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1. Materials Science and Engineering - New Books
New MSE books at the Kresge Engineering Library, UC Berkeley.
Items: 373
Watchers: 15
Updated: 2018-11-20
2. Storytelling
Includes resources on both the principles and practice of storytelling in libraries and materials to use for developing themed stories and...
Items: 32
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2018-11-19
3. Baptist2
Overflow materials on Baptist history
Items: 222
Updated: 2018-11-18
4. Civil War Museum II Resource Center, Kenosha, WI
We have over 2300 books, magazines, and DVD movies and documentaries in the Resource Center. This is a non-circulating collection; museum patrons...
Items: 431
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2018-11-16
5. Earth and Mineral Sciences Library New Materials
The materials listed on this page have been received at the Earth and Mineral Sciences Library at Penn State University. This list is updated on a...
Items: 421
Watchers: 11
Updated: 2018-11-14
6. The Princeton Process on the Crime of Aggression: Materials of the Special
by liupai
Items: 1
Updated: 2018-11-10
7. RussianWinterHolidays
Print, audio, and visual materials celebrating Christmas and the New Year, in Russian, purchased for libraries by FairVega Russian Library Services
Items: 17
Updated: 2018-11-09
8. Services: Teens
Includes materials on all aspects of library services to teens/young adults: facilities, programming, literacy, etc. See separate list for Readers...
Items: 30
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2018-11-09
9. UB New Materials Added to Collection
Books and DVDs added to Langsdale Library's collection last month
Items: 475
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2018-11-08
10. 2018 November
Books and materials received in November 2018. Interesting?
Items: 8
Updated: 2018-11-08
11. New Materials Science resources at Penn State Libraries
Items: 468
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2018-11-07
12. Scholarly Citation Index Analytics
SCIA database is a comprehensive research & evaluation tool for Scholarly literature intended to provide indexing and Article Download Metrics (ADM)...
Items: 20
Updated: 2018-11-06
13. South Carolina Materials
Items: 1
Updated: 2018-10-31
14. March - Aug 2018
This list includes new library books recently acquired. Titles are updated regularly for your information as new materials arrive and are processed...
Items: 133
Updated: 2018-10-31
15. Ancestry Resource Materials
Items: 7
Updated: 2018-10-16
16. Resources Related to Cults, Coercion, Abuse and Recovery
The materials on this list were accumulated as an attempt to answer the question, "What the f**k happened?" Almost every person, upon exiting a cult...
by Wieber
Items: 101
Watchers: 4
Updated: 2018-10-16
17. Materials added October 2018
Items: 148
Updated: 2018-10-12
18. Materials added to MDT Library as of October 2017
Items: 31
Updated: 2018-10-11
19. Metal - Materials and Structures
Items: 17
Updated: 2018-09-24
20. New in HPERA
Materials recently added to the NEIU Ronald Williams Library collection related to health, physical education, recreation, and athletics.
Items: 354
Updated: 2018-09-04
21. Biofield | Science Publications
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and worked as an Engineer for 10 years. In 1995, Mr....
Items: 283
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2018-09-04
22. Cuba Materials
Items: 24
Updated: 2018-08-24
23. UKZN HC (2018 Missing)
Items: 2
Updated: 2018-08-23
24. Modern German poetry
German poetry of our days is centered on finding young talents, above all among authors leaving writing schools or being promoted by literary agents...
Items: 21
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2018-08-15
25. Bibliography for Cesare Vecellio
This is a bibliography of materials on the author, printmaker, and painter, Cesare Vecellio (Italian, 1521-1601). See my other bibliographies for...
by tracit
Items: 77
Updated: 2018-07-30
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