Front cover image for Pompeii, a different perspective : via dell 'Abbondanza, a long road, well-traveled

Pompeii, a different perspective : via dell 'Abbondanza, a long road, well-traveled

Jennifer F. Stephens (Author), Arthur E. Stephens (Author)
The book presents the high-resolution digital orthographic photomosaics of the façades of the city blocks along the street [via d'Abbondanza], provides historical and factual information about the buildings, and describes the process used to create the images
Print Book, English, 2017
Lockwood Press, Atlanta, Ga., 2017
illustrated books
1 v. (X-109 p.) : illustrations en coul., couv. illustrations en coul. ; 24 x 34 cm
9781937040789, 193704078X
PrefazioneForewordProloguePart I - A Different PerspectiveIntroductionThe Via dell'Abbondanza PhotomosaicsVia dell'Abbondanza North Side Regio VII, Insula 9 Regio VII, Insula 13 Regio VII, Insula 14 Regio VII, Insula 1 Regio IX, Insula 1 Regio IX, Insula 7 Regio IX, Insula 11 Regio IX, Insula 12 Regio IX, Insula 13 Regio III, Insula 1 Regio III, Insula 2 Regio III, Insula 3 Regio III, Insula 4 Regio III, Insula 5 Regio III, Insula 6 Regio III, Insula 7Via dell'Abbondanza South Side Regio VIII, Insula 3 Regio VIII, Insula 5 West Regio VIII, Insula 5 East Regio VIII, Insula 4 Regio I, Insula 4 Regio I, Insula 6 Regio I, Insula 7 Regio I, Insula 8 Regio I, Insula 9 Regio I, Insula 11 Regio I, Insula 12 Regio I, Insula 13 Regio II, Insula 1 Regio II, Insula 2 Regio II, Insula 3 Regio II, Insula 4 Regio II, Insula 5Part II - A long road, well-traveled.The Excavation of Via dell'AbbondanzaThe Bombing of Via dell'AbbondanzaVia dell'Abbondanza since its ExcavationPart III - MethodologyCreating Photomosaics Geomatics Control Background Drawings Photography Photomosaic AssemblyInsula Measurements and Photomosaic ScalesBibliographyAcknowledgments and CreditsAbout the Authors