Law of Attraction handbook

Revealing the Secrets to Manifest Your Desires Instantly to Success
By Aiman A. Al-Maimani

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ISBN: 978-0-595-71594-7

Chapter One

Basic Concept of Law of Attraction-The Science of How It Works

[Success comes in I can, failures in I cannot]

To give you a little background information about the original source of the Law of Attraction, you might need to understand a few facts from quantum physics. Don't worry-you don't need a science degree to understand. It's really very simple!

The Law of Attraction derives its roots from quantum physics; everything in the universe falls into discrete and indivisible units of energy called quanta.

The basic component of all material things is energy. Human beings are also energy; our imagination, sounds, feelings, and thoughts are all energies with a specific frequency that correspond to the nature of the item. Furthermore, similar energies (which have similar frequencies) attract each other since they resonate with each other.

This is easily seen by the following example. If you place two pianos in a quiet room, and on one piano, you press the third key from the right, the second piano will absorb the energy on the same key on its own keyboard, and it will resonate and vibrate at the same time. It's amazing how like things attract each other, and this concept is applicable in everything we think of or do!

So, by holding pleasant thoughts and by creating a positive image of success, you will attract more of what you are thinking about, and you will reach and achieve what you desire. On the other hand, by holding bad thoughts about the future, you will resonate with an energy that brings about bad results.

You get what you think. For example, if you think about having a healthier body and you've tried different ways to make yourself healthier, like increasing your physical activity, changing your diet, etc., but you have a limiting belief that you are too old and can't change how your body feels or looks, then you will not end up with a healthy body.

You should eliminate any belief that stops you from creating the right resonance. In this case, for example, you should replace the negative limiting belief with another empowering one like, "Yes, I can be fit and look good at any age! Millions of people keep fit no matter how old they are." These thoughts will help encourage you and keep you in the right mindset to receive all you need to get to your wellness goal.

The Law of Attraction is at work in your life whether you know it or not. No matter what is going on for you, it is a direct result of what the Law of Attraction is absorbing from what you are vibrating (your thought energy). The Law naturally brings you what you're thinking about ... good or bad!

Your reality mirrors your thoughts. To alter or make a change to the image in the mirror, you have to alter your thoughts. It is essential, then, to understand the Law of Attraction and to use it consciously and deliberately to manifest the "right" reality for you.

Be aware, though, that the Law of Attraction does not differentiate between what you want or don't want. It uses the same rule for everything without exception: similar thoughts and similar energies vibrate, resonate, and connect with each other. In other words, vibrating energy will search the whole universe looking for all similar energies and frequencies. Then both energies will get together and resonate together to form a stronger unity of both. So if you want to experience something, then your wanting (desire) will radiate itself in the universe and similar events, circumstances, and people will be attracted to it (just like a magnet!).

Conversely, if you don't want to experience something, then your un-wanting will radiate itself in the universe searching for similar events, circumstance, and people to resonate with it. This seems like such a simple thing, but if we continue to focus on what we don't want, what we don't want, what we don't want, we will see what we don't want showing up in our lives. If you don't want misery, then you will attract more of it. Make a decision now to choose and focus on what you want. Period.

The first easy step to getting what you want is to be grateful for all that you have. Here again, this sounds so very simple.

Okay, I can do that, you say. But can you? Will you? Are you willing to give conscious energy and effort to be grateful every day for what you have in your life? It is a very simple thing, but it does require action. That is a very important thing to remember when it comes to the Law of Attraction. You can follow and understand the principles, but if you don't take action, you will not see results.

You can spend five minutes a day just thinking about all the things you're grateful for; do it at a time that's convenient for you. Or you can write in a journal, tell a friend, meditate, or whatever works for you. As long as you give attention to gratitude, it will make a big difference. This is what starts the Law of Attraction ball rolling.

Every one of us emits light around our bodies. The color of this light corresponds to what we hold in our mind. This field of energy or light around us is also known as the aura. So, your aura will determine what you attract into your experience. This is another way to explain why we attract happy people when we are happy. If we are thinking of something we do not want, our auras will emit that around us, and we will get more of it. If looking at the Law of Attraction from the aura perspective is helpful to improve your understanding of these concepts, I invite you to use it! A great book on the subject is Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success, by Cynthia Sue Larson.

Following are some exercises to help you implement these concepts. Law of Attraction teachers like Michal Losier, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Joe Vitale have all used these exercises in one way or another.

Step One: Declare Your Desire

Get clear about what you want. One way to help you get clear is to list all the things you do and don't want. Yes, even looking at what you don't want will help. It all works to clarify your desires. And feel free to list everything, right down to minute details.

For instance, if you want to get a better position at the company you're in, you may have a list that looks like this:

What I Don't Want

-being stuck doing the same job with no advancement

-staying at the same rate of pay no matter how long I'm there

-putting up with my boss's tirades

-having to work overtime on Fridays

What I Want

-more responsibility

-higher wages

-better communication from my boss

-no overtime

Can you see how the "don't want" list helps you get clear on what you do want? Even though the lists look so similar and easy with regard to writing the opposite of what you don't want, that's the whole idea. This will trigger you to easily change your thoughts accordingly!

Step Two: Trigger It and Vibrate with It

After getting clear about what you want, visualize your desire as if it had already happened. This is extremely powerful. This exercise will help you feel the feelings of having your desire, thereby raising your good vibrations. Make this a consistent thing you do.

Step Three: Maintain It and Allow It

-First you declared your desire.

-Second you visualized yourself having what you want as if it's already manifested-including feeling the feelings, seeing the images, and sensing the sensations of having your desire. -Now all you have to do to maintain your attraction for what you want is to let it go-and let the universe bring it to you. Don't get in your own way. Don't get involved in the outcome; just let it go and let it be. Hint: the faster you can let it go out into the vibrational energy field, with good, positive vibrations and gratitude, the faster you will receive!

Chapter One Summary

The Law of Attraction is based on quantum physics; the basic component of all material things is energy. Human beings are also energy, and similar energies attract each other.

You get what you think; the Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and feelings whether conscious or unconscious.

You can attract what you want, but you first have to get clear, declare your desire, vibrate it, and allow it.

Visualize your desire as if you already have it.

Cultivate positive thoughts, be grateful, and watch how your mind opens to possibilities.

Chapter Two

Visualize Your Life the Way You Want It

[Imagine it and you will manifest it]

Visualization is a wonderful technique you can use for getting what you want. It is the fuel that helps run the Law of Attraction in your life. Believe me, you will enjoy amazing results when you begin applying it.

The power of visualization enabled Albert Einstein and all other great inventors to achieve what they imagined. Research has shown that professional athletes use it before going into "the game." Great Law of Attraction teachers use it too! It is a widely used technique that can be applied to all kinds of situations for all kinds of people.

The clearer your vision is, the more precise your result will be. If you dream of owning a red car, visualize a red car, and you will soon be driving that red car. The brain does not differentiate between what is imagined and what is real, so why not aim high and imagine your complete and utter dream life!

Why Visualization Is So Powerful:

In 2001, I was on a trip with my good friend Jack Woolen. We were traveling to California. I've known Jack for about ten years now, and he is always confident and determined about what he wants to achieve, either in his business or personal life.

When Jack and I arranged our trip, we decided to drive rather than fly so we could enjoy the countryside. I was so blessed to have a few hours chatting with him, learning and sharing together. At one point, I turned to Jack and asked him if he had any plans to improve the systems at his job to be more productive and cost-effective.

Jack smiled and said, "Nine months from now, I am going to establish a new company unit to handle all inventory functions for the company sales offices. The new system will be automated. This way, my people will have fewer headaches over manually watching operations."

As he continued describing his plans, I wondered how he would bring this all into place because of all of the things that would need to be done on a practical level like buying the necessary components (computers, hardware, software, etc.) and training people on how to use the new system.

I said, "Well then, in a year from now, you and your team should have a lot of free time if everything's going to be automated."

Jack laughed and said, "Not really!"

"Oh?" I said inquisitively.

"A year from now, I am going to be the head of this department, so I will need to analyze financial data and build strong team leaders, supervisors, and division heads. Lots to do, but my time and my team's time will be used more effectively," Jack said confidently.

I was amazed. "How do you know that's where you'll be in a year?"

He said, "You know, I can see all of this as if I am already there. I am visualizing the future right now in the present!"

This is the power of visualization. If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.

What Should You Do before Starting the Visualization Process?

It is very important to have a clear goal in mind to be able to manifest it. Once you decide on your goal or desire, then you are ready to start the visualization process to speed up acquiring what you want.

You will need to carve out some time to do this each day, but it doesn't have to take long at all. I promise!

How to Make Visualization Work

Visualization exercises are a great tool, but don't go into exercises thinking, "Oh, this is something I have to do. Goodness, where will I find the time? Who knows if this is going to work?" Remember that in order to change your thinking and behavior, you need to practice-and practice daily. All self-improvement teachers confirm this. New thoughts and behaviors take time to start and maintain. The only way you will maintain this process is to work with it and give it attention every day. Otherwise you can't manifest your desires.

Here Are Some Key Points about Visualization to Keep in Mind:

Do a visualization at least once a day. I understand how hard it is to make the time, so if you can only do this once a day, that's great. However, longer and more frequent periods of visualization create faster results.

Decide which time(s) of the day is best for you.

Come to your visualization already prepared with the goal or desire you want and start feeling the feelings-the confident, knowing feelings-of already having it. The more vivid and clear your goal is and the more confident you are about receiving it, the more accurate your manifestation will be.

Create a visual place to put pictures of your desire or of people you know who already have what you desire. You can create anything for this purpose. You can glue pictures into a book or diary, create a vision board-whatever works for you. This visual aid will work very well to keep you thinking about your goal throughout the day.

You can put your visuals on your bulletin board at work, on your fridge, or on a special wall in your den-anywhere that you will definitely see them during the day. Note: if you create a visual aid for yourself and then keep it hidden, it will be of no use to you. The idea is the more you see what you want, and the more you visualize it and feel it, the more attention you will be giving it. And the Law of Attraction can't help but pick up on what you're doing!

Daily One-Minute to Five-Minutes Visualization Exercise

In this exercise, you will use the power of visualization to speed up your results by guiding the Law of Attraction in the direction you want.

You should do this exercise for about one minute every day at the minimum. It is broken into two parts.

Part One: Sit in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and start to disconnect from the world around you. (Just count backward from fifteen slowly.) This process should take about fifteen seconds.

Part Two: After fifteen seconds, start imagining yourself as if you have already achieved your desire and are enjoying the fine details of it (e.g., see the scene, smell the smells, feel the emotions, etc.). Continue this exercise for forty-five seconds.

This exercise should be done once in the morning and once at night if you can manage it (remember, all you need is a minute or five!). The more you do this, the more you'll notice yourself creating more joyful and positive vibrations that will act as a magnet with the Law of Attraction. Do this exercise consistently in a positive frame of mind, and you'll be amazed at what starts to happen.

Chapter Two Summary

The power of visualization helps you get closer to your goal. It has worked for famous inventors, top-notch athletes, and numerous Law of Attraction practitioners. It is a simple technique and can be used by anyone.

The clearer your vision, the more precise your result.

The brain does not differentiate between what is imagined and what is real.

It only takes one to five minutes to use visualization every day. Imagine how much more powerful your attracting power will be.

Chapter Three

The Messenger within You

The subconscious mind is a powerful entity. It records both the past and present experiences of your life. Like a computer database, your subconscious mind keeps track of what has and what is happening to you. It's like the mind's hard drive-it is what is running in the background while you're automatically operating your software (your conscious mind).

It is from the subconscious mind's database that we form our beliefs, opinions, and primary thought patterns. Whenever you need to make a decision, you search your subconscious archives to check for references to similar situations and outcomes. Together with your "gut instinct," you arrive at the choice you want to make. All sounds good, right? It can be, but it depends on what type of thoughts live in your subconscious mind. If you have continual negative and unproductive thoughts that drive your choices, and behaviors-well, I think you already know where I'm going with this-what has shown up in your life is a direct result. The Law of Attraction has responded to those negative thoughts and has matched what you have been vibrating.


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