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Thu Feb 12 22:10:14 2015 UTClccn-n500395300.00The historian and the diplomat. The role of history and historians in American foreign policy. Edited by Francis L. Loewenheim. With contributions by Herbert Feis [and others], etc. (First Indian reprint edition.)0.451.00Floyd Seyward Lear papers,35471816Francis_Loewenheimn 50039530Loewenheim, Francislccn-n79022932Roosevelt, Franklin D.(Franklin Delano)1882-1945autlccn-n78085430Churchill, Winston1874-1965lccn-n50035889Langley, Harold D.edtlccn-n83052980Jonas, Manfrededtlccn-n80015536Nelson, William H.1923-edtlccn-n80126221Rice Universitylccn-n88002797Chamberlain, Lawrence H.(Lawrence Henry)1906-lccn-n79119354Craig, Gordon Alexander1913-2005lccn-n50003382Feis, Herbert1893-1972othlccn-n50030857Cantor, Norman F.autLoewenheim, Francis L.Records and correspondenceHistoryBiographySourcesWorld War (1939-1945)Diplomatic historyUnited StatesPolitical scienceWorld politicsDiplomatsDiplomacyWar--CausesDiplomatic relationsMunich Four-Power AgreementGermanyGreat BritainPhilosophyInternational relationsHistoriansCivilization, WesternFranklin D. Roosevelt LibraryStatesmenUniversities and colleges--FacultyLoewenheim, Francis LArchives--Access controlArchivists--Professional ethicsLovett, Edgar Odell,Masterson, William H.--(William Henry),Potter, DavidPattie, Frank ANelson, William H.,Phillips, Edward HakeDrew, Katherine FischerOgg, David,Rice UniversityArchives--Moral and ethical aspectsFornell, Earl Wesley192719961964196519661967196819691970197119751977198919901994199554512590940.5322E807ocn001009433ocn000407836ocn000457126ocn003188313ocn563778554ocn559678056ocn797610760ocn053637607ocn559586492ocn443355381ocn001283402ocn018555714ocn555260207ocn067889635ocn561584833ocn051574527ocn468560181ocn441818339ocn807225491ocn186266611ocn185627558ocn683339132200125ocn001009433book19750.28Roosevelt, Franklin DRoosevelt and Churchill, their secret wartime correspondenceSourcesRecords and correspondence9289ocn000424171book19640.56Nelson, William HTheory and practice in American politics"Originally presented as nine lectures ... in a series given at Rice University in 1962 under the general title : 'The American political tradition : theory and practice.'"8535ocn029956043book19940.50The Diplomats, 1939-1979HistoryBiographyThis volume offers a unique perspective on a turbulent and dangerous age by focusing on the activities and accomplishments of its diplomats. Its twenty-three interconnected essays discuss the policies of ambassadors, foreign ministers, and heads of state from Acheson and Adenauer to Sadat and Gromyko, as well as the special problems of the professionals in the foreign offices and the role of the media in modern diplomacy. Among its contributors are such distinguished international scholars as Akira Iriye, Michael Brecher, Stanley Hoffmann, W.W. Rostow, and Norman Stone. Expanding the field of inquiry covered by its acclaimed predecessor, The Diplomats, 1919-1939, which concentrated on Europe and the coming of the Second World War, these essays showcase the major diplomatic practitioners of the period against the broader background of the problems and crises that confronted them - among others, the Polish question at the end of World War II, the onset of the Cold War, the defeat of EDC in 1954, the Suez crisis, Khrushchev's Berlin note in 1958, the Middle East War of 1967 and the oil shock of 1973, the Iranian revolution, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This account of the pendular swing from crisis to dente and back again is given a global perspective by careful treatment of the diplomacy of new nations like India, Communist China, and Israel, and of the transformation of the Middle East and Japan. Among the new perspectives offered here are Geoffrey Warner's critical view of Ernest Bevin's attitude toward the United States, John Lewis Gaddis's judgment of Henry Kissinger's detente policy, W.W. Rostow's analysis of the diplomatic method of Paul Monnet, Rena Fonseca's assessment of Nehru's policy of nonalignment, Shu Guang Zhang's fresh look at the relationship between Zhou Enlai and Mao, and Paul Gordon Lauren's critique of U.N. crisis management from Trygve Lie to Perez de Cuellar. Highly original also are Steven Miner's portrait of Molotov, Michael Brecher's pioneering study of the diplomacy of Abba Eben, and James McAdams's analysis of German Ostpolitik. Solidly based on material from the newly opened Soviet archives as well as from collections in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, and Poland, this volume will serve as an invaluable resource for historians and political scientists, while appealing to all readers who are interested in the role of diplomacy in an age marked by European integration on the one hand and nuclear confrontation on the other+-+28618564153247897ocn000407836book19650.56Loewenheim, Francis LPeace or appeasement? Hitler, Chamberlain, and the Munich crisis73512ocn000457126book19670.56Loewenheim, Francis LThe historian and the diplomat; the role of history and historians in American foreign policyHistory733ocn000156426book19710.60Cantor, Norman FWestern civilization, its genesis and destiny: the modern heritage, from 1500 to the present154ocn021931408book19680.54Historiadores y diplomáticos : el papel de la historia y de los historiadores en la política exterior norteamericanaHistory104ocn797610760book19770.10Roosevelt, Franklin DRoosevelt Churchill : carteggio segreto di guerraRecords and correspondence93ocn018555714book19700.97Loewenheim, Francis LA statement in rebuttal [to the Final report by the Joint AHA-OAH Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate the Charges Against the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Related Matters81ocn001283402book0.98Loewenheim, Francis LA statement in rebuttal [December 12, 197061ocn039041603book19950.29Roosevelt, Franklin DSekretnai︠a︡ perepiska Ruzvelʹta i Cherchilli︠a︡ v period voĭnyRecords and correspondence41ocn219779430book19670.22Nelson, William HTheory and practice in American politics : Editors: W.H. Nelson and F.L. Loewenheim42ocn051574527book19690.47Loewenheim, Francis LHistória e diplomaciaHistory31ocn053637607book19650.82Loewenheim, Francis LPeace or appeasement? Hitler, Chamberlain, and the Minich crisis. /$ Edited with an introduction by Francis L. Loewenheim21ocn561584833book1968Loewenheim, Francis LThe historian and the diplomat. The role of history and historians in American foreign policy. Edited by Francis L. Loewenheim. With contributions by Herbert Feis [and others], etc. (First Indian reprint edition.)22ocn561729931book1964NELSON, William HenryTheory and Practice in American Politics. (Editor, W.H. Nelson, with the collaboration of Francis L. Loewenheim.)11ocn683347783book1966Teoria e prática na política americana11ocn046849270book19701.00Material relating to the Lowenheim Case11ocn504739343book1975Roosevelt, Franklin DRoosevelt and Churchill: their secret wartime correspondence. Edited by Francis L. Loewenheim, Harold D. Langley, Manfred Jones11ocn883963551book0.47Craig, Gordon AlexanderThe diplomats : 1919-1939History+-+286185641532411ocn056095005mix1.00Lear, Floyd SeywardFloyd Seyward Lear papersRecords and correspondenceThe papers of Dr. Floyd Seyward Lear include correspondence, departmental and university reports and memoranda, teaching materials, research notes, and a variety of memorabilia, including photographs which document his long tenure (1925-1975) teaching medieval history at Rice University, as well as teaching the history of the University itself11ocn017644233book19701.00Society of American ArchivistsThis is in response to your letters ... offering ... an opportunity to "reply" to the Final report of the Joint AHA-OAH Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate the Charges against the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library11ocn079975034mix1.00Price, Jacob MJacob M. Price papersCorrespondence and other materials detailing his friendship with historian Francis Loewenheim and his support of Loewenheim in his dispute with the Roosevelt Library, the National Archives, and Harvard University Press that documents needed in his research had been withheld from him+-+2861856415324+-+2861856415324Fri Feb 13 11:12:36 EST 2015batch15406