2013 in English and held by 1,278 libraries worldwide
A veteran popularizer of science, Ferguson traces how people in western history have attempted to measure space from the ancient Greeks to modern physicists and astronomers. She begins with Eratosthenes' accurate measurement of the circumference of the Earth in the third century BC and progresses to the theories of Stephen Hawking and his contemporaries. Her account is for general readers. She includes a glossary that does not indicate pronunciation
Tycho & Kepler : the unlikely partnership that forever changed our understanding of the heavens by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
13 editions published between 2002 and 2009 in English and Czech and held by 1,181 libraries worldwide
On his deathbed in 1601, the greatest naked-eye astronomer, Tycho Brahe, told his young colleague, Johannes Kepler, "Let me not have lived in vain." For more than thirty years, Tycho had made meticulous observations of planetary movements and the positions of the stars, from which he developed his Tychonic system of the universe-a highly original, if incorrect, scheme that attempted to reconcile the ancient belief in an unmoving Earth with Copernicus's revolutionary re-arrangement of the solar system. Tycho knew that Kepler, the brilliant young mathematician he had engaged to interpret his findings, believed in Copernicus's formation, in which all the planets circled the Sun; and he was afraid his system-the product of a lifetime of effort to explain how the universe worked-would be abandoned. In point of fact, it was. From his study of Tycho's observations came Kepler's stunning Three Laws of Planetary Motion-ever since the cornerstone of cosmology and our understanding of the heavens. Yet, as Kitty Ferguson reveals, neither of these giant figures would have his reputation today without the other; and the story of how their lives and talents were fatefully intertwined is one of the most memorable sagas in the long history of science. Set in a turbulent and colorful era in European history, at the turning point when medieval gave way to modern, Tycho & Kepler is both a highly original dual biography and a masterful recreation of how science advances. From Tycho's fabulous Uraniborg Observatory on an island off the Danish coast, to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II, to the religious conflict of the Thirty Years' War that rocked all of Europe, to Kepler's extraordinary leaps of understanding, Ferguson recounts a fascinating interplay of science and religion, politics and personality. Her insights recolor the established personalities of Tycho and Kepler, and her book opens a rich window onto our place in the universe
Prisons of light : black holes by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
14 editions published between 1996 and 2013 in English and Japanese and held by 1,068 libraries worldwide
Prisons of Light - Black Holes is comprehensive and detailed. Yet Kitty Ferguson's lightness of touch, her down-to-earth analogies, and her desire to bring the excitement of science to a wide audience set this book apart from all others on black holes and make it a wonderfully stimulating and entertaining read
The fire in the equations : science, religion, and the search for God by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
33 editions published between 1994 and 2009 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,022 libraries worldwide
"Since the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species in 1859, many have found science and belief in God irreconcilable. Now, in the final decade of the twentieth century, stunning advances in physics, biology, and the new fields of chaos and complexity have brought the conflict to a crucial stage. More and more, scientists have begun to look for a single fundamental law or truth that underlies the beginning of the universe and its continued existence. But can we truly find either God or a scientific theory that will erase once and for all the notion of God?" "This strikingly original book expertly yet clearly encapsulates the various cosmological arguments from science, religion, and philosophy for the nonspecialist. Called "a brilliant intermediary between the thinking of the physicist and the thinking of ordinary people" by a German radio commentator, Kitty Ferguson provides a tour de force review of the modern search for fundamental truth, writing in simple, readable prose and using relevant analogies. The result is a provocative, sometimes mind-bending challenge to reconsider the way we think about ourselves, our origin, and our destiny." "Moving beyond Stephen Hawking's quest (in A Brief History of Time) "to know the mind of God," Ferguson takes us one step nearer the answer to science's ultimate question: What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?"--Jacket
The music of Pythagoras : how an ancient brotherhood cracked the code of the universe and lit the path from antiquity to outer space by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
6 editions published between 2008 and 2011 in English and held by 726 libraries worldwide
"Pythagoras's influence on the ideas, and therefore on the destiny, of the human race was probably greater than that of any single man before or after him," wrote Arthur Koestler. Though most people know of him only for the famous Pythagorean theorem (a2 +b2 = c2). in fact the pillars of our scientific tradition--belief that the universe is rational, that there is unity to all things, and that numbers and mathematics are a powerful guide to truth about nature and the cosmos--hark back to the thinking of this legendary scholar and his ancient followers. Born around 570 B.C. on the Aegean island of Samos, Pythagoras founded his own school at Croton in southern Italy, where he and his followers attempted to unravel the surprising truths concealed behind such ordinary tasks as tuning a lyre. While considering why some string lengths produced a beautiful sounds and others discordant ones, they uncovered the ratios of musical harmony, and recognized that hidden behind the complexity of nature are patterns and orderly relationships. Some of them later may have found something darker in numbers and nature: irrationality--a revelation so unsettling and subversive that it may have contributed to the destruction of their brotherhood. Kitty Ferguson brilliantly evokes the ancient world of Pythagoras, showing the way ideas spread in antiquity and in the Middle Ages, and chronicling the remarkable influence he and his followers have had on so many notable people--from Plato to Bertrand Russell--and events in the history of Western thought and science. The Music of Pythagoras brings a poignant human saga to readers who are reminded daily that harmony and chaos can and do coexist
Stephen Hawking : quest for a theory of the universe by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
6 editions published between 1991 and 1994 in English and held by 599 libraries worldwide
Presents the life of the British theoretical physicist who has taken the study of cosmology farther than most in his field, despite the need for a wheelchair and computer in order to travel and communicate
Black holes in spacetime by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
6 editions published between 1991 and 1994 in 3 languages and held by 419 libraries worldwide
Discusses the formation and possible behavior of black holes and why we believe that they exist
Stephen Hawking : quest for a theory of everything by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
16 editions published between 1991 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 361 libraries worldwide
The story of the life and work of the British theoretical physicist who has taken the study of cosmology farther than most in his field, despite the need for a wheelchair and computer in order to travel and communicate
Stephen Hawking : his life and work by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
13 editions published between 2011 and 2016 in English and held by 332 libraries worldwide
" ... Twenty years ago, Kitty Ferguson's Stephen Hawking; Quest for a Theory of Everything became a ... bestseller. She now returns to transform that ... book into a ... biography, giving a rich picture of Hawking's childhood, the ... beginning of his struggle with motor neurone disease when he was a first-year graduate student, his ever-increasing international fame, and his long personal battle for survival in pursuit of a scientific understanding of the universe. ..."--Jacket
Stephen Hawking : zijn leven en werk : het levensverhaal en de wetenschap van een van de markantste, beroemdste en moedigste mensen van onze tijd by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
16 editions published between 2011 and 2017 in English and Dutch and held by 146 libraries worldwide
This is the story of one of the most remarkable figures of our time - Professor Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge genius who has earned an international reputation as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Einstein. This is not quite a biography; it is more the story of one man's quest to find the 'Theory of Everything'. Stephen Hawking's life and work have produced a multitude of amazing paradoxes: beginnings may be endings, two great scientific theories taken together may seem to give us nonsense, empty space isn't empty, and black holes aren't black. Cruel circumstances can lead to happiness, and fame and success may not. A man whose appearance inspires shock and pity takes us to where the boundaries of space and time ought to be - but are not. Substantially updated with new information drawn from interviews with Professor Hawking regarding his theories and personal life, together with fascinating new photographs from his early life to the present day, this is an insightful and captivating account of an extraordinary life and a brilliant mind
Measuring the universe : the historic quest to quantify space by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
16 editions published between 1999 and 2013 in English and Finnish and held by 132 libraries worldwide
Suppose you and I still wondered whether all of the pinpoints of light in the night sky are the same distance from us. Suppose none of our contemporaries could tell us whether the Sun orbits the Earth, or vice versa, or even how large the Earth is. Suppose no one had guessed there are mathematical laws underlying the motions of the heavens. How would - how did - anyone begin to discover these numbers and these relationships without leaving the Earth? What made anyone even think it was possible to find out "how far," without going there? In Measuring the Universe we join our ancestors and contemporary scientists as they tease this information out of a sky full of stars. Some of the questions have turned out to be loaded, and a great deal besides mathematics and astronomy has gone into answering them. Politics, religion, philosophy and personal ambition: all have played roles in this drama. There are poignant personal stories, of people like Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Herschel, and Hubble. Today scientists are attempting to determine the distance to objects near the borders of the observable universe, far beyond anything that can be seen with the naked eye in the night sky, and to measure time back to its origin. The numbers are too enormous to comprehend. Nevertheless, generations of curious people have figured them out, one resourceful step at a time. Progress has owed as much to raw ingenuity as to technology, and frontier inventiveness is still not out of date
Pythagoras : his lives and the legacy of a rational universe by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
14 editions published between 2010 and 2012 in English and Turkish and held by 130 libraries worldwide
Einstein said that the most incredible thing about our universe was that it was comprehensible at all. This title explains, Pythagoras had much the same idea - but 2,500 years earlier. It tells the story of Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans, whose insights transformed the ancient world
The nobleman and his housedog : Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler : the strange partnership that revolutionised science by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
5 editions published between 2002 and 2003 in English and held by 122 libraries worldwide
Das Universum des Stephen W. Hawking : eine Biographie by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
19 editions published between 1992 and 2016 in 9 languages and held by 108 libraries worldwide
The story of the life and work of the British theoretical physicist who has taken the study of cosmology farther than most in his field, despite the need for a wheelchair and computer in order to travel and communicate
Lost science : astonishing tales of forgotten genius by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
2 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 107 libraries worldwide
Acclaimed popular science writer Kitty Ferguson investigates little-explored byroads in the history of science, from Johannes Kepler's nearly disastrous venture into the realm of science fiction to a mid-twentieth-century experiment involving EEGs and rocket fuel. She introduces such underappreciated geniuses as Mary the Jewess, the first-century ancestress of modern chemistry; and Lise Meitner, who escaped Nazi Germany only to have her role in the discovery of nuclear fission ignored by the Nobel committee. Ferguson also takes us on astounding adventures with the likes of Jesuit astronomer Ferdinand Verbiest, who invented the first automobile as a clever toy to amuse the Chinese emperor in seventeenth-century Beijing and then saved his own life by winning a bizarre astronomy competition against his former torturer. --from Publisher's description
Stephen Hawking : his life and work : the story and science of one of the most extraordinary, celebrated, and courageous figures of our time by Kitty Ferguson( Sound Recording )
9 editions published in 2012 in English and held by 87 libraries worldwide
Kitty Ferguson approached Stephen Hawking with the idea of writing a book about him and asked him to help her make certain she understood his theories. He agreed and also gave her material about his life, resulting in this book
Das Mass der Unendlichkeit : auf der Suche nach den Grenzen des Universums by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
11 editions published between 1998 and 2006 in 5 languages and held by 49 libraries worldwide
Ben shu fen jiu zhang,Nei rong bao kuo:tian ti de jing se,Tai kong de ge ming,Wu zhuang luo yan,Cong gui dao shang kan jing se,Geng gao ceng de jie gou,Heng ding yu wen gu de zhong jie deng
L'incroyable Stephen Hawking by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 30 libraries worldwide
Gott und die Gesetze des Universums by Kitty Ferguson( Book )
3 editions published between 2000 and 2002 in German and held by 13 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
Fērgusone, Kitija
Kitty Ferguson American science writer
Kitty Ferguson Amerikaans biografe
Kitty Ferguson US-amerikanische Autorin
퍼거슨, 키티 1941-
ファーガスン, キティ
ファーガソン, キティ
English (178)
German (16)
Japanese (5)
Spanish (5)
Chinese (4)
Dutch (3)
French (2)
Turkish (2)
Polish (2)
Czech (2)
Finnish (2)
Russian (1)
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