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Thu Feb 12 22:16:26 2015 UTClccn-n780626750.47Special issue in honour of Béla Bollobás on his 60th birthday /0.690.85Contemporary combinatorics /94024517Béla_Bollobásn 78062675198292Bollobás, B.Bollobás, B. 1943-Bollobás, B. (Béla)Bollobás, B. (Béla), 1943-Bollobás, Bélaボロバッシュ, B.lccn-n50010022Erdős, Paul1913-1996hnrlccn-n79134355University of CambridgeDepartment of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statisticslccn-n84236439Littlewood, John E.(John Edensor)1885-1977autviaf-222352495Kozma, Robertedtlccn-nr97000078Miklós, D.lccn-n91096888Chung, Fan R. K.1949-lccn-n88624846Hajnal, A.edtlccn-nb2006020181Riordan, Oliverlccn-n82247190Baker, Alan1939-edtlccn-n96091704Thomason, AndrewedtBollobás, BélaConference proceedingsPopular worksGraph theoryCombinatorial analysisRandom graphsMathematicsExtremal problems (Mathematics)Functional analysisSystem analysisCombinatorial probabilitiesPercolation (Statistical physics)Computer science--MathematicsLarge scale systemsComputer scienceComputational complexityComputer simulationAlgebraErdős, Paul,Ramsey theoryComputer software194319571971197219741975197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201310440128510511.5QA166ocn004832643ocn038411044ocn013456031ocn004407748ocn012162651ocn045583496ocn022887518ocn013003409ocn071346454ocn077004619ocn301431536ocn470116785ocn828142187ocn265808936ocn814475285ocn436286240ocn797096917ocn797330568ocn697618628ocn823839726ocn697779850ocn697470074ocn697596644ocn697596607ocn697628406ocn697645540ocn697645544ocn843868224ocn870409363ocn664114449ocn255637901ocn86464668490026ocn004832643book19790.60Bollobás, BélaGraph theory : an introductory courseFrom the reviews: "Béla Bollobás introductory course on graph theory deserves to be considered as a watershed in the development of this theory as a serious academic subject. ... The book has chapters on electrical networks, flows, connectivity and matchings, extremal problems, colouring, Ramsey theory, random graphs, and graphs and groups. Each chapter starts at a measured and gentle pace. Classical results are proved and new insight is provided, with the examples at the end of each chapter fully supplementing the text ... Even so this allows an introduction not only to some of the deeper results but, more vitally, provides outlines of, and firm insights into, their proofs. Thus in an elementary text book, we gain an overall understanding of well-known standard results, and yet at the same time constant hints of, and guidelines into, the higher levels of the subject. It is this aspect of the book which should guarantee it a permanent place in the literature." #Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society#182613ocn839301720file19790.54British Combinatorial ConferenceSurveys in combinatorics proceedings of the 7th British Combinatorial ConferenceConference proceedings+-+319377670582135ocn045583496book19850.77Bollobás, BélaRandom graphs"This is a new edition of the now classic text. The already extensive treatment given in the first edition has been heavily revised by the author. The addition of two new sections, numerous new results and 150 references means that this represents an up to date and comprehensive account of random graph theory. The theory (founded by Erdos and Renyi in the late fifties) aims to estimate the number of graphs of a given degree that exhibit certain properties. It not only has numerous combinatorial applications, but also serves as a model for the probabilistic treatment of more complicated random structures. This book, written by an acknowledged expert in the field, can be used by mathematicians, computer scientists and electrical engineers, as well as people working in biomathematics. It is self-contained, and with numerous exercises in each chapter, is ideal for advanced courses or self study."--Publisher's description+-+077242670572327ocn038411044book19790.67Bollobás, BélaModern graph theory"This book is an in-depth account of graph theory; it reflects the current state of the subject and emphasizes connections with other branches of pure mathematics. The volume grew out of the author's earlier book, Graph Theory - An Introductory Course, but its length is well over twice that of its predecessor, allowing it to reveal many new developments in the subject. Recognizing that graph theory is one of several courses competing for the attention of a student, the book contains extensive descriptive passages designed to convey the flavor of the subject and to arouse interest."--Jacket+-+233934238560719ocn013455671book19860.63Littlewood, John ELittlewood's Miscellany+-+K75288670559617ocn004407748book19780.56Bollobás, BélaExtremal graph theoryThe ever-expanding field of extremal graph theory encompasses an array of problem-solving methods, including applications to economics, computer science, and optimization theory. This volume presents a concise yet comprehensive treatment, featuring complete proofs for almost all of its results and numerous exercises. 1978 edition+-+714089139557723ocn022887518book19900.70Bollobás, BélaLinear analysis : an introductory courseThis introduction to functional analysis is intended for advanced undergraduate students, typically final year, who have some background in real analysis. The author's aim is not to cover the standard material in a standard way, but to present results of applications in contemporary mathematics and to show the relevance of functional analysis to other areas. Unusual topics covered include geometry of finite-dimensional spaces, invariant subspace, fixed-point theorem, and the Bishop-Phelps theorem. An outstanding set of exercises run from the elementary to the challenging+-+665838670532448721ocn013456031book19860.70Bollobás, BélaCombinatorics : set systems, hypergraphs, families of vectors, and combinatorial probability"Combinatorics is a book whose main theme is the study of subsets of a finite set. It gives a thorough grounding in the theories of set systems and hypergraphs, while providing an introduction to matroids, designs, combinatorial probability and Ramsey theory for infinite sets. The gems of the theory are emphasized: beautiful results with elegant proofs. The book developed from a course at Louisiana State University and combines a careful presentation with the informal style of those lectures. It should be an ideal text for senior undergraduates and beginning graduates."--Publisher's description+-+385288670548620ocn004549123book19780.70Cambridge Combinatorial ConferenceAdvances in graph theoryConference proceedingsAdvances in graph theory+-+811213535532443518ocn008475262book19820.74Conference on Graph TheoryGraph theory : proceedings of the Conference on Graph Theory, CambridgeConference proceedings42919ocn656248889file20080.74Bollobás, BélaHandbook of large-scale random networksThis handbook describes advances in large scale network studies that have taken place in the past 5 years since the publication of the Handbook of Graphs and Networks in 2003. It covers all aspects of large-scale networks, including mathematical foundations and rigorous results of random graph theory, modeling and computational aspects of large-scale networks, as well as areas in physics, biology, neuroscience, sociology and technical areas. Applications range from microscopic to mesoscopic and macroscopic models.The book is based on the material of the NSF workshop on Large-scale Random Graphs held in Budapest in 2006, at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, organized jointly with the University of Memphis+-+294841590842718ocn077004619book20060.63Bollobás, BélaThe art of mathematics : coffee time in MemphisPopular worksCan a Christian escape from a lion? How quickly can a rumour spread? Can you fool an airline into accepting oversize baggage? Recreational mathematics is full of frivolous questions in which the mathematician's art can be brought to bear. But play often has a purpose, whether it's bear cubs in mock fights, or war games. In mathematics, it can sharpen skills, or provide amusement, or simply surprise, and collections of problems have been the stock-in-trade of mathematicians for centuries. Two of the twentieth century's greatest players of problem posing and solving, Erdos and Littlewood, are the inspiration for this collection, which is designed to be sipped from, rather than consumed, in one sitting. The questions themselves range in difficulty: the most challenging offer a glimpse of deep results that engage mathematicians today; even the easiest are capable of prompting readers to think about mathematics. All come with solutions, many with hints, and most with illustrations. Whether you are an expert, or a beginner, oran amateur, this book will delight for a lifetime. - Publisher+-+504841670536913ocn024540011book19910.80Bollobás, BélaProbabilistic combinatorics and its applications35910ocn021080218book19900.80A Tribute to Paul ErdősA feature of this volume is a collection of some 50 outstanding unsolved problems, together with their 'value'!+-+565638670535214ocn071346454book20060.80Bollobás, BélaPercolation+-+978723670533611ocn013003409book19860.82Bollobás, BélaExtremal graph theory with emphasis on probabilistic methods31115ocn011674659book19830.82Cambridge Combinatorial ConferenceGraph theory and combinatorics : proceedings of the Cambridge Combinatorial Conference in honour of Paul ErdősConference proceedings30113ocn019589616file19890.63Cambridge Combinatorial ConferenceGraph theory and combinatorics, 1988 : proceedings of the Cambridge Combinatorial Conference in honour of Paul ErdősConference proceedingsCombinatorics has not been an established branch of mathematics for very long: the last quarter of a century has seen an explosive growth in the subject. This growth has been largely due to the doyen of combinatorialists, Paul Erdos, whose penetrating insight and insatiable curiosity has provided a huge stimulus for workers in the field. There is hardly any branch of combinatorics that has not been greatly enriched by his ideas. This volume is dedicated to Paul Erdos on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday+-+583213535532427013ocn035638207book19970.80Combinatorics, geometry, and probability : a tribute to Paul ErdősConference proceedings+-+372930670520310ocn049525769book20020.85Contemporary combinatorics+-+707279590811ocn437157197book20050.47Special issue in honour of Béla Bollobás on his 60th birthday+-+2339342385+-+2339342385Fri Feb 13 11:09:42 EST 2015batch24161