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陸弈靜 (Actress)

Works: 47 works in 134 publications in 4 languages and 1,097 library holdings
Genres: Drama  Thrillers (Motion pictures)  Melodrama  Erotic films  Experimental films  Action and adventure films  Domestic drama  Made-for-TV movies  Dictionaries 
Roles: Actor, Author, Performer, Editor
Classifications: PN1997.2, 791.4372
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Most widely held works by 陸弈靜
Ni na bian ji dian by Mingliang Cai( visu )
13 editions published between 2001 and 2008 in 3 languages and held by 325 libraries worldwide
Hsiao Kang is the only son in an uncommunicative family. When his father dies, he and his mother participate in Buddhist mourning rituals together, but otherwise cope with their profound grief separately and alone, crossing paths only out of routine obligation. Meanwhile, Hsiao Kang returns to his job as a watch vendor on the streets of Taipei. One afternoon, a young woman insists on buying a dual-time watch off his wrist for her trip to Paris, and he eventually relents, despite his superstitious belief that it will bring bad luck to them both. His feelings for the watch, tied to his anguish over his absent father and perhaps a hint of longing for its new owner, quietly compels him to reset every clock in the city to Paris time. Inevitably, despite the seemingly fated, intersecting lives of these three lonely and desperate people, the remedy for their emotional void seems indefinably out of reach. The film itself is poetic, generously compassionate, and achingly bittersweet
Stray dogs ( visu )
3 editions published in 2014 in Chinese and held by 250 libraries worldwide
"A single father makes his meager living holding up an advertising placard on a traffic island in the middle of a busy highway. His children wait out their days in supermarkets before they eat with their father and go to sleep in an abandoned building. As the father starts to come apart, a woman in the supermarket takes the children under her wing. There are real stray dogs to be fed in Tsai's everyday apocalypse, but the title also refers to its principal characters"--Container label
Qing shao nian Ne-zha Rebels of the Neon God by Mingliang Cai( visu )
8 editions published between 1992 and 2005 in Chinese and held by 193 libraries worldwide
Set amidst the urban jungle of Taipei, is this stylish tale of teen angst and despair. Centering on four disaffected, disillusioned youth, the storyline shuttles between the deadpan, petty con games of two Taipei hoods, a young woman, and a cab driver's son who's being pressured to study by his parents
Tian bian yi duo yun The wayward cloud by Mingliang Cai( visu )
13 editions published between 2004 and 2010 in Chinese and held by 82 libraries worldwide
"Shiang-chyi runs into Hsiao-kang in a park, where he is sleeping. They start seeing each other and fall in love. In the only line of dialogue in the film she asks him: "Are you still selling watches?" He is not. He is now a porn actor. At the time there is a severe water shortage in the city. Shiang-chyi is filling empty plastic bottles with water from restrooms--Hsiao-kang is sneaking into the city's water reservoirs to bathe. The city encourages the drinking of watermelon juice in place of water."
Piao lang qing chun Drifting flowers by Meiling Zhou( visu )
10 editions published between 2008 and 2011 in Chinese and held by 69 libraries worldwide
Intertwines three stories about women coming to terms with gender identity and homosexuality
He liu by Mingliang Cai( visu )
11 editions published between 1996 and 2007 in Chinese and held by 27 libraries worldwide
The son from a disfunctional family has become very ill. The parents are indifferent with each other and have serious intimate issues. They tried various ways to cure their son's illness
Yi xi zhi di A place of one's own by Yian Lou( visu )
4 editions published between 2009 and 2010 in Chinese and held by 18 libraries worldwide
The movie is built around three alike stories, presented separately. Sooner or later, the characters of these tales meet, for the best or the worst or sometimes without even knowing how close they are in their everyday struggles
Shen hai Blue cha-cha by Wentang Zheng( visu )
8 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in Chinese and held by 15 libraries worldwide
A girl who is newly released from jail finds her romance
Kan tou ge hou de kai er te ren : xiong can min zu yu ya se wang chuan shuo by Rui Di( Book )
3 editions published between 2004 and 2005 in Chinese and held by 14 libraries worldwide
Kai mi te ren shi shi qian ou zhou de gu lao min zu. ta men xiao yong shan zhan, yi lie tou ge hou de ye man xing jing zai li shi liu xia kong bu ming sheng, dan shi ta men tong shi ye shi wei da de yi shu jia, wei hou shi zhi zao chu xu duo mei li de yi shu jing pin. yin wei ta men mei you fa ming chu cheng shu de wen zi, suo yi guan yu kai mi te ren de ji lu dou shi lai zi ta men de si di luo ma ren. ta men de kong bu ming sheng shi yi zhong di ren de e yi mo hei ma?ben shu wei nin hai yuan qu zhe li shi de zhen xiang
Batalla en el cielo Battle in heaven by Carlos Reygadas( visu )
2 editions published between 2006 and 2007 in Spanish and English and held by 10 libraries worldwide
Cast entirely with non-professionals, Battle in heaven tells the story of Marcos (Marcos Hernandez), the middle-aged chauffeur of Ana (Anapola Mushkadiz), daughter of a Mexican general. Marcos is the only member of Ana's household who knows she leads a double life. Although a child of Mexico's political elite, Ana amuses herself by working as a prostitute in a high-end brothel. But, Marcos also has a secret. He and his wife (Berta Ruiz) kidnapped a baby for ransom and the infant died in their custody. When he confesses to Ana, a bond of secrecy consecrated by the flesh unites them. As the police draw closer, Ana urges Marcos to turn himself in, but he seeks redemption from a higher power
Tian qiao bu jian le by Mingliang Cai( visu )
4 editions published between 2002 and 2004 in Chinese and held by 8 libraries worldwide
Xiangqi wanders in front of Taibei station looking for the skywalk. The skywalk is gong, so does the man who sells his watch to her. Do these things never happen, or is it only her illusion?
A place of one's own ( visu )
1 edition published in 2009 in Chinese and held by 8 libraries worldwide
Set in the bustling capital of Taiwan, a group of characters interact with each other and eventually must come to terms with finding their place in this crazy and competitive modern Asian city. Each character charts their own journey but eventually meet for good or bad without knowing how close they are in their individual struggles
Bu jian Bu san = The missing ; Goodbye, Dragon Inn ( visu )
1 edition published in 2004 in Chinese and held by 7 libraries worldwide
Bu jian: A grandmother is looking for her grandson, a teenager for his grandfather -- Bu san: A movie theatre in its final days plays the last runs of "Dragon Gate Inn", a martial arts classic--Internet Movie Database
Sheng ming wu xian gong si Life of Never End Co., Ltd. by Hong Lu( visu )
6 editions published between 2009 and 2010 in Chinese and held by 7 libraries worldwide
Qi sui de xu zhi ting mei you sheng me peng you, dang tong xue zai chong bai ou xiang shi, ta zhi neng zai jia ti " fo xiang " qing xiang hui ; dang tong xue da chang liu xing ge shi, ta zhi hui chang " wang sheng zhou " ; jiu lian lao shi yao da jia zhe zhi shi, ta wei yi zhe chu lai de dong xi jing shi " zhi lian hua " . zhi ting de a ma shi ge ling mei, xin tu yong yuan luo yi bu jue . bu shi zi de a ma, zong shi ba xiang you qian cun zai gui zi li, yong guan zi shang mian de tu an lai qu fen , you de hua le shan dian he he chuan, you de hua le yi wan fan, hai you yi ge tie le yi zhang yin zhu " sheng ming wu xian gong si " zi yang de zhi, a ma zong shi yi bian tou qian jin qu, yi bian nan nan di shuo " bao bi wo de guai sun ping an zhang da . " 28 sui de zhi ting, hui dao er shi he a ma zhu guo de di fang, zhao dao le na feng shu ming " sheng ming wu xian gong si " di xin , chen feng de er shi hui yi, ye zhu jian bei kai qi
Bu jian = The Missing by Mingliang Cai( visu )
6 editions published between 2003 and 2004 in Chinese and No Linguistic Content and held by 7 libraries worldwide
Qi yong bu jiu de tai bei xian si hao gong yuan you da xing tu mu le, san fen zhi er de fu di bei tie pi qiang tuan tuan wei zhu, xun su di da qi yi zuo ju da de hui se ying jia, yu shi gong yuan jin cun de yi xiao pian lu di shi shi ren man wei huan ... mou ri, gong yuan fa sheng le shi zong shi jian, yi wei a ma yin wei la du zi pao jin gong ce, chu lai shi san sui xiao sun zi yi jing bu jian le, a ma fa feng di zhao ... zai yi chou mo zhan zhi ji, ta jue ding dao ling gu ta zhao ta xian sheng de gui hun qiu jiu ... er ling yi wei mi lian wang ka de tao xue shao nian, hui jia fa xian ta na xi huan zai gong yuan liu ta de ye ye ye bu jian le?![bu jian]huang ruo shi ji liu xing wen yiSARS ban, yi fa bu ke shou shi ... hao bu xiang gan de liang ge ren, yi ming hai tong yu yi ming lao ren zai tong yi tian shi zong le. hai tong de shi zong ma shang bei cha jue le, lao ren de bu jian que shi zai shu ge xiao shi hou cai bei cha jue dao. wo men fen bie gen sui zhu liang wei shi zong ren wu de zhao gu zhe hai tong de wai po yu lao ren de sun zi, kan wai po bu gu yi qie de xun zhao hai tong shi, lao ren de sun zi que lang fei shi jian zai xu ni shi jie de zhan zheng you xi. gu shi de bei jing, ren men zheng beiSARS ban de bing du qin hai, ran er zai gu shi yi wai zhen shi shi jie de mou ge di fang, yi chang zhen zheng de zhan zheng zheng zai duo zou xu duo ren min de xing ming. wai po fa feng si de xun qiu sheng si liang jie bang mang xun zhao hai tong, liang zhe que du ai mo neng zhu. er lao ren de sun zi (ru tong yi ban hai tong ban jue qiang er zi zu)bing bu xun qiu ren he ren de bang mang, dan ta yi tong yang de mi shi zai yuan di da zhuan. jing guo le zhe yi tian, you zhe xie hun luan de pian duan jing yan, zai wo men xin di fu xian yi fu wu fa zhi yu de xian dai wen ming bing jing xiang. zhe bu dian ying ru tong shui jing ban qing xi yu mei li
Zai kan wo yi yan by Zhaoren Xu( visu )
4 editions published between 2004 and 2006 in Chinese and held by 5 libraries worldwide
Dui yu ye tai shang de zu qun,yi wang zong shi you zhu bei qing de wai yi,ta men zong shi bei qing---yin wei dao chu piao lang,ta men zong shi wei xiao,zhong zhong de bu shun sui zao yi cheng le xi guan;zhe ye shi ye tai shang de yan chu zhe,zong shi you zhu zhi re sheng ming li de yuan yin, jian dan de shuo jiu shi[ le guan]. sheng huo zai zen me piao dang,ren sheng ru he de kan ke,zhi yao yi ta chu dong xi xiang,dang chang jiu huan le yi ge jue se ;sheng dan jing mo chou,wu tai shang de jue se shi ke yi bei xuan ze de;ran er,xian shi de sheng huo,shi shang tian de an pai,zong shi mei tian zai shen ming mian qian gong jing yan chu,dan lian kong zong shi shang le yi ceng zhuang,zou chu hou tai xie jin qian hua,dang chang yan chu de jiu shi zi ji;chai mi you yan jiang cu cha,mei yi yang du de yao mian dui.zai chuan tong xi qu ri yi shi wei de jin tian,huo xu gai wei ta men zuo yi dian shi qing,rang ta men zhao dao sheng ming zhong ying dang you de ding wei,zhe ye shi dang chu zhi bi xie xia zhe ge ju ben de yuan yin
Shan zhu wen quan = The boar king ( visu )
2 editions published between 2014 and 2015 in Chinese and held by 5 libraries worldwide
Cho loses her husband, Ying, during a massive typhoon that left their village in ruins. The grief-stricken widow is also faced with the prospect of losing the family business, as the Boar Hot Spring - the source of water for the hotel spas in the village - has been buried by a landslide. As her fellow villagers desperately try to sell off their land and move out, they receive invitation cards from the deceased Ying. Is Ying really dead? What secrets is he hiding? Can they find another path and re-establish links with the buried hot spring, the lifeblood of the village? Ying's daughter, Fen, returns to the mountain village for the funeral and encounters a young man, Garmin, on the way. A love story slowly unfolds as he helps her recover from her grief. Together, Cho and Fen try to find the answer to Ying's secrets through the videotapes that he had left behind. The journey leads them to a new path that helps them bid goodbye to the past and find a new direction in life. --
Heliu ( visu )
1 edition published in 2002 in Chinese and held by 3 libraries worldwide
In Taipei, a youth becomes ill after playing the part of a drowned corpse in a movie and seeks treatment in vain. [Halliwell's]
Visage by Mingliang Cai( visu )
4 editions published between 2009 and 2013 in French and held by 3 libraries worldwide
"Das Gesicht eines zwar berühmten, schauspielerisch aber unbedarften Topmodels soll das absurde Filmprojekt eines taiwanesischen Regisseurs retten, der die Geschichte der Salomé im Louvre inszenieren will. Die männliche Hauptrolle soll der einstige Star Jean-Pierre Léaud übernehmen. Doch bei einem solch abstrusen Unterfangen sind Konflikte vorprogrammiert. Der versierte Regisseur Ming-Liang ("Vive l'Amour") hat die schräge Film-im-Film-Geschichte nach seinem eigenen mutigen Drehbuch realisiert." [film-dienst]
Fa Han shiyou diqiu wuli kantan cihui = Lexique français-chinois de la prospection géophysique du pétrole ( Book )
2 editions published in 1982 in French and held by 3 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
Lu, Xiaolin (Actress)
Lu, Yi-Ching (Actress)
陸弈靜 (Actress)
Chinese (95)
French (7)
English (2)
Spanish (1)
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