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Proteases of Stored Product Insects and their Inhibition by Specific Protease Inhibitors from Soybeans and Wheat Grain by Y Birk( Book )
5 editions published between 1987 and 1989 in English and held by 7 libraries worldwide
Specific protease inhibitors, which inhibit digestive proteases of insects, have evolved in plants. These inhibitors are of potential interest in protection of valuable crops from damage by insects. It has been the objective of the present study to isolate and characterize digestive proteases of several model insect pests and to investigate their naturally-occurring inhibitors from legume seeds and grains. The separation and partial characterization of trypsin and chymotrypsin-like enzymes from the digestive tracts of the insects Tenebrio molitor, Tribolium castaneum and Locusta migratoria and the inhibitability of these enzymes by proteinaceous trypsin-chymotroypsin inhibitors from soybeans and chick peas suggest that these insects may be affected by the inhibitors in vivo. The lack of disulfide bridges in the insects proteases suggest a difference in their conformation and assembly from that known for the respective mammalian enzymes
A study of the internal fields acting on nuclei in solids using the techniques of the mossbauer absorption and perturbation of gamma-gamma cascades ( Book )
2 editions published in 1962 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
Recoil-free gamma ray absorption spectra have been observed in ferromagnetic and paramagnetic solids containing nuclei of Fe57 and Dy161, using radioactive sources of Co57 and Tb161. The hyperfine Zeeman splittings in ferromagnetic materials permit a determination of the effective magnetic field at the nuclei. The effective magnetic field, H, at Fe57 nuclei in yttrium iron garnet, dysprosium iron garnet and in some spinel ferrites have been measured at 300K and 85K. Measurements on Fe3O4 confirm Verwey's hypothesis of a fast exchange between ferrous and ferric ions in the octahedral sites above the transition temperature. H at Dy161 in dysprosium iron garnet has been found to be 3,500,000 oe at 85K and 750,000 oe at 300K and is proportional to the Dy sub-lattice spontaneous magnetization. A large temperature dependent quadrupole interaction in DIG has been observed, which is ascribed to an effective electric field gradient at the Dy nuclei produced by the partially aligned orbitals of the 4f electrons, and thus correlated with the spontaneous magnetization. (Author)
2 editions published between 1959 and 1960 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
The feasibility of improving the performance of solar heat collectors by applying the principles of selective radiation is discussed. Electroplated black nickel deposits gave the best results. The chemical composition, structure, optical properties, mathematical interpretation, AND MODELS OF BLACK NICKEL DEPOSITS WERE INVESTIGATED. The conclusions are summarized
Energy Transfer between Inorganic Ions in Glasses ( Book )
2 editions published between 1974 and 1975 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of Er(3+) in germanate and tellurite glasses were obtained. Spontaneous transition probabilities were calculated using the Judd-Ofelt theory and intensity parameters obtained from measured integrated absorption coefficients. Quantum efficiencies of the fluorescences were measured by the comparative method and by the use of measured decay times. Multiphonon relaxation rates were calculated using the experimental data. Radiative transition probabilities from energy levels of Tm(3+) in glasses were calculated using the matrix elements obtained by intermediate coupling schemes and experimentally obtained intensity parameters. Nonradiative transition probabilities in different glass hosts were calculated. Quantum efficiencies of luminescence of rare earth in glasses can be predicted. Absorption and Fluorescence spectra of Sm(3+) were measured in GeO2, ternary germanate and borax glasses. From these the intensity parameters were calculated by use of Judd-Ofelt formula. Visible emission and decay times of Sm(3+) and its relative quantum efficiencies were measured
Hyperfine interactions in the 2+ rotational state of dy-160 in dysprosium iron garnet ( Book )
2 editions published in 1962 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
The hyperfine interactions of the 2+ rotational level of Dy-160 at 87 kev in dysprosium iron garnet were measured at 94 K using the technique of Mossbauer absorption. A comparison with previous similar measurements in Dy-161 together with the knowledge of the g factor of the Dy-161 ground state from spin resonance experiments gave a value of 0.48! 0.07 for the g factor of the 2+ rotational level of Dy-160. The sign of the spectroscopic quadrupole moment of this state was negative. The ratio of quadrupole moments Q sub 160 (2+)/Q sub 161 (ground state) was -0.77! 0.25. Comparing a model dependent estimate of Q sub 160(2+) with a value of Q obtained from the experimental results, a value of about 0.2 is obtained for the Sternheimer shielding factor. (Author)
Hyperfine interactions in the ground state and first excited state of dy161 in dysprosium iron garnet by R Bauminger( Book )
1 edition published in 1961 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
The hyperfine Zeeman splittings in the recoilfree absorption spectrum of the 26 kev gamma ray from Dy-161m in Dy-161 situated in dysprosium iron garnet have been observed. At 85 K, the magnetic hyperfine interactions of the ground state and first excited state of Dy-161 are -400 + or - 40 mc and 455 + or - 40 mc, respectively. The electric quadrupole interactions (eqQ/4) at this temperature are 120 + or - 30 and 90 + or - 30 mc, respectively. At 300 degrees K the effective magnetic field (H sub eff) is 4.6 times smaller, and illustrates the proportionality between H sub eff and spontaneous magnetization of the Dy sub-lattice. Assuming Parks value of -0.37 + or - 0.05 nm for the Dy-161 ground state magnetic moment, H sub eff (85 K) equals 3.5 x 10 to the 6th power oe, and 0.42 + or - 0.08 nm for the magnetic moment of the first excited state were obtained. At 300 K a quadrupole interaction of less than 20 mc was obtained. The strongly temperature dependent quadrupole interaction is interpreted as being largely due to the effective electric field gradient produced at the nucleus by the 4f electrons which should be partially aligned below the Curie temperature. (Author)
Investigations on the optical spectra of transition elements in single crystals of high symmetry ( Book )
1 edition published in 1964 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The theoretical and experimental aspects of the optical spectra of the S state ions Mn2+ and Fe3+ in cubic fields were investigated. The optical spectrum and the ground state splitting of V3+ in Al2O3 was studied. The spectrum of Pr3+ in the single crystal of CaWO4 was measured in absorption and fluorescence. The line shape of the Pr3+ lines was investigated as a function of the temperature. (Author)
18TH Annual Meeting of the European Neuroscience Association ( Book )
2 editions published in 1996 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The Final Proceedings for 18th Annual Meeting of the European Neuroscience Association, 3 September 1995 - 7 September 1995. RNA editing alters drug responses to AMPA receptors, Cis-trans regulation of Target genes for neurocognitive drugs, Endogeneous cacabinoid ligands in the central nervous system and in the periphery, Recimbinant acetylcholinesterase as a drug scavenger
Approximated Planes in Parallel Coordinates ( Book )
1 edition published in 2000 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
For the visualization of multivariate problems, a multidimensional system of Parallel coordinates is used which provides a one-to-one mapping between subsets of N-space and subsets of 2-space. A rigorous methodology for doing and seeing N-dimensional geometry emerges as well as several applications. Here an application to Error Tolerancing involving the visualization and characterization of 'approximate coplanarity' is presented. The exact description of the neighborhood of an N-dimensional hyperplane in a parallel coordinate system is given
Transgenic Engineering of Cholinesterases: Tools for Exploring Cholinergic Responses ( Book )
3 editions published between 1998 and 1999 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The long-term objective of the research in the laboratory is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that mediate the coupling of short-term changes in cholinergic neurotransmission to long-term consequences in motor, cognitive and autonomous functions. To study the pathways by which cholinergic inputs control neuritic and synaptic cytoarchitecture and determine changes in downstream-regulated genes, we have developed transgenic and antisense models which enable gain- and loss-of-function modulation in several acetylcholinesterase (AChE) variants. These led to the observation that AChE expression is essential for growth and affects synaptic development through its catalytic function, core protein and variable-termini domains. In transgenic mice, we found that overproduction alters expression of the neuronal circuitry-related members of the neurexin gene family and causes late onset, progressive deterioration in dendrite branching, neuromotor and cognitive faculties. Using hippocampal brain slices and an in vivo stress protocol, we demonstrated that both acute stress and exposure to anti-cholinesterases disrupt the blood-brain barrier and promote long-lasting changes in cholinergic gene expression. Currently, cosmid sequencing and genotyping studies are being employed to explore the association of intragenic and neighboring sequences with regulation of the expression of the AChE gene, which is essential for responses to drugs and scavenging of poisons
Research in the area of mathematical analysis by Shmuel Agmon( Book )
2 editions published between 1961 and 1962 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The investigations of the mathematical analysis research group during the contract year (1960/61) are described
Sixth International Conference on Composite Interfaces ( Book )
2 editions published in 1996 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The Final Proceedings for Sixth International Conference on Composite Interfaces, 5 May 1996 - 8 May 1996 Molecular interactions at interfaces, Structural Characterization, Theoretical aspects of the interfaces/interphases, interfacial adhesion: theory and applications, surface characterization techniques, surface treatments
On sequential languages by E Shamir( Book )
2 editions published in 1961 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
The effect of rapid change in thermal environment on ability of human blood to acetylate aromatic amines and to incorporate acetate-1-c14 into lipids ( Book )
1 edition published in 1967 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
Exposure of normal subjects to heat (37C) or cold (4-6C) resulted in changes in the incorporation of acetate-1-C14 into the blood lipids in vitro. Exposure to heat resulted in decreased incorporation and the converse occurred on exposure to cold. No significant difference was found in the responses of a small series of heat acclimated subjects on exposure to heat or cold as compared to paired non-acclimated subjects. However, there was a higher initial incorporation in 4 out of 5 heat acclimated subjects as compared to their non-acclimated controls. Addition of epinerphrine or norepinephrine to whole blood in vitro decreased incorporation of acetate-1-C14 into lipids, while addition of insulin increased incorporation. Addition of triiodothyronine had no consistent effect. Insulin stimulated incorporation of acetate into lipids in blood of diabetic subjects to a lesser extent than in the blood of normal subjects. Removal of plasma resulted in increased incorporation of acetate into lipids. The stimulatory effect of insulin on incorporation was also inhibited by the presence of plasma. (Author)
Development Novel Subwavelength Light Sources and Lasers ( Book )
2 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
With the help of the support we have received from the United States Advanced Research Projects Agency through the United States Army our laboratory has pioneered lensless near-field optics. The optical resolution that has been achieved with this novel advance has already carried optics to a new frontier of resolution in the range of tens of nanometers. These studies have indicated that the ultimate resolution that could be achieved with this new direction in optics could even approach the dimension of a single atom or molecule. Thus, the barrier of optical resolution has been broken by the revolution that has occurred as a result of the development of near-field optical imaging. Near-field optics elegantly bridges both exciting fundamental research and a wide variety of practical applications. These applications portend a relatively transparent integration of near-field optical technology with currently available far-field optical techniques to overcome the solid brick wall of resolution that many of these optical applications now experience
Solid state chemical reactions (with special reference to the kinetics of the reaction of inorganic wxidants with poly-divinylbenzene) ( Book )
2 editions published in 1961 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
A study was made of the heterogeneous oxidation reaction between a copolymer of 40% p-divinylbenzene and 60% p-ethylstyrene (p-DVB, dec. 440-460 C without melting) and various inorganic oxidants such a: KClO4, NaClO4, KClO3, KBrO3,AND KIO3. Experiments were carried out with tablets prepared from various oxidant-substrate mixtures. In some cases the physical instbility of the tabets (especially of those containing a high percentage of pDVB) limited the oxidant-substrate ratios (KIO3-pDVB talets containing more than 12% pDVB disintegrated on handling). Preliminary experiments were carried out measuring the ignition times at various temperatures and in open tubes. (Author)
Studies on the molecular dissection of human cholinesterase variants and their genomic origins by H Soreq( file )
2 editions published between 1995 and 1996 in English and held by 0 libraries worldwide
Research has been focused on the human cholinesterase genes, their variant protein products and the biological roles of these proteins in different tissue - and cell types. To elucidate the biochemical properties and biological functions of this large array of ChE variants, we employed microinjected oocytes and transiently transgenic embryos of Xenopus laevis. This has led to the demonstration that the C-terminal peptide characteristic of the brain and muscle form of acetyicholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) leads to synaptic targeting of these enzymes. Moreover, we were able to show that AChE exerts a morphogenic action on synapse development. The biochemical and biological functions of the BCHE gene and its BuChE protein product were approached by a combination of Xenopus oocyte expression and molecular genetics. Substitution of Asp at position 70 in BuChE by Gly creates an enzyme incapable of hydrolyzing succinylcholine, unlike the native enzyme. This structure-function relationship explained the known clinical syndrome of "succinylcholine apnea". The next step was to replace the BuChE peptide harboring Asp70 with that of AChE. This introduced charge modification in the resultant active chimera and explained many of the differences between AChE and BuChE with respect to drug and poison sensitivities. A population diversity study revealed 11% heterozygotes for Asp/Gly70 among Israelis and shed new light on individual variabilities noted for the newly tested anti-AChE drugs, examined for their potential in Alzheimer's therapy. Our current efforts are to extend these studies to elucidate the protective roles of these proteins against organophosphate intoxication, using transgenic mice overexpressing the human ACHE gene
Molecular Biological Studies on the Biogenesis of Human Cholinesterases In Vivo and as Directed by Cloned Cholinesterase DNA Sequences ( file )
2 editions published between 1989 and 1990 in English and held by 0 libraries worldwide
In order to study the multileveled regulation of the human cholinesterase genes and their protein products, the cDNAs encoding for butyrylcholinesterase and acetylcholinesterase in several human tissues were isolated and compared to each other and to other cDNAs encoding related proteins. Xenopus oocytes were used to express the synthetic mRNA for butyrylcholinesterase alone of with tissue mRNAs. Cross-homologies and structural differences between cholinesterases were revealed by antibodies against bacterially produced butyrylcholinesterase polypeptides, which also react with the homologous thyroglobulin. In situ hybridization was employed to reveal the expression of cholinesterase mRNA in human oocytes. Amplification of the CHE gene was found in a family exposed to parathion as well as in blood cells from patients with leukemias or platelet disorders
Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms Underlying Acute and Delayed Neurodegenerative Consequences of Stress and Anticholinesterase Exposure ( file )
4 editions published between 2000 and 2003 in English and held by 0 libraries worldwide
Alternative splicing induces, under cholinergic imbalance, overproduction of the rare "readthrough" acetylcholinesterase variant, AChE-R. We explored the pathophysiological relevance of this phenomenon in patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) and rats with experimental autoimmune MG (EAMG), both neuromuscular junction diseases with depleted acetylcholine receptors. In MG and EAMG, we detected serum AChE-R accumulation. In EAMG, we alleviated electromyographic abnormalities by nanomolar doses of EN101, an antisense oligonucleotide that selectively lowers AChE-R in blood and muscle, yet leaves unaffected the synaptic variant, AChE-S. While animals treated with placebo or conventional anticholinesterases continued to deteriorate, a 4-week daily oral administration of EN101 improved survival, neuromuscular strength and clinical status in moribund EAMG rats The efficacy of targeting only one AChE splicing variant highlights potential advantages of mRNA-targeted therapeutics for chronic cholinergic imbalances
Development of Protective Agent Against Sulfur Mustard-Induced Skin Lesions ( file )
4 editions published between 1999 and 2005 in English and held by 0 libraries worldwide
Previous studies demonstrated the protective effect of our novel iodine formulation against SM-induced skin lesions. In order to improve the preparation we investigated the inflammatory processes occurring upon SM exposure and particularly those involve cyclooxygenase activity. To evaluate the role of cyclooxygenas-l and -2 (COX-l, COX-2) in sulfur mustard-induced skin toxicity, we applied the agent to the ears of wildtype (WI) and COX-l- and COX-2-deficient mice. In the latter, ear swelling 24 and 48 h after exposure was significantly reduced by 55% and 30%, respectively, compared to WT These findings were confirmed by histopathological evaluation. The COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib resulted in significant reductions of 27% and 28% in ear swelling at intervals of 40 and 60 min between exposure and treatment, respectively. These findings encouraged us to introduce celecoxib, together with the steroidal anti-inflammatory agent clobetasol, into our iodine preparation. After optimization procedures, the ointment was efficacious 60 min (or less) following exposure. The ability of low iodine concentrations to scavenge reactive oxygen species and to inhibit oxidative burst of activated mouse neutropils might explain the protective mechanism of action of iodine. Previous results have shown that prophylactic injection of H2A histone fragment protected against SM-induced skin lesions. In the present report we found that the T1/2 of the peptide in mouse and humans serum was 7 and 14 min. We also identified the cleavage sites of the peptide by mouse and human serum proteinases; and accordingly synthesized N-methylated analogs for stabilizing the peptide against this proteolytic activity. Injection of the peptide 30 min after exposure significantly reduced ear swelling in the mouse edema model
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