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Tepee tales of the American Indian

Dee Brown, Louis Mofsie (Illustrator)
A retelling of traditional tales from a variety of North American Indian tribes
Print Book, English, 1979
1st American ed View all formats and editions
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1979
Folklore North America Juvenile
174 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780030227615, 0030227615
When animals lived as equals with the people. The rooster, the mockingbird, and the maiden (Hopi)
The bear man (Cherokee)
How Antelope Carrier saved the thunderbirds (Arikara)
Why dogs have long tongues (Caddo)
The great shell of Kintyel (Navaho)
The girl who climbed to the sky (Arapaho-Caddo). Before the white men came. The Cheyenne prophet (Cheyenne)
The deeds and prophecies of Old Man (Blackfoot)
How day and night were divided (Creek)
How the buffalo were released on Earth (Apache-Comanche)
How corn came to the Earth (Arikara)
How Rabbit brought fire to the people (Creek)
Godasiyo the woman chief (Seneca). Allegories. The return of Ice Man (Cherokee)
Ice Man and the messenger of springtime (Chippewa). First contacts with Europeans. How Iscoda and his friends met the white men from the east and journeyed across the great waters (Ottawa)
Katlian and the iron people (Tlingit)
How the first white men came to the Cheyennes.(Cheyenne). The coming of the horse. How a Piegan warrior found the first horses (Blackfoot)
Water Spirit's gift of horses (Blackfoot). Tricksters and magicians. How Rabbit fooled Wolf (Creek)
Coyote and the rolling rock (Salish-Blackfoot)
Skunk outwits Coyote (Comanche)
Nihancan and the dwarf's arrow (Arapaho)
Swift-Runner and the trickster tarantula (Zuni)
Buffalo Woman, a story of magic (Caddo). Heroes and heroines. The hunter and the Dakwa (Cherokee)
The prisoners of the Court House Rock (Pawnee)
Red Shield and Running Wolf (Crow). Animal stories. The bluebird and the coyote (Pima)
The story of the bat (Creek)
Crow and Hawk (Cochiti)
Why Coyote stopped imitating his friends (Caddo). Ghost stories. The lame warrior and the skeleton (Arapaho)
Heavy Collar and the ghost woman (Blackfoot)
The Sioux who wrestled with a ghost (Sioux)