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范伟 1962 September 2-

Works: 64 works in 163 publications in 3 languages and 1,724 library holdings
Genres: Drama  History  Historical films  War films  Film adaptations  Epic films  Children's films  Juvenile works  Action and adventure films  Martial arts films 
Roles: Actor, Performer, Author
Classifications: PN1997.2, 791.4372
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Most widely held works by 范伟
Back to 1942 = Yi jiu si er by Zhenyun Liu( visu )
7 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in Chinese and English and held by 346 libraries worldwide
In one of the darkest times in Chinese history, a devastating famine during the war ravaged parts of the country. This human tragedy that killed millions must never be forgotten
City of life and death by Chuan Lu( visu )
31 editions published between 2009 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 332 libraries worldwide
" nan jing da tu sha " 72 zhou nian,yi mu mu jing xin dong po de ren lei zai nan li shi ji yi,yong hei bai ying xiang fang shi bei huan yuan he huan xing . 1937 nian 12 yue 13 ri,qin hua ri jun jin ru nan jing cheng,sui zhi er lai di shi dui wu gu bai xing he zhan fu chang da 6 zhou de xie xing sha lu . ben pian fen bie cong zhong guo jun guan lu jian xiong . gui guo nu jiao shi jiang shu yun he ri ben jun guan jiao chuan san ge ren de bu tong jiao du ,cheng xian le na chang can ku zhan zheng zhong,san ge ren bi ci jiu chan de ming yun he ren xing cheng shou de yan ku shi lian yu cui can . dian ying bing tou guo dui bu tong jie ceng ren min de miao xie,zhan xian le ren lei dui sheng ming zun yan de han wei yu xin yang de jiu shu!
Nanjing! Nanjing! ( visu )
1 edition published in 2011 in Chinese and held by 325 libraries worldwide
On December 9, 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army laid siege to the Chinese capital of Nanking, beginning a reign of terror that killed as many as 300,000 civilians, an infamous tragedy now referred to as the Rape of Nanking. The first big-budget fiction film by the Chinese to deal with the seminal event in their modern history, City of Life and Death is a visceral, heartbreaking portrait of life during wartime, and an unforgettable masterpiece of contemporary world cinema
Dao shi xia shan ( visu )
8 editions published between 2015 and 2016 in Chinese and held by 162 libraries worldwide
When a young monk is forced to leave his impoverished monastery, he relies on his extraordinary martial arts skills to survive in the outside world. In search of a mentor, he crosses paths with a Kung Fu master who is in possession of the Book of Secrets, which reveals the lost art of the deadly Ape Strike Kung Fu technique. The rare book is coveted by a sinister father and son who will go to any extremes to obtain it. The monk finds himself immersed in a deadly battle to protect both the book and his master
Jian dang wei ye by Sanping Han( visu )
2 editions published in 2011 in Chinese and held by 90 libraries worldwide
A "slick and lavish historical epic" (Variety), Beginning of the Great Rivival stars over 150 top actors--including Daoming Chen (Hero, Aftershock) and Angela Yeung Wing (Love in Space)--in one of China's biggest blockbuster films of all time
Fei cheng wu rao by Xiaogang Feng( visu )
6 editions published between 2008 and 2009 in Chinese and held by 67 libraries worldwide
Newly rich inventor Qin puts out a personal ad hoping to find a relationship, and after a string of bizarre encounters and bad dates, he finally strikes a chord with the beautiful Smiley. Feeling she's out of his league, Qin hesitates to further approach her and instead, develops an accidental friendship with her. As they spend more time together, they find companionship in each other, with Smiley lighting up Qin Fen's once dull and repetitive life
Qiu qiu ni biao yang wo = Gimme Kudos ( visu )
10 editions published in 2005 in Chinese and held by 47 libraries worldwide
A conflict between ideal and reality, this is a story of three people, each with a rightful philosophy when stay alone. However, when they come together, their philosophies clash and start to hurt
Fang xiang zhi lü = The road ( visu )
2 editions published in 2006 in Chinese and held by 27 libraries worldwide
In the 60's, a young girl Chunfen works on a bus as a conductor. She meets a young medical doctor in one of the journeys. Their mutual attraction leads to a short passionate affair. Fate separated them and leaves a void of Chunfen's heart for 40 years
Ji ri qi cheng = Set off ( visu )
4 editions published in 2008 in Chinese and held by 26 libraries worldwide
Summary in vernacular field only
Kan che ren de qi yue ( visu )
3 editions published in 2003 in Chinese and held by 24 libraries worldwide
As a famous Chinese comic, Fan Wei makes a smooth transition to more serious fare in "The Parking Attendant in July", a likable light drama centered on a father and son in contemporary Beijing
Da song ti xing guan by Jian Li( visu )
7 editions published between 2005 and 2006 in Chinese and held by 21 libraries worldwide
Zhai yao: <da song ti xing guan>ci ju yi zhe wei shi jie fa yi xue bi zu wei yuan xing, yi<xi yuan lu>wei ji chu chuang bian er cheng . bu tong yu yi wang ren he yi bu tan an ju de, shi ben ju tian bu le gu dai qing guan tan an zhan zhong de liang ge kong bai, na jiu shi song ci ben ren chuang dao de fa yi jian yan yu luo ji tui li . yi ge ge pu shuo mi li . xuan nian die qi de wu tou ming an, zui zhong du gui jie yu ke xue de fa yi jian yan he ling ren xin fu luo ji tui li er de yi zhen xiang da bai . rang si ren kai kou, ling shi gu wu yuan, qi yi de po an shou duan, yi liao zhi wai er qing li zhi zhong de gu shi qing jie ling ren pai an jiao jue . quan ju bu jin tu chu zhan xian le zhu ren gong song ti xing guan yi min ming wei zhong " de qing guan feng cai he " fu liang shan shen en, lin hao hua shen wei " de ren ge mei li, huan shi shi shan yao zhu ke xue de zhi hui guang mang!
Gen zong Kong Lingxue = Tracks Kong Lingxue ( visu )
1 edition published in 2011 in Chinese and held by 19 libraries worldwide
A bad relationship between a male teacher and a problematic female student leads to the teacher suspicious of someone following him and subsequently engaging the mafia for assistance
Che piao by Zhiliang Zhang( visu )
2 editions published in 2009 in Chinese and held by 18 libraries worldwide
Ticket tells three separate but interwoven stories about parenthood. Abandoned as a baby, journalist Yutong has only resent for the parents she never knew. While covering the tragic story of a young couple whose child is born with a rare disease, Yutong receives word that her foster mother is dying. Her final wish is for Yutong to seek out her birth mother
Si ren ding zhi = Personal tailor ( visu )
2 editions published in 2014 in Chinese and held by 18 libraries worldwide
"The dream planner, the scenario desinger, the dream builder, and the mind anesthetist come together to form the company, Personal Tailor. Their business is unique - dreams come true. By staging specific scenarios that are tailored to meet the requests of each client, no matter how ridiculous, every client is able to "live in the dream." Their patrons range from a young woman who casts herself as a patrioic heroine and a cliched director with artsy aspirations to a driver with noble designs for political office and a river cleaner who wants to be wealthy ..."--Container
Huang jin da jie an = Guns and roses ( visu )
3 editions published in 2012 in Chinese and held by 18 libraries worldwide
The film is set in the 1930s in Changchun, capital of Manchukuo. A thief, Xiao Dongbei (Lei Jiayin) goes into a cathedral and robs the priest (Fan Wei), claiming that he is a member of the underground revolution. As he is running away, the police capture him. Meanwhile, two rebels go to a cinema to exchange messages, but a witty Japanese colonel, Kōnosuke Toriyama (Keiichi Yamasaki), kills one and captures the other. Xiao Dongbei is given leniency and spends only two days in jail. Sharing a cell with him is the captured rebel, who gives him his clothes as a gift. Xiao Dongbei goes back to his destitute home where he lives with his old and ailing father (Guo Tao), a veteran of the Boxer Rebellion. He has difficulty paying the rent. He cuts open the shoe and finds a hidden message saying that a shipment of gold is bound for the central bank. The rebels kidnap him and bring him to their base, which is a film studio, since the rebel group is composed of people in the film industry. Dongbei is promised a share of the gold and relays the message. As they are going home, they are chased by Japanese soldiers coming out of a bar, but with the help of the thief, who hides them in the earlier cathedral, they evade the soldiers. To find out the convoy route, one rebel (Tao Hong), a well known actress, uses her fame to attend a party at the central-bank president's house. She goes to the president's study and tries to copy the map, but her plan is ruined after Xiao Dongbei's father causes a disturbance. Now shunned by the rebels, Xiao Dongbei tries to beg for money. By luck, he runs into Gu Xixi (Cheng Yuanyuan), the daughter of the bank's president. He saves her from an air raid while being injured himself. In gratitude, Gu Xixi takes him into the bank president's home and nurses him, where he is able to draw a copy of that map, leading to his re-acceptance into the rebel group. The rebels buy weapons from country-side bandits, but they mysteriously go missing. Nonetheless, the rebels manage to capture the convoy using deception. Xiao Dongbei goes home with his own share of the gold, but gets reported by his land-lord. When he flees, Colonel Toriyama captures his father and prepares to execute him, forcing Xiao Dongbei to surrender himself. However, as Colonel Toriyama captures the other rebels, the thief's father overcomes his senility and regains the fighting skills from his youth, overpowering the soldiers and buying the rebels and Xiao Dongbei time to escape. However, he is killed by a stray bullet. The rebels and Xiao Dongbei attend another party to murder both Colonel Toriyama and the Italian Minister of Finance. The shootout fails and all the rebels are killed, with Xiao Dongbei being captured. The police captain decides to execute Xiao Dongbei informally by shooting him and throwing him into a river, but he ends up being rescued by the priest. He feels immense guilt over the rebels' deaths and refuses an offer by Gu Xixi to flee the city and marry her. Xiao Dongbei does a final operation, this time consisting of charging into the bank in a truck while shooting a sub-machine gun at the Italian Minister of Finance, and then pouring a container of acid into the vault to force the gold to dissolve. The earlier bandits assist him in killing the soldiers sent to stop him, inspired by his suicidal courage. Unfortunately, Colonel Toriyama kills Gu Xixi. In retribution. Xiao Dongbei kills him and throws his body into the acid. The police arrive but could not find Xiao Dongbei, and call off operations. Heavily changed by all of these events, Xiao Dongbei goes on to give up crime. As he watches a movie in a theater, he grieves over Gu Xixi's death. A butterfly flies out of the theater, and lands on the bouquet of stolen spoons that Xiao Dongbei had made for Gu Xixi, causing it to transform into real roses.--wikipedia
Lao da de xing fu = Brothers' happiness ( visu )
4 editions published between 2009 and 2011 in Chinese and held by 18 libraries worldwide
Jia ren de xing fu shi lao da de jiao ao lao da de xing fu que shi di mei men de shi ming han hou lao shi de zu liao shi - fu ji xiang, ren cheng fu lao da , zai dong bei xiao cheng guo zhu jian dan kuai le de sheng huo ; dan zi yi wei sheng huo xing fu . shi ye cheng gong de di di mei mei men xiang yao bang da ge huan yi ge sheng huo, ji li an pai ta lai dao bei jing xun zhao"xing fu" ; ran er, sheng huo fang shi he jia zhi guan de bu tong rang lao da zai mo sheng de da du shi li si chu peng bi, zai mu du le fang di chan da heng er di . guan mi san di . fang nu si di . gu feng xiao wu de sheng huo hou, lao da shen xin ju pi . bei gan mang ran ; dang di di mei mei men lu xu yin zhui qiu zi wo de meng xiang er zao feng cuo zhe shi, ta fan er cheng wei di di mei mei men zui jian shi de yi kao, yi zhen cheng he ji ji le guan de ren sheng tai du bang zhu zhe xie zi ren wei"xing fu"de jia ren zhong gui xian shi, rang ta men ta shi di guo zhu xing fu sheng huo
Xian jie hun hou lian ai = Be in love after marriage ( visu )
5 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in Chinese and held by 16 libraries worldwide
Ai qing hu jiao zhuan yi ( visu )
1 edition published in 2008 in Chinese and held by 16 libraries worldwide
Nie Bing, a high-profile TV hostess, is obsessed with trying to find her "ideal man" before her 30th birthday. Nie Bing is given a magic car by a mischievous angel, and a different handsome man -one of the 12 featured A-list actors from China, Taiwan and Japan- appears each time she drives it. Lam's character soon collects a dozen admirers, portrayed by A-list actors from China, Taiwan, and Japan, each with a different profession, personality, and ideas of what constitutes romance
Lucky dog ( visu )
4 editions published between 2004 and 2014 in Chinese and English and held by 14 libraries worldwide
A middle-aged man sets out to find a new career when he learns he's picked the wrong time to retire in this gentle comedy-drama from China. Wang Kangmei is a good-humored working stuff who after four decades as an engineer for the Chinese railway has taken early retirement. Wang's timing was less than ideal, as his wife falls ill and ends up in the hospital shortly after Wang's leaves his job. But Wang is a cheerful and quietly patriotic man who believes that the government will do the right thing for him and that he'll be able to find work if he tries. Wang's father isn't so confident, but that doesn't stop Wang from spending the day pursuing various sorts of employment, from operating a bicycle-cab to auditioning for an opera company
BigMine-13 : proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Big Data, Streams and Heterogeneous Source Mining: Algorithms, Systems, Programming Models and Applications : held in conjunction with SIGKDD conference, August 11, 2013, Chicago, Illinois, USA by Streams and Heterogeneous Source Mining: Algorithms, Systems, Programming Models and Applications International Workshop on Big Data( file )
1 edition published in 2013 in English and held by 11 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
Fan Wei 1962-
Fan, Wei 1962 Sept. 2-
Fan Wei acteur chinois
Fan Wei actor chino
Fan Wei Chinese actor
Wei, Fan 1962-
范, 伟 1962-
范伟 1962 September 2-
Chinese (99)
English (4)
French (1)
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