Front cover image for A lit fuse : the provocative life of Harlan Ellison

A lit fuse : the provocative life of Harlan Ellison

Nat Segaloff (Author, Interviewer), Harlan Ellison (Interviewee), NESFA Press (Publisher), New England Science Fiction Association
... A Lit Fuse is the first time he [Harlan Ellison] has granted complete access not only to his life but to his writing. Delving into both, Nat Segaloff examines Ellison's influences, his creative process, and the inner and outer conflicts that have shaped his work and reputation. Debunking rumors (such as whether he threw a fan down an elevator shaft), clarifying his classic tales of revenge (he really did send a dead gopher to a publisher who displeased him), and explaining why he has never lost a lawsuit (like the one against The Terminator), this book collects the essential "Harlan stories" between two covers. ... A Lit Fuse features interviews with Ellison's friends, colleagues, and sometimes detractors. Fans will find new details, enemies will discover a larger view, and casual readers of speculative fiction (don't call it "science fiction") will come away with an appreciation for the man who, for almost all of his 83 years, has written for the ages while tilting at the windmills of stupidity and intolerance. -- book jacket, inside flaps
Print Book, English, 2017
NESFA Press, Framingham, MA, 2017