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Münsterberg, Hugo 1863-1916

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Most widely held works by Hugo Münsterberg
Psychology and industrial efficiency by Hugo Münsterberg( )

60 editions published between 1913 and 2012 in English and held by 2,170 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Commercial air flight, mass manufacturing, ergonomic design -- many cornerstones of twenty-first century life have been made possible through the study of industrial efficiency and human factors. In
On the witness stand; essays on psychology and crime by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

68 editions published between 1905 and 2018 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,169 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Hugo Münsterberg on film : the photoplay--a psychological study, and other writings by Hugo Münsterberg( )

9 editions published between 2001 and 2013 in English and held by 1,056 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Hugo Münsterberg's The Photoplay (1916) is regarded as the first serious work of film theory. In this new edition, Allan Langdale provides a critical introduction and collects numerous hard-to-find writings on film by Münsterberg. Münsterberg argues that film is a unique medium because it speaks the language of the mind. For example, he equates the close-up with the act of attention and the flashback with the act of memory. His writings are fascinating accounts of the psychological elements of film and provide valuable insight into the reception of film as art at the beginning of the century. Hugo Münsterberg on Film will be of great interest not only to film theorists and historians, but also those interested in the history of psychology
The Americans by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

60 editions published between 1904 and 2018 in English and held by 962 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In the Preface to my "American Traits," in which I defended German ideals and criticised some American tendencies, I said, some years ago: "It has been often questioned whether I am right in fighting merely against American shortcomings from a German point of view, and in trying to destroy prejudices on this side of the water; whether it is not, in a still higher degree, my duty to attempt the same for the other side;--for German prejudices concerning the United States are certainly not less severe, and the points in which Germany might learn from American culture not less numerous. The question is fair, and I shall soon put before the German public a book on American life--a book which deals in a detailed way with the political, economic, intellectual, and social aspects of American culture. Its purpose is to interpret systematically the democratic ideals of America." Here is the book; it fulfils the promise, and it might appear that no further explanation is needed. And yet, in sending a book into the world, I have never felt more strongly the need of prefatory excuses--excuses not for writing the book, but for agreeing to its translation into English"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)
American traits : from the point of view of a German by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

22 editions published between 1901 and 2006 in English and held by 724 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The photoplay by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

36 editions published between 1916 and 2017 in 3 languages and held by 656 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When The Photoplay: A Psychological Study was published, photoplays, also known as motion pictures or movies, were still so new that their psychological impact on spectators was not yet fully known. In this multifaceted study, Hugo Münsterberg measures how movies are perceived. After the memories, imaginations and emotions of spectators are analyzed, the author contends that viewers sympathize with characters of the screen to the point where they become real in their minds.  He also does a comparative analysis of motion pictures to examine how they differ from theatrical plays. Münsterberg calls into question their esthetic value from a philosophical perspective and concludes that photoplays, should be regarded as a separate new art form
Psychotherapy by Hugo Münsterberg( )

45 editions published between 1909 and 2018 in English and Undetermined and held by 584 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The chapters of this volume examine the psychotherapeutic agencies. After studying the foundation of psychotherapy, we shall carefully examine the practical work, its methods and its results, its possibilities and its limitations. We shall inquire finally into the place which it has to take, looking back upon its history, criticizing the present status and outlining the development which has to set in for the future, if a haphazard zigzag movement is not to destroy this great agency for human welfare by transforming it into a source of superstition and bodily danger. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)
Psychology and life by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

29 editions published between 1899 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 582 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"(From the preface) The following book contains six essays regarding psychology as it relates to: 1) life; 2) physiology; 3) education; 4) art; 5) history; and 6) mysticism. One fundamental thought controls the book, and each essay leads only from a different point to the same central conviction. This chief aim is the separation of the conceptions of psychology from the conceptions of our real life."--(PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)
American problems from the point of view of a psychologist by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

32 editions published between 1910 and 2015 in English and Undetermined and held by 564 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"I naturally have accepted the American point of view more and more. Impressions which at first struck me as strange slowly have become a matter of course. My interest in American problems has not decreased on this account, but the angle from which I see them has become a new one. It is no longer the national difference but more my professional lifework which has influenced my attitude toward the public questions. Not as a German but as a psychologist I have begun to take sides as to problems which stir the nation. In this spirit the following essays are written. Of course this psychological interest determines somewhat the selection of the subjects which I discuss. Problems like those of scholarship and education, of temperance and customs, of superstition and nervousness, stand nearer to the psychologist than those of trusts and tax legislation. Some may even think that this tends to exclude the real problems before the American mind and to give attention only to the by-problems. And yet in certain respects may not the less important problems be the most important ones?"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)
The eternal values by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

26 editions published between 1909 and 2012 in English and held by 559 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Philosophy is a movement of thought which demands the thoroughness of the expert, and which can be followed only with concentrated attention. Everything depends upon inner consistency, and only a closely knit system can secure it. In all times only such systems have marked the great periods of philosophical insight. This must not be misunderstood. First it does not mean that the philosophical understanding of the world should lead us away from the reality of life and should rely on metaphysical speculations. On the contrary, this world of our real life is the material of our philosophical effort. In the following volume the last chapter alone faces metaphysical problems. The discussion on truth and beauty, on happiness and love, on science and art, on development and progress, on industry and law, on morality and religion, fills the bulk of the book and is not at all metaphysical. It aims to grasp our real experience in its original fullness and in its true significance. Every line of those chapters might be accepted even by those who see other ways of solving the metaphysical problem. Yet while the formulae of philosophical calculation ought not even to tempt the reader who simply wants to sip the wisdom of the world, no philosophy will really lead forward which is not after all the expression of the deepest striving of its time. The sincere conviction that this holds true for the idealistic philosophy of "The eternal values," from the start gave the real aim and meaning to this work. Throughout our life a new wave is rising, a new seeking and a new longing, a new feeling and a new certainty: may this book now help in the New World too to bring these young and yet so old ideals to clear self-consciousness and through it to inner strength and power!"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved)
Psychology and social sanity by Hugo Münsterberg( )

28 editions published between 1914 and 2014 in English and held by 551 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This book speaks of psychology's possible service to social sanity. The field which I have approached this time demanded a different kind of treatment from that in the earlier books. There I had aimed at a certain systematic completeness. When we come to the social questions, such a method would be misleading, as any systematic study of these psychological factors is still a hope for the future. Many parts of the field have never yet been touched by the plow of the psychologist. The only method which seems possible to-day is to select a few characteristic topics of social discussion and to outline for each of them in what sense a psychologist might contribute to the solution or might at least further the analysis of the problem. The aim is to show that our social difficulties are ultimately dependent upon mental conditions which ought to be cleared up with the methods of modern psychology. I selected as illustrations those social questions which seemed to me most significant for our period"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)
Psychology and the teacher by Hugo Münsterberg( )

38 editions published between 1909 and 2012 in English and Undetermined and held by 529 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This book hopes to be a source of information for the teacher. It aims to present the essentials of all which modern psychology may offer to the school. Yet this is only one side of its task. Many signs indicate that a turn in the road of educational progress is near. Important changes seem unavoidable. A pedagogical unrest has set in. It is a time in which the fundamental principles and methods must be discussed with thoroughness and without prejudice. Hence it is not sufficient simply to report the psychological facts, but more important to examine carefully all the connections between psychology and education. The lack of clearness in this relation has been one of the most damaging sources of confusion in recent years. This book on psychology and education is, in a way, a continuation of my recent volumes, "On the Witness Stand" and "Psychotherapy," the one discussing the relation of psychology to law, the other to medicine. All three deal with the practical value of modern laboratory psychology for the daily life. They represent not the only, but the three most important aspects of applied psychology"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)
Psychology, general and applied by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

34 editions published between 1914 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 491 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"(From the [1915, c1914] preface) It can hardly be claimed that a new textbook of psychology is needed because there is lack of old ones. On the contrary, we have a bewildering variety, and America has contributed a large and brilliant share. Yet the plan and aim of the present book are very different from all of them. One difference is indicated even by its sub-title; it includes the applied psychology as well as the general. Hitherto the textbooks have been confined to the theoretical study. The time seems ripe for bringing the psychological work into full contact with the practical efforts of civilization. The application of psychological studies to education and law, to industry and commerce, to health and hygiene, to art and science, deserves its place in the psychological curriculum. Thus the last third of this book may be a supplement to any other textbook. But the book adds to the usual material still another essential part. The psychology of our textbooks is individual psychology; this volume also includes the social psychology. Finally, the traditional psychology is confined to descriptions and explanations. Very justly, such an explanatory account of mental life omits an entirely different aspect, its inner meaning. But this meaning of the acts of our mind offers, after all, problems of its own. They must be solved; we cannot simply ignore them. This book, therefore, traces them in a special part, called Purposive Psychology. Our causal psychology is and must be a psychology without a soul; the purposive psychology culminates in the understanding of the soul and its freedom. While the addition of an applied, a social and a purposive part makes the material of this book very different from the others, its method, too, deviates in many respects from the customary procedure. The book emphasizes the principles, both the biological-physiological and the philosophical. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)."
The war and America by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

35 editions published between 1914 and 2006 in 3 languages and held by 445 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A tiny wooden train is made by a craftsman and acquired by a small boy
The film: a psychological study; the silent photoplay in 1916 by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

4 editions published in 1970 in English and held by 439 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

American patriotism and other social studies by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

21 editions published between 1913 and 2015 in English and Undetermined and held by 436 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Science and idealism by Hugo Münsterberg( )

18 editions published between 1906 and 2012 in English and held by 365 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The author discusses the relationship between idealism and the sciences. All the sciences tell us about the material system of causally connected things in space. Nature, material and mental, knows no values. Yet it is evident that this alone does not mean that there are no values in reality. The new sophists who today call themselves empiriocriticists and humanists and pragmatists want to teach us, and yet warn us against the belief in truth; they want to convince us, and yet assure us that they have no convictions. By a complete misunderstanding of transcendental philosophy, they are frightened by curious caricatures of idealism. Whatever the individual personality is trying to examine and to discover, does it not always refer to a world whose ultimate structure is determined beforehand by the possibilities of subjective experience? Every one of us lives in a chaos of experience. But by a fundamental act of our over-individual personalities, we transcend the chaos: we become intelligent subjects by creating the idea of a world which is common to us. The objective world to which all our possible knowledge and interest refer must have four large groups of absolute values: the logical, the aesthetical, the ethical, and the metaphysical values. The author examines these four groups of values and sketches the complete system of ideals. The author concludes that science falls asunder if we disbelieve in absolute ideals." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)
Business psychology by Hugo Münsterberg( )

28 editions published between 1915 and 2012 in English and held by 319 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"It is the aim of this volume on business psychology to bring together those results of modern psychological thinking which are significant for the work of the business man. Yet business psychology too is, after all, psychology, that is, a science which needs serious and penetrating study. No one ought to believe that a science can be mastered in any other way than by serious study. Such a study involves, first of all, the laying of solid foundations. We must therefore plod through much material which seems at a superficial glance unimportant for a business man. The first half of the volume hardly speaks of buying and selling and advertising and selecting workers. It is devoted to a careful treatment of perceptions and memories and feelings, but this apparently unpractical study is needed if the later practical discussions are not to hang in the air"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved)
Philosophie der werte; grundzüge einer weltanschauung by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

25 editions published between 1908 and 2007 in German and held by 282 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Psychologie und Wirtschaftsleben; ein Beitrag zur angewandten Experimental-psychologie by Hugo Münsterberg( Book )

36 editions published between 1912 and 1922 in German and English and held by 262 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Psychologie / Wirtschaft
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Hugo Münsterberg on film : the photoplay--a psychological study, and other writings
On the witness stand; essays on psychology and crimeHugo Münsterberg on film : the photoplay--a psychological study, and other writingsThe AmericansAmerican traits : from the point of view of a GermanThe photoplayPsychotherapyPsychology and lifePsychology and the teacher
Alternative Names
Hugo Münsterberg Duits psycholoog (1863-1916)

Hugo Münsterberg German-American psychologist, philosopher and agitator

Hugo Münsterberg nemško-ameriški psiholog

Hugo Münsterberg psicólogo germano-estadounidense

Hugo Münsterberg psicologo tedesco

Hugo Münsterberg psychologue germano-américain

Hugo Münsterberg tysk professor

Mjunsterberg, Gugo 1863-1916

Muensterberg, Hugo

Muensterberg, Hugo 1863-1916

Münsterberg, H.

Münsterberg, H. 1863-1916

Münsterberg, H. (Hugo), 1863-1916

Münsterberg, Hugo

Münsterberg, Hugo 1863-1916

Terberg, Hugo

Terberg, Hugo 1863-1916

Мюнстерберг Г.

Мюнстерберг Гуго

Мюнстерберг, Гуго 1863-1916

Мюнстерберг, Гюго 1863-1916

Хуго Мюнстерберг

מינסטרברג, הוגו 1863-1916

هوقو مونستربرق

هوگو مونستربرگ

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