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OpenURL Gateway (Web service)

Direct your Web users to full text and other online resources at an appropriate library based on the user's IP address

The OpenURL Gateway is an OpenURL-resolving Web service that allows Web-based applications to provide their end users direct access to full-text articles and other online resources available from libraries. The Gateway effectively delivers "Where Are You From?" resolver services via portable and institution-independent OpenURL links, allowing patrons to discover authoritative library content closer to their point of need.

Easy to implement
Your Web site simply configures its OpenURL facility to utilize the OpenURL Gateway as its resolver. The Gateway recognizes the Internet IP address of an information seeker who has clicked an OpenURL link, and automatically redirects the user's request to the most appropriate institutional resolver registered in the WorldCat Registry.

Streamlined access to full text
Your users enjoy a seamless linking experience from an information source—for instance, a search result with bibliographic data—to a related resource at their home library, such as full-text journals or abstracting, indexing, and citation databases. If they are searching from a recognized network access point, the user can be transparently authenticated and immediately presented the full text of the article. If the user's IP address cannot associated with an OpenURL resolver via the Gateway, the user is directed to the detailed Web record for the sought resource.

This service is provided by OCLC, which participated in the creation of the OpenURL standard and serves as the designated maintenance agency for the standard.

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Sites and services that utilize the OpenURL Gateway include:


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