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Fanning, David

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What's up with the weather? ( visu )
4 editions published between 2007 and 2008 in English and held by 714 libraries worldwide
Examines both sides of the global warming debate
The long walk of Nelson Mandela ( visu )
10 editions published between 1999 and 2017 in English and held by 632 libraries worldwide
Frontline presents the story of the man behind the myth, probing Mandela's character, leadership, and life's method through intimate recollections with friends, political allies, adversaries, and his fellow prisoners and jailers on Robben Island, where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 prison years, transforming himself in prison from an impetuous, risk-taking radical into a mature leader and statesman
News war ( visu )
2 editions published in 2007 in English and held by 510 libraries worldwide
Secrets, Sources & Spin Part 1 examines the political and legal forces challenging the mainstream news media today and press reactions. The film looks at the debates over the role of journalism; the relationship between the Bush administration and the press; the controversies surrounding the use of anonymous sources in reporting; and the unintended consequences of the Valerie Plame investigation -- a confusing, ugly affair that ultimately damaged the legal protections reporters' thought they enjoyed under the First Amendment. Part 2 continues with the legal jeopardy faced by a number of reporters across the country, and the complications generated by the war on terror. Many reporters face jail for refusing to reveal sources in the context of leak investigations, while editors of the nation's leading newspapers now confront the question of how much can the press reveal about secret government programs in that war without jeopardizing national security? In What's Happening to the News (Pt. 3), network executives, journalists, Wall Street analysts, bloggers, and key players at Google and Yahoo! explain the battle for survival in a rapidly changing world. The embattled Los Angeles Times, one of the last remaining papers in the country still covering major national stories, is profiled. The Frontline/World (4th) segment focuses on two stories. The first is on new Arab media and its role in both mitigating and exacerbating the clash between the West and Islam. Al Jazeera has changed the face of a parochial and tightly controlled Arab media, and this hour explores Al Jazeera's growing influence around the world. The second is a video essay on journalists worldwide, which details how in many countries the press has been suppressed, and journalists have been jailed, exiled, and murdered
The al-Qaeda files ( visu )
2 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 462 libraries worldwide
A compilation of seven Frontline programs centered around activities of the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, produced both before and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Covers: Osama bin Laden; the U.S. "war on terror"; sleeper cells operating in the United States; al-Qaeda attacks in Europe; and the FBI's top terrorism expert Special Agent John O'Neill
Frontline ( visu )
2 editions published in 2015 in English and held by 348 libraries worldwide
Every year, Salmonella causes more hospitalizations and deaths than any other foodborne illness, with about one in four pieces of raw chicken contaminated with Salmonella today. Why isn't the U.S. food safety system stopping the threat? Correspondent David E. Hoffman investigates how and why the standards and laws around Salmonella have failed to keep up with the increasing danger posed by some strains of the bacteria. The film looks closely at the largest Salmonella poultry outbreak in history, when more than 600 people were sickened over 16 months. Delving into the complex world of food safety, through interviews with local and national public health officials, as well as victims and a top-level poultry industry executive, the film reveals the discrepancies that exist when it comes to foodborne bacteria-contrasting how regulators cracked down hard on E. coli 0157 in raw beef and banned it outright after a deadly outbreak at Jack-in-the-Box two decades ago, but have not taken such decisive action with dangerous kinds of Salmonella, leaving consumers to protect themselves
Frontline by Phil O'Rourke( visu )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 288 libraries worldwide
Correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the future of the massive consumer loan industry and its impact on a fragile national economy. Bergman and the New York Times talk to industry insiders, lobbyists, politicians, and consumer advocates as they square off over new regulation and the possible creation of a consumer finance protection agency. The stakes couldn't be higher as many fear the consumer loan industry could be at the center of the next crisis
Outbreak ( visu )
1 edition published in 2015 in English and held by 257 libraries worldwide
The vivid, inside story of how the Ebola outbreak began and why it wasn't stopped before it was too late. With exclusive access to key global decision-makers and health responders, and gripping accounts of victims from the slums of Monrovia to the jungles of Guinea, Outbreak exposes tragic missteps in the response to the epidemic
Death By Fire ( visu )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 188 libraries worldwide
Did Texas execute an innocent man? Several controversial death penalty cases are currently under examination in Texas and in other states, but it's the 2004 execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted for the arson deaths of his three young children, that's now at the center of the national debate. Examines the Willingham conviction in light of new science that raises doubts about whether the fire at the center of the case was really arson at all
Outlawed in Pakistan ( visu )
1 edition published in 2013 in English and held by 187 libraries worldwide
When Pakistani teenager Kainat Soomro accused four men of gang rape, the courageous young woman did not put her suffering behind her. For this documentary, which premiered at Sundance, filmmakers Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann spent five years tracing both Kainat's odyssey through Pakistan's broken justice system-and her alleged rapists' quest to clear their names. The result is a powerful and nuanced profile of courage in a society where rape victims and their families are often considered dishonorable and subjected to humiliation, poverty, and mortal danger. Film contains mature content and may not be suitable for all viewers. (56 minutes)
The fish on my plate : a journey with Paul Greenberg ( visu )
4 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 179 libraries worldwide
"'What fish should I eat that's good for me and good for the planet?' That's the question bestselling author and lifelong fisherman Paul Greenberg (Four Fish; American Catch) sets out to answer in The Fish On My Plate. As part of his quest to investigate the health of the ocean--and his own--Greenberg spends a year eating seafood at breakfast, lunch and dinner, eating over 700 fish meals in hopes of improving his health through a dramatic increase in his omega-3 levels. With people worldwide consuming more seafood than ever, Greenberg also explores questions of sustainability and overfishing, traveling to Norway, where modern fish farming was invented; Peru to witness the world's largest wild fishery; Alaska, where 200 million salmon can be caught each year; and Connecticut, to visit a sustainable ocean farming pioneer who is trying to transform the fishing industry. The Fish On My Plate isn't just the story of one man's journey. It's a must-watch documentary for any consumer who cares about both his or her own health and the health of the planet"--Container
Dangerous prescription ( visu )
6 editions published between 2003 and 2014 in English and held by 132 libraries worldwide
A journalistic investigation of the FDA approval process of prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, and the consumers who trust the FDA stamp of approval on new drugs. Includes case studies
Ring of fire by Lawrence Blair( visu )
2 editions published in 2003 in English and held by 106 libraries worldwide
This 5-film series documents the ten-year voyage of brothers Lorne and Lawrence Blair through the islands of Indonesia. In "Spice Island saga," the Blairs accompany the piratical Bugis tribe through the Spice Islands in search of the Bird of Paradise. "Dance of the warriors" takes the Blairs to Komodo to film the Komodo "dragon", then on to Sumba where they witness a form of human sacrifice, and finally on to New Guinea to live with Asmat headhunters whose lives have not changed in over 50,000 years. The Blairs travel "East of Krakatoa" to view a still-erupting volcano and encounter a world of "medieval courts, mystical shadow puppet plays, forgers of magical swords, healers with supernatural powers, and whole communities ruled by the powerful Spirit of the South Seas. In "Dream wanderers of Borneo," the Blairs travel through 800 miles of rainforest to find the nomadic Punan Dyaks. "Beyond the ring of fire" finds Lawrence Blair on a "retrospective" voyage, revisiting a number of the islands from the previous films and adding a few new destinations.--paraphrased from container
Burden of innocence ( visu )
4 editions published between 2003 and 2015 in English and held by 103 libraries worldwide
In recent years, media headlines have trumpeted the release of more than 100 longtime inmates who have been exonerated by DNA testing. But what happens to these wrongly accused inmates after the media spotlight turns elsewhere and they must attempt to rejoin a world far different from the one they left behind?
A company of soldiers ( visu )
1 edition published in 2005 in English and held by 89 libraries worldwide
"Frontline reports from inside the U.S. Army's 8th Cavalry Regiment stationed in Baghdad for an up-close, intimate look at the dangers facing an American military unit in Iraq. Shot in the weeks following the U.S. presidential election, the film tracks the day-to-day challenges facing the 8th Cavalry's Dog Company as it suddenly has to cope with a dramatic increase in attacks by the insurgents."
Frontline world : stories from a small planet ( visu )
3 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in English and held by 70 libraries worldwide
Mozambique, guitar hero: Reporter Marjorie McAfee follows popular musician Feliciao Dos Santos as he travels throughout his native Mozambique with his band, Massukos, singing songs that teach villagers about good hygiene and sanitation. His work has resulted in building over 300 ecological latrines, which reduce disease and produce fertilizer at the same time. Stricken with polio as a child, Santos wants to prevent others from contracting life-threatening diseases
The farmer's wife by Alfred Hitchcock( visu )
1 edition published in 2007 in English and held by 62 libraries worldwide
Step inside the passionate, troubled lives of Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter as they cling to family and farm. Part documentary, part love story, The farmer's wife eloquently blends harsh American farm life with the bittersweet drama of modern marriage. Darrel labors night and day for a bumper crop while Juanita cleans houses and finishes college. Despite heavy obstacles, they rediscover the love that binds them together
Death of a princess ( visu )
7 editions published between 1980 and 2005 in English and Undetermined and held by 60 libraries worldwide
This film re-creates journalist Antony Thomas' journey through the Arab world to investigate the public execution for adultery of a young Saudi Arabian princess and her lover in 1977. Frontline reissues the 1980 docurama film followed by a discussion about the controversy surrounding the original release of the film and the status of Saudi women more than twenty years after the original broadcast
Nicotine war by Jon Palfreman( visu )
2 editions published between 1992 and 1995 in English and held by 53 libraries worldwide
This program tells the story of Food and Drug Administration chief David Kessler's attempt to regulate tobacco. This industry has defied regulation for more than thirty years
Inside the meltdown ( visu )
3 editions published between 2009 and 2010 in English and held by 47 libraries worldwide
Investigates the causes of the worst economic crisis in 70 years and how the government responded. The film chronicles the inside stories of the Bear Stearns deal, Lehman Brothers collapse, the propping up of insurance giant AIG and the $700 billion bailout
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