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Other ways you can use WorldCat

You can find items in libraries through WorldCat many ways—even on the Web search sites you use every day

Get WorldCat results on popular Web search sites

Web search sites How to get WorldCat results
Yahoo! Search

Include either of the following key phrases with your search terms:

  • "find in a library"   (include phrasing quote marks)
  • site:worldcatlibraries.org   (no space after colon)

Including either phrase limits your search results to items owned by WorldCat libraries.

Note that Google and Yahoo! use smaller and varied subsets of WorldCat information focused on popular items, so you may see different results between them when using the same search terms.

Google Books

There are no special terms to enter. When you locate a book or other monograph of interest, look for the link "Find this book in a library."

Illustration: The WorldCat-enabled Find This Book in a Library link on Google Books
Google Scholar

There are no special terms to enter. When you locate a book or other monograph of interest, look for the link "Library Search."

Illustration: The WorldCat-enabled Library Search link on a Google Scholar search result

Find WorldCat on other Web sites

You can find WorldCat all over the Web: Many people, organizations and libraries link to WorldCat on their sites using freely distributed open-source tools, such as the compact WorldCat search box and an easy-to-use URL syntax for building unique links keyed on the standard identifying numbers for a specific item or embedded search terms.

WorldCat information about library materials is also available through these partner sites:

Web sites and information providers: Learn more about WorldCat partnership

Find WorldCat inside your local library

Many WorldCat libraries let you search WorldCat from their own Web sites or from inside the library using the FirstSearch reference service. Although the basic identifying information you'll find on this Web site can fulfill most needs, WorldCat at your library includes extra features such as advanced search and "similar items" capabilities, as well as published reviews and excerpts to help you better evaluate an item.

Find WorldCat-based library groups on the Web

A set of WorldCat libraries that share a geographic location (such as a U.S. state) or specialty subject matter (such as genealogy) will sometimes form a "library group." The group creates their own catalog as a WorldCat subset that has information only about those items the groups owns. Some library groups make their group-only subset of WorldCat available publicly on their own Web sites. Library groups that do this include:

Librarians: Learn more about creating a group catalog in WorldCat

WorldCat-enabled toolbars

You can also install one of several browser plug-ins for always-there access to WorldCat library search, including a special edition of the Yahoo! Toolbar and a search extension for the Firefox browser.