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Styles, Toy 1974-

Works: 51 works in 102 publications in 1 language and 3,387 library holdings
Genres: Fiction  Urban fiction  Thrillers (Fiction)  Psychological fiction  Romance fiction  Domestic fiction  Chick lit 
Roles: Author
Classifications: PS3619.T95, 813.6
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Most widely held works by Toy Styles
Redbone by Toy Styles( Book )
5 editions published between 2012 and 2014 in English and held by 240 libraries worldwide
"When Farah Cotton places a classified ad stating, "Cute redbone female looking to share a luxury apartment with another redbone female," many women apply. One look at the lush apartment in Washington, D.C., and every fly girl around wants a chance to call Platinum Lofts her new home. The moment Farah lays eyes on Lesa Carmine, a pretty young woman with an active lifestyle and a sunny disposition, she knows she's found the perfect girl for her ultimate plan. The two become fast friends-until Farah becomes intrusive and then her siblings move in, violating Lesa's privacy. Farah seems dangerous when she's around them, and Lesa attempts to sever ties without paying rent. Feeling overcome with blinding rage, Farah finds all kinds of ways to seek revenge. From poisoning to spreading vicious lies, she makes it known that she doesn't take Lesa's brush-off lightly."--Page 4 of cover
Black and ugly by Toy Styles( Book )
4 editions published between 2006 and 2016 in English and held by 196 libraries worldwide
Four friends from the same neighborhood, Parade, who allows herself to be mistreated because of her low self-esteem, Key, beautiful, powerful, and afraid Parade is sleeping with her man, Miss Wayne, a cross-dresser who just wants to be one of the girls, and Daffany, who hides a health secret that could endanger them all, find their friendship tested during a simple game of Truth or Dare that brings to life fatal secrets
A hustler's son : a novel by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published between 2006 and 2016 in English and held by 188 libraries worldwide
Trying to shield her son, Kelsi, from the realities of life on the streets, Janet Stayley realizes it is too late after Kelsi murders a fellow high school student and he finds out about his mother's past
Diamond playgirls by Daaimah S Poole( Book )
1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 187 libraries worldwide
Living on separate floors of a Harlem brownstone, four professional women--Dior, Tamara, Chloe, and Mona-Lisa--discover that they have a lot in common as they search for love, success, and the finer things in life on Valentine's Day
Redbone 2 : takeover at Platinum Lofts by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published in 2013 in English and held by 166 libraries worldwide
Bodies start to pile up when Della arrives at Platinum Lofts to bring the war to Farah after a Baker boy goes missing
Miss Wayne & the queens of DC by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 139 libraries worldwide
When Miss Daffany's mothers risky lifestyle finally catches up with her, they all come back from LA, to Washington DC for her funeral. Once in town, Miss Wayne hooks up with his fabulous male friends and decides he misses home. Both Parade and Daffany fear he might want to stay in DC and their suspicions are correct when he doesn't come back with them. With the Queens of DC, he can wear flashy clothes, live the glamorous life and be around people like him. But when the novelty wears off, he realizes that there's a reason he never fully embraced his alternative lifestyle. But it's too late and he becomes a victim of the company he keeps. Murder. Hate. Revenge. All find places in his world and soon the life of those he cares about become endangered
Black and ugly as ever by Toy Styles( Book )
1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 135 libraries worldwide
Parade Knight finally gets what she wants, a man of her own, despite hating her own dark skin; Daffany battles the disease that haunts her body and the poison she places in her blood while Miss Wayne fights to keep their friendship together
A hustler's son. Live or die in New York-- by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published between 2008 and 2016 in English and held by 127 libraries worldwide
A few months after receiving his mother's bloody heart in a box on Christmas Day, Kelsi seeks revenge on those he feels are responsible for her vicious murder. Believing the culprits are in New York, Kelsi takes a heart full of hate with him as he bum rushes the city in search of New York King Pins, Kyope and Jarvis. He's so dead set on revenge that he doesn't realize he's being set up by those he trusts the most. And by the time he suspects all is not what it seems, he's already waist deep
Raunchy by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published in 2010 in Undetermined and English and held by 105 libraries worldwide
Neighbors considered seven year old Harmony Philips, her father Cornell Philips and her mother Estelle Pointer, to be upstanding citizens in their quiet little estate at Concord Manor. They turned a blind eye to the lavish lifestyle they lived, compliments of Cornell's involvement in the drug trade. When at the tender age of five, Harmony is abruptly taken away from her home by her scorned mother, her world is rocked. Without her father's protection, she doesn't just lose her expensive dolls she also loses any chance of a normal and healthy life. Many years later, under the mental and physical abuse of her mother, Harmony develops a seething hate toward all women, including herself. She quickly develops into a cold, calculating, young and beautiful woman. What a deadly combination. After crossing the wrong people, Harmony is forced to relocate out of state. Before long, her fast sexual lifestyle causes her to breed kids of her own. Eventually she teaches her children every backbiting trick she knows. And if they go against her, she subjects them to abuse far greater than what she endured by the hands of her mother. When Harmony discovers that she has inherited Concord Manor, she uproots her children from their new home in Texas, and moves them back to Maryland. Secrets come out within Concord's walls and somehow, her children gain the confidence they need to fight for their lives
Pretty kings by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published between 2013 and 2016 in English and held by 98 libraries worldwide
This is how the reign of the notorious drug lords, The Pretty Kings, begins. Bambi and her sisters-in-law are married to cousins of the Kennedy family, rich and in love. As promised, the Kennedy Kings decide to get out of the drug game, but first they must return home for a one hundred million dollar meeting with The Russians. But, while in a casino, something devastating happens to the husbands, which their wives witness via video calling, that changes the women's lives forever
Raunchy 2 : Mad's love by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published between 2011 and 2016 in English and held by 97 libraries worldwide
After escaping death at her own child's hands, you'd think Harmony Phillips would change. Instead she feels resentful believing her kids took the life from her she felt she deserved. In a bed in Concord Manor, she is nursed back to health by those she wrote off. And while her mind hatches all kinds of revengeful mental and physical plans, she doesn't look into the eyes of one of her kids. Had she looked long and hard, she would have seen that she had nourished a mind so evil that it would make her own schemes seem saintly. Mad's only mission in life is to show the world what kind of a person the woman who gave birth to her is. To makes matters worse, she has taken a liking to her father Kali, and that's when all hell breaks loose. The last part of this trilogy Raunchy 3: Jayden's Passion follows this novel
Raunchy by Toy Styles( Book )
1 edition published in 2012 in English and held by 89 libraries worldwide
"When Jayden Phillips is violated by her sister, she rethinks her life and relationship with her family. She quickly realizes she has to take care of a few loose ends, which ultimately result in bloodshed and chaos. Will she survive the deadly decisions she's made or will life as she knows it come to a crashing end?"--Page 4 of cover
Pretty Kings by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published between 2013 and 2016 in English and held by 88 libraries worldwide
The Kennedy Kings have resurfaced only to learn that the women they married are not the same. Scarlett and Camp Kennedy have marital problems from past physical abuse on Scarlett's part; and she has a mysterious new love interest, Ngozi. Bambi and Kevin Kennedy must deal with the scars of infidelity. Denim's mother, Sarah and her heroin addicted sister Grainger continue to ravel her home with Bradley Kennedy. Race and Ramirez Kennedy are back together and thanks to Carey, their vixen love toy, their sex life could not be steamier. Will the Kennedy family come out as a whole or is it curtains for the empire?
Silence of the nine by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 84 libraries worldwide
"After Kerrick Khumalo's wife is murdered in their home, he migrates from Africa to America for better opportunities. But his thick accent and dark skin makes him unaccepted. Unable to find legal employment, he discovers that the drug trade can be a lucrative business for the man who is willing to do anything, including kill. Self-possessed he quickly rises to the top and becomes the most fearful man in Baltimore. Desiring it all, he marries a woman who gives him many children and now he has a clan of his own. In the country illegally, he changes his last name to Prophet and adopts rigid beliefs and customs. Soon he develops a seething hate toward Americans and believes his bloodline should remain pure. So he encourages his children to breed amongst themselves. Year after year he controls his family with an iron fist and they all fear him. That is until Nine is born. Forced to live secluded in the Prophet mansion, her future appears doomed. Besides, her mother's mental condition makes her a bad parent and her father is too concerned with his wife. Amazingly she finds strength and love from an unlikely source, the family's drunken maid. After awhile she proves to be far more intelligent than Kerrick's other offspring and this makes her both seductive and dangerous. Silence Of The Nine is Flowers In The Attic meets The Coldest Winter Ever. Prepare yourself for a dark ride."--Back cover
Pretty kings by Toy Styles( Book )
4 editions published between 2014 and 2016 in English and held by 80 libraries worldwide
"When Denim's husband Bradley is released from prison after being accused of raping her sister, Denim is hopeful that they can work on rebuilding their marriage. That seems impossible when her dysfunctional mother Sarah moves into the Kennedy bunker, bringing with her disgusting habits and distasteful opinions. If Denim's mother was the least of her concerns life might not be so difficult. Unfortunately between Bradley's overbearing personality and the Russian Cartel's looming attack, Denim can't seem to catch a break. Pretty Kings 3 explodes with drama of the future due to secrets from the past"--Page 4 of cover
Nefarious by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published in 2016 in English and held by 73 libraries worldwide
Zoe Xavier, mother of three and life-time captive of her children's abusive father and his evil wife, eventually escapes and becomes the master of her own life, learning to manipulate others as she was manipulated
Prison throne by Toy Styles( Book )
4 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 71 libraries worldwide
Rasim Nami, a Sunni Muslim, denies his religion and Pakistani background to fall in line with American customs. When it is determined that his father is part of the militant group responsible for the 9/11 attacks, he experiences a heavy dose of racism and breaks down, until Snow picks him back up. Snow Bradshaw, the only child to devout Christians, is ovvercome by boredom. Even though her father was a reformed drug trafficker, which resulted in her name. Realizing she needs excitement, when she meets Rasim he quickly becomes her world and although the road is rocky they marry
And they call me God by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published between 2014 and 2017 in English and held by 69 libraries worldwide
What caused the bloody massacre within the walls of a small Baltimore city church? A thin trail of circumstances lead to Devonte Harrington, a mid-level drug dealer with a devoted group of young women and block soldiers who surround him at all times. What is his hold over them? And what inspired his legacy of savagery? Son of a selfish teenage mother, and raised primarily by his aunt Angela, Devonte was born in the shadows of the Myers Home for Veterans, and for years hidden from the world like a dirty secret. Could the start of his villainous supremacy begin here? Told through the eyes of Samantha Herrnstein, one of his devotees, we learn her view on how the absence of love spawned his wrath. But as her flare for story holds you captive, be careful, you might miss something. And we promise, you won't see it coming!
Goon by Toy Styles( Book )
2 editions published between 2014 and 2016 in English and held by 68 libraries worldwide
"When five-year-old Roman's mother is murdered before his eyes in Fayette, Mississippi he is left alone with his loyal dog, a blue nose pit-bull named Ice. Things appear to look up for Roman when Billy Bob Adams, a career criminal, finds him and whisks him to Baltimore, Maryland. With modern day slavery as his motive, Billy Bob teaches Roman every villainous trick he knows ... including murder. From the moment Yoko was born she was unwanted. Born with a visible handicap people judged her upon first sight. Before long they turn the sweet child into a bitter young adult who does anything she can for attention. Even if it means taking responsibility for crimes she didn't commit. When Roman and Yoko meet they become an escape for one another. Since an idle mind is the devil's workshop they put their skills together and become living nightmares for unsuspecting drug dealers. Many years later, Roman vows to trade his turbulent childhood and crimes for a family of his own. Which means leaving Yoko and her volatile love of blood behind. When Roman must rely on his murder game to provide for his family, he excels and becomes the primary assassin for a multi-million dollar drug operation. But what happens when Yoko returns with a request that Roman doesn't want to honor? Explosive drama."--Back cover
The face that launched a thousand bullets by Toy Styles( Book )
3 editions published between 2009 and 2017 in English and held by 64 libraries worldwide
The Face That Launched A Thousand Bullets: Two men. Two feuding cities. One woman. One was born in our nations capital, Washington DC. The other is a native of Murder City, Baltimore, MD. Despising the other's city made them rivals before even meeting. It didn't matter that they both grew up on violent streets surrounded by drugs and poverty. Soon, need arises and they re-forced to cross each other's paths. But when they do, hate from generations before them rises and their meeting becomes intense. Many years opportunity presents itself for them to put their dislikes aside to make millions. They agree, and quickly become the richest men on the east coast. One has a quick temper...the other has quick wit and this combination makes them unstoppable. Their alliance unites soldiers from both DC and Baltimore as they solidify their empire. Defying all enemies, their bond tightens and they become the best of friends. But what happens when a woman becomes involved who s beauty is so intoxicating, that to get another woman like her would be impossible? War. The Face That Launched A Thousand Bullets is a classic love story. The love of money. The love of power. The love of a woman
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