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Thu Feb 12 22:11:30 2015 UTClccn-no970447800.07Thabo Mbeki /0.510.97Speech by ANC President Thabo Mbeki to the annual general conference of the IFP, Emandleni, Kwazulu-Natal, 18 July 199879452355Thabo_Mbekino 970447804396082Mbeki, Thabo M. 1942-Mbeki, Thabo MvuyelwaMbeki Thabo Mvuyelwa 1942-....lccn-n85153068Mandela, Nelson1918-2013lccn-n80119817African National Congresslccn-n97118271Zuma, Jacoblccn-nr94038582Russell, Alec1966-autlccn-n94055237Gevisser, Markautlccn-n80102736Mugabe, Robert Gabriel1924-lccn-n83154773Chan, Stephen1949-autlccn-no2005077132Gumede, William Mervinautlccn-n79055652Arnold, Guyautlccn-no99023104Calland, RichardMbeki, ThaboHistoryPictorial worksPolitical platformsPolitical scienceSouth AfricaPresidentsPolitical leadershipSocial historyEconomic historyRace relationsZambiaAfrica, SouthernZimbabweInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Blacks--Social conditionsFamiliesMbeki, ThaboDemocracyElectionsAfricaAfrican National CongressEconomic policyVice-PresidentsInternational relationsBuddhism and politicsPoliticiansPolitical stabilityEmployeesAdministrative agenciesEconomic forecastingAfrica, Sub-SaharanForecastingPhilosophy, AfricanPublic opinionPolitical and social viewsMass mediaAsiaPolitical participationPolitical planningTravelCivilizationDiplomatic relationsNigeriaInternational economic relationsApartheidGovernment, Resistance toNational liberation movementsCivil rightsOlder people--Economic conditionsOlder people--Social conditionsOlder people--Health and hygieneMandela, Nelson,History1942197819861987199019911994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320147650205325968.065HC905ocn041418896ocn050745332ocn049202563ocn061758200ocn037375910ocn056455179ocn748241794ocn053157015ocn043942085ocn061675725ocn0666104851006ocn041418896book19980.50Mbeki, ThaboAfrica : the time has come : selected speeches927ocn050745332book20020.56Mbeki, ThaboAfrica define yourself+-+8996959715324641ocn042840966book19990.74Parsons, RaymondThe Mbeki inheritance : South Africa's economy, 1990-2004572ocn062173301book20040.60South Africa 2014History+-+8125885715324562ocn053137393book20030.60Africa 2025 : what possible futures for Sub-Saharan Africa?+-+7127333136324544ocn061758200book20050.89Mbeki, ThaboAfrica's season of hope : the dawn of a new Africa-Asia partnershipThis book contains the text of the Singapore Lecture delivered by Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki on 21 April 2005375ocn049202563book20010.85Mbeki, ThaboMahube : the dawning of the dawn: speeches, lectures & tributes232ocn037375910book19950.82Mbeki, ThaboIs there a national agenda and who sets it? : UPE prestige lecture delivered on 17 March 1995211ocn042760590book19990.47South AfricaA nation at work for a better life : Thabo Mbeki's first speech as President in Parliament on 25 June 1999184ocn045263228book19980.60Mbeki, ThaboThe African renaissance132ocn053157015book0.96Mbeki, ThaboDemocracy and renaissance in Africa : in search of an enduring pax Africana111ocn043942085book19980.97Mbeki, ThaboSpeech by ANC President Thabo Mbeki to the annual general conference of the IFP, Emandleni, Kwazulu-Natal, 18 July 1998103ocn070230269book20050.70Foster, DamonAfrica : speaking with earth & skyPictorial works+-+1911139135324101ocn881717182book20140.47Tambo, OliverOliver Tambo speaksHistory92ocn036255659book19940.82International perspectives92ocn043395267book19990.96African National Congress1999 manifesto : ANC : together fighting for change : a better life for allPolitical platforms82ocn036445440book19950.89Mbeki, ThaboSpeech of Deputy President, Thabo Mbeki, at the ANC National Constitutional Conference, March 31 to April 2, 1995, World Trade Centre73ocn043092921book19980.60Mbeki, ThaboThe African renaissance : South Africa and the world61ocn070054991book20060.92South AfricaProgramme of action : State of the Nation address61ocn049600158book20020.67National report on the status of older persons, 1994-2002 : report to the Second World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid, Spain, April 2002 : South Africa11514ocn436229993file20090.27Russell, AlecBring me my machine gun the battle for the soul of South Africa from Mandela to ZumaThe end of Thabo Mbeki's presidency and the settling in of Jacob Zuma provide an opportunity to assess the 15 years since the fall of apartheid. Russell's and Feinstein's assessments are both excellent and disquieting. A former South Africa correspondent for the Financial Times, Russell offers balanced portraits of the three postapartheid presidents, the policy successes and failures of the successive governments, and the emergence of a black elite. Thanks to the visionary leadership of the African National Congress (ANC) under Nelson Mandela, the country wildly outperformed most expectations. As depicted by Russell, the mediocre and paranoid leadership of Mbeki has slowly eaten away at the early optimism, and the country he describes is one of rising crime, corruption, and bitter race relations. Russell leavens his pessimism with inspiring tales of individual courage and virtue, but his is certainly a bleak account. Feinstein was one of the idealistic young white South African intellectuals who chose to support the ANC in the twilight years of the apartheid regime, and he was a parliamentary backbencher for that party from 1997 to 2001, when he resigned to protest a particularly corrupt arms deal. He has now written a fascinating memoir of his life in the ANC and of the scandal he helped uncover. His account is an absorbing insider's description of the internal culture of the ANC, from the chaotic (but still democratic) early years to its second decade of rule, when it had become a more centralized and expedient dominant party. Compared to Russell, Feinstein is mild in his criticism of Mbeki, but he is withering about the culture of corruption and spinelessness he sees in the ANC. Despite his damning portrait of the party's approach to governance, Feinstein appears sincere in his ultimate faith in its future and that of South Africa. On the other hand, like an increasing number of his white compatriots, he no longer lives there+-+33823913067714ocn670481404book20110.35Chan, StephenSouthern Africa : old treacheries and new deceitsIn this timely and essential book, Stephen Chan explores the political landscape of southern Africa, examining how it's poised to change over the next years and what the repercussions are likely to be across the continent. He focuses on three countries in particular: South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, all of which have remained interconnected since the end of colonialism and the overthrow of apartheid. One of the key themes in the book is the relationship between South Africa and Zimbabwe, and Chan sheds new light on the shared intellectual capacities and interests of the two countries' respective presidents, Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe. Along the way, the personalities and abilities of key players, such as Morgan Tsvangirai, the prime minister of Zimbabwe, and former South African president Thabo Mbeki, emerge in honest and sometimes surprising detail. In Southern Africa, Chan draws on three decades of experience to provide the definitive inside guide to this complex region and offer insight on how the near future is likely to be a litmus test not just for this trio of countries but for all of Africa. -- Publisher description+-+905906558570310ocn236331961book20090.28Gevisser, MarkA legacy of liberation : Thabo Mbeki and the future of the South African dreamBiographyCase studiesA Legacy of Liberation is at once a rich social history of the black experience under apartheid--as seen through its leaders, movements and people-- and a brilliant expedition through the country's political and personal landscape, past, present and future+-+655661587567412ocn314398649book20050.60Gumede, William MervinThabo Mbeki and the battle for the soul of the ANCBiography"Covering Mbeki's attempts to modernise the economy and kick-start an African Renaissance, and investigating his controversial stance on issues from AIDS to Zimbabwe, the book offers invaluable insights into the machinations behind political decisions that touch the lives of millions every day."--BOOK JACKET+-+87452552266007ocn070746842file20000.67Arnold, GuyThe new South AfricaThe orderly transfer of power from the white minority to the black majority in South Africa was something of a political miracle. The tasks facing the new government of Thabo Mbeki are formidable. If Mbeki can succeed in giving his country and the African continent the necessary lead the rewards will be tremendous both for South Africa itself and for the continent. If there is to be an African renaissance the lead must come from South Africa+-+32608776853395ocn050760860book20020.74Thabo Mbeki's world : the politics and ideology of the South African president+-+23262279363061ocn746944141file0.39Thabo MbekiBiography2303ocn041467238book19990.77After Mandela : the 1999 South African electionsStatusrapport over den politiske og regeringsmæssige situation i Sydafrika inden valget af Mbeki som præsident efter Mandela+-+44958571362118ocn180845990book20070.39Gevisser, MarkThabo Mbeki : the dream deferredBiographyWhat happens to a dream deferred? This question, from one of Thabo Mbeki's favourite poems by Langston Hughes, provides the thread for this magisterial biography of the second president of a democratic South Africa. In the long shadow of Nelson Mandela, Mbeki attempted to forge an identity for himself as the symbol of modern Africa. Mark Gevisser brings to life the voices and places that made Thabo Mbeki: the frontier of the Eastern Cape;?Swinging' Britain and neo-Stalinist Moscow in the 1960s; the fraught world of African exile; the confusion of the transition. He examines the mea+-+25087931363241832ocn178197334book20080.77Mangcu, XolelaTo the brink : the state of democracy in South Africa"In To the Brink Mangcu turns Xolela Mangcu's focus to the state of South Africa's evolving democracy. From policy controversies surrounding HIV/AIDS, Zimbabwe, corruption and the constant labelling of black critics as 'foot lickers' of the white man, no relevant issues escape his analysis of the racial insider/outsider dynamic that has evolved under Thabo Mbeki's rule." "Drawing on the intellectual history of the Eastern Cape as well as his own life experiences, Mangcu contrasts damaging racial exclusivity with the adaptation, renewal and tolerance that has characterised the best traditions of South Africa's liberation movements. He discusses how black and white people could build a joint culture and, finally, examines the ANC's choice of president and its implications for the future of democracy in South Africa."--Jacket+-+22869641361713ocn779879854book20120.67Mathebe, LuckyMandela & Mbeki : the hero and the outsider1562ocn060614576book20050.85Democracy in the time of Mbeki+-+43334246461464ocn244314805book20080.70Pottinger, BrianThe Mbeki legacyIn September 2008, Thabo Mbeki was 'recalled' as president of South Africa, seven months before his term was due to end. This book takes stock of Mbeki's presidency, by focusing on a simple question: how has South Africa prospered or weakened under his stewardship?The Mbeki Legacy considers how Mbeki consolidated power and why he was defeated at the ANC's 2007 Polokwane conference. It weighs up the successes of his macro-economic policies and his shortcomings in the fields of crime fighting, education and health. From the arms deal to the electricity crisis, it investigates the effects of corr+-+83757752261332ocn042652850book19990.35Hadland, AdrianThe life and times of Thabo MbekiBiography+-+55177231361074ocn079001993book20070.07Abrams, DennisThabo MbekiJuvenile worksBiographyProfiles the life and career of the president of South Africa+-+K8994564251064ocn049799755book20010.67Mathebe, LuckyBound by tradition : the world of Thabo MbekiThis is an unconventional, contemporary biography of South African President Thabo Mbeki, focusing on representations in the media, and how media images of him have changed over time. It contains press features and articles on Mbeki, political cartoons, and transcriptions of interviews he has given over the years, including his testimony with Oliver Tambo before the Foreign Affairs Committee on the necessity for economic sanctions in 1985; and on the period as Deputy President, and President-in-waiting from 1995. As a whole, the work emphasizes Mbeki as a politician working within the tradition of the ANC, and as a pragmatist. It focuses on his leadership in the context of his society; his race and identity politics; and his handling of the Zimbabwean land and the South African HIV/AIDS crises+-+04163331361052ocn148728063book20070.82Roberts, Ronald SureshFit to govern : the native intelligence of Thabo Mbeki+-+0910034646941ocn041609598book19990.87Corrigan, TerenceMbeki, his time has come : an introduction to South Africa's new presidentBiography791ocn785819007book20120.56Chikane, FrankEight days in September : the removal of Thabo MbekiHistory"[This] is a riveting, behind-the-scenes account of the turbulent eight-day period in September 2008 that led to the removal of Thabo Mbeki as president of South Africa. As secretary of the cabinet and head (director-general) of the presidency at the time, Frank Chikane was directly responsible for managing the transition from Mbeki to Kgalema Motlanthe, and then on to Jacob Zuma, and was one of only a few who had a front-row seat to the unfolding drama. [This book] builds substantially on the so-called Chikane Files, a series of controversial articles Chikane published with Independent Newspapers in July 2010, to provide an insider's perspective on this key period in South Africa's recent history and to explore Thabo Mbeki's legacy."--Back cover722ocn042240440book19990.89Gutteridge, WilliamSouth Africa : potential of Mbeki's presidency+-+8996959715324+-+8996959715324Fri Feb 13 10:46:55 EST 2015batch28262