Front cover image for Le sauvetage des Juifs en Bulgarie : 1941-1944

Le sauvetage des Juifs en Bulgarie : 1941-1944

Albert Koen, Anri Assa (Author)
Traces, briefly, the history of the Jews in Bulgaria, and focuses on their rescue between 1941-44. The story is mostly told in pictures; the book includes photographs of Jewish partisans and communists, as well as documents pertaining to the fate of the Jews in Bulgaria during World War II. Emphasizes, in socialist spirit, the solidarity between the Bulgarian people and the Jews, the prevailing democratic mood, Jewish contribution to the anti-fascist struggle, and the role of the Communist Party in the rescue of the Jews. (From the Bibliography of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism)
Print Book, French, 1977
Éditions Septemvri, Sofia, 1977