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The Soong sisters

Emily Hahn (Author)
In the early twentieth century, few women in China were to prove so important to the rise of Chinese nationalism and liberation from tradition as the three extraordinary Soong sisters: Eling, Chingling and Mayling. The biography of the Soong sisters tells the story of China through both world wars. It also chronicles the changes to Shanghai as they relate to a very eccentric family that had the courage to speak out against the ruling regime. Greatly influencing the history of modern China, they interacted with their government and military to protect the lives of those who could not be heard, and they appealed to the West to support China during the Japanese invasion
Print Book, English, 2014
Open Road Integrated Media, New York, 2014
299 sider
9781497648708, 149764870X
Fotografisk optryk af udgave fra 1941