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101 complaint letters that get results

An attorney writes the choice words that say what you mean and get the satisfaction you deserve. Includes essential consumer rights information. Every letter included on CD-Rom in PC and Mac format
Print Book, English, ©2003
Sphinx Pub., Naperville, Ill., ©2003
xix, 245 pages ; 28 cm + 1 CD-ROM (3 1/2 in.)
9781572483637, 1572483636
Lemon Laws
Odometer Fraud
Consumer Protection
Credit Life Insurance
Lemon Laws
Lemon Laws; Second Letter to Dealership
Odometer Fraud on Used Car
Odometer Fraud; Second Letter to Dealership
Odometer Fraud; Follow-Up to Manufacturer
Insurance Claim; Repairs Made with Used Parts
Insurance Claim; Follow-Up for Non-Payment
Credit Life Insurance Assessed on Car Loan
Defective Computer Merchandise
Internet Service
Internet Crimes
Online Purchases
Spam (Unwanted Commercial Email)
Defective Computer
Defective Merchandise; Computer Incompatibility
Defective Merchandise; Incompatible Software
Internet Service; Lack of Security
Internet Crime; Stolen Information
Online Purchase; Shipment not Received
Online Purchase not Received; Second Letter to Company
Spam; Violating State Law
Equal Pay
Mental or Physical Disabilities
Age Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Family and Medical Leave Act
Employee Records
Race Discrimination; Letter to Human Resources Department
Religious Discrimination; Letter to Direct Supervisor
Unequal Pay
Handicapped Accommodation
Failure to Accommodate Disability; Follow-Up to Manager
Age Discrimination
Sexual Harassment; Follow-Up to Human Resources Manager
Paternity Leave Request; Follow-Up to Human Resources Department
Unpaid Family Leave of Absence
Review Employment Records
Employee's Statement to be Added to Employment Record
Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Collecting a Debt
Credit Reports
Insurance Bills
Members of the Military
Credit Card Company; Received Damaged Product
Credit Card Company; Second Letter, Dispute Charge
Credit Card Company; Error on Statement
Credit Card Company; Late Charge Assessed
Credit Card Company; Unauthorized Use after a Divorce
Bank; Unauthorized Transaction on Debit Card
Bank; Debit Card Used to Empty Checking Account
Dispute with Bank; Unauthorized Use of Debit Card
Dispute with Collection Agency; Alleged Debt
Collection Agency; Second Letter, Disputing Alleged Debt
Credit Agency; Negative Credit Report
Credit Agency; Errors in Credit Report
Insurance Billing Error
Hospital; Second Letter, Insurance Billing Error
Liquidation of Brokerage Account
Follow-Up Letter to Securities Exchange, Liquidation of Brokerage Account
Securities Exchange Commission; Reporting Brokerage Violations
Credit Card Company; Reduction in Interest Rate due to Military Service
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Billing Errors
Prescription Drug Coverage Refusal
Denial of Coverage
Uninsured Patient
Hospital Accreditation
Nursing Homes
Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Wills
Pharmacy/Prescription Complaints
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Doctor's Employees Violated Privacy Act
Doctor's Office; Second Letter, Concerning Violation of Privacy
Department of Health; Follow-Up Letter, Violation of Privacy
Health Insurance; Billing Error
Health Insurance; Refusal of Prescription Drug
Health Insurance; Second Letter, Reconsider Refusal of Prescription Drug
Health Insurance; Claims Clerk Error
Health Insurance; Denial of Coverage
Hospital; Uninsured Patient
Hospital; Unclean Facilities and Poor Care
Nursing Home; Lack of Acceptable Care
Hospital; Life Support for Relative
Hospital; Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Mail Order Pharmacy; Dispute Charges and Service
Collection Agency; Cease Contact
Safety Conditions
Home Improvement
Housing Discrimination
Security Deposits
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Do Not Call Registry
Delay in Shipment
Soldier's and Sailor's Relief Act of 1940
Tenant Injured on Rental Property
Carpet Company; Contract Terms not Honored
Cable Company; Missed Appointment
Utility Company; Failure to Mark Utilities
Real Estate Company; Discriminatory Practice
Rental Company; Refusal to Rent
Property Management Company; Return of Security Deposit
Bank; Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Bank; Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Bank; Second Letter to Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Company; Remove Customer from Call List
State Do Not Call Registry; Report Violation
Federal Do Not Call registry; Report Violation
Internet Service Provider; Spam Problem
Internet Provider; Second Letter, Cancel Service
Internet Adviser; Delete Name from Email List
Federal Trade Commission (FTC); Internet Advertiser Refusal to Remove Name from List
Catalog Order not Received
Catalog Company; Second Letter, Order Information
Catalog Company; Third Letter, FTC Violation
Mortgage Company; Second Letter, Reduce Mortgage Interest Rate for Military
Individual with Educational Disabilities Act
Principal; Follow-Up Letter, Screening Child for Learning Disability
Principal; Second Letter, Need to Develop Education Plan
Principal; Third Letter, Child's Right to Individualized Educational Evaluation (IEE)
Principal; Bullying of Child
Principal; Second Letter, Bullying of Child
Superintendent of Schools; Follow-Up Letter, Bullying of Child
Damaged or Lost Luggage
Passengers with Disabilities
Travel Agents
Bumped Airline Passengers
Hotels and Other Public Places
Car Rental
Airline; Lost Luggage
Department of Transportation; Repair Luggage
Department of Transportation; Stolen Item
Department of Transportation; Failure to Accommodate Passenger with Disability
Department of Transportation; Screening Discrimination
Trade Organization; Travel Agency Theft
Airlines; Bumped Passenger
Hotel; Quoted Reservation
Hotel; Handicapped Access
Hotel; Misrepresentation of Facility
Railroad; Unsatisfactory Accommodations
Department of Consumer Services; Inflated Taxi Charges
Car Rental Company; Breach of Contract
State Attorneys General
State Securities Administrators
State Department of Insurance Regulators
State do not Call Information
U.S. Military Consumer Services Programs
Automobile Manufacturers' Customer Service Departments
Includes index