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Prehistoric Games of North American Indians Subarctic to Mesoamerica

Barbara Voorhies (Author)
Intro -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Foreword by George H. J. Abrams -- 1. Introduction / Barbara Voorhies -- 2. Why Waltes was a Woman's Game / Kevin Leonard -- 3. Playing the Apalachee Ballgame in the Fields of the Thunder God: Archaeological and Ideological Evidence for Its Antiquity / J. Grant Stauffer and F. Kent Reilly III -- 4. "He Must Die Unless the Whole Country Shall Play Crosse": The Role of Gaming in Great Lakes Indigenous Societies / Ronald F. Williamson and Martin S. Cooper -- 5. Chunkey and the Historic Experience in the Mississippian World / Thomas J. Zych -- 6. The Sacred Role of Dice Games in Eastern North America: Implications for the Protohistoric Lower Mississippi Valley / David H. Dye -- 7. Reinventing the Wheel Game: Prestige Gambling on the Plains/Plateau Frontier / Gabriel M. Yanicki -- 8. Gaming in Fremont Society / Joel C. Janetski -- 9. Mobility, Exchange, and the Fluency of Games: Promontory in a Broader Sociodemographic Setting / Gabriel M. Yanicki and John W. Ives -- 10. Social Aspects of an Apachean Stave-Dice Gaming Feature at Three Sisters / Deni J. Seymour -- 11. Serious Play in the Preclassic: The Chalcatzingo Figurines as Guides in a Game of Social Learning / Mark E. Harlan -- 12. Ancient Maya Patolli / John Walden and Barbara Voorhies -- 13. Sport and Ritual as Social Bonding: The Communal Nature of Mesoamerican Ballgames / Marijke M. Stoll and David S. Anderson -- 14. Acrobatic Dances and Games of Mesoamerica as Ritual-Entertainment / Gerardo Gutiérrez -- 15. Aztec Gambling and Magical Thinking / Susan T. Evans -- 16. The Biggest Losers: Gambling and Enslavement in Native North America / Catherine M. Cameron and Lindsay D. Johansson -- 17. Post-Game Remarks / Warren R. DeBoer -- Contributors -- References -- Index
eBook, English, 2017
University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, 2017