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Ending ageism or, how not to shoot old people

Prologue: fight ageism, not aging: the discovery of trauma -- #still human: into the glare of the public square -- How (not) to shoot old people: breaking ageist paradigms through portrait photography -- The elder-hostile: giving college students a better start at life -- Vert-de-gris: rescuing the land lovers -- The Alzheimer's defense: "faking bad" in international atrocity trials -- Our frightened world: fantasies of euthanasia and preemptive suicide -- Induction into the hall of shame: when aging serves as the trigger for ageism, shaming is its weapon -- Redress: overcoming trauma, repairing relationships, healing society -- Epilogue: a declaration of grievances
Print Book, English, 2017
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 2017
xxii, 265 Seiten
9780813589299, 9780813589282, 0813589290, 0813589282
Preface Fight Ageism, Not Aging: The Discovery of Trauma xi 1 #Still Human Into the Glare of the Public Square 1 Five Special Sessions 21 2 How (Not) to Shoot Old People Breaking Ageist Paradigms through Portrait Photography 22 3 The Elder-Hostile Giving College Students a Better Start at Life 54 4 Vert-de-Gris Rescuing the Land Lovers 85 5 The Alzheimer’s Defense “Faking Bad” in International Atrocity Trials 112 6 Our Frightened World Fantasies of Euthanasia and Preemptive Suicide 136 7 Induction into the Hall of Shame and the Way Out 163 8 Redress Healing the Self, Relationships, Society 192 A Declaration of Grievances 205 Acknowledgments 207 Notes 211 Bibliography 227 Index 253