Front cover image for (Re)Building Çatalhèoyèuk: Changing Virtual Reality in Archaeology

(Re)Building Çatalhèoyèuk: Changing Virtual Reality in Archaeology

Building virtual models of archaeological sites has been seen as a legitimate mode of representing the past, yet these models are too often the end product of a process in which archaeologists have relatively limited engagement. Instead of building static, isolated, uncanny, and authorless reconstructions, I argue for a more active role for archaeologists in virtual reconstruction and address issues of representational accuracy, personal expression in avatars and peopling the virtual past. Interactive virtual worlds such as Second Life provide tools and an environment that archaeologists can use to challenge static modes of representation and increases access to non-expert participants and audiences. The virtual model of Çatalhèoyèuk in Second Life is discussed as an ongoing, multivocal experiment in building, re-building, and representing the past and present realities of the physical site
Article, 2009
Springer, 2009