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The Routledge Companion to the Professions and Professionalism

Mike Dent (Author), Ivy Lynn Bourgeault (Other), Jean-Louis Denis (Other), Ellen Kuhlmann (Other)
Cover -- Half Title -- Series Information -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- List of Contributors -- General introduction: The changing world of professions and professionalism -- Introduction -- The diversity of professions -- The changing world of professions and professionalism -- Conclusion and outline of contents -- References -- Part I Theories and contemporary context of professions and professionalism -- Introduction -- References -- 1 Sociological and organisational theories of professions and professionalism -- Introduction
eBook, English, 2016
Taylor and Francis, s.l, 2016
1 Online-Ressource (409 p).
9781138018891, 1138018899
Part I: Theories and Contemporary Context of Professions and Professionalism Introduction (Mike Dent) 1. Sociological and Organisational Theories of Professions and Professionalism (Stephen Ackroyd) 2. Governance and Professions (Ellen Kuhlmann, Tuba Agartan and Mia von Knorring) 3. Professions, Service Users and Citizenship: Deliberation, Choice and Responsibility (Evelien Tonkens) 4. Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality in Professions and Potential Professions: Analytical, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Jeff Hearn, Ingrid Biese, Marta Choroszewicz, and Liisa Husu) 5. Professions and Power: A Review of Theories of Professions and Power (Mike Saks) Part II: Governing the Professions and Professionalism Introduction (Ellen Kuhlmann) 6. Governing through Professional Experts (Viola Burau) 7. Professions and Financial Incentives (Ruth McDonald and Crawford Spence) 8. Professionalism and Entrepreneurialism (Seppo Poutanen and Anne Kovalainen) 9. Professionalism, Trust and Cooperation (Patrick Brown and Michael Calnan) 10. Professionalism and Knowledge (Teresa Carvalho and Rui Santiago) Part III: Professions, Management and Leadership Introduction (Jean-Louis Denis) 11. Restructuring Professional organizations (C.R. (Bob) Hinings) 12. Hybrid Managers and Professional Leadership (Ian Kirkpatrick) 13. The Professionalization of Management (Kevin T. Leicht) 14. Leadership and ‘Leaderism’: The Discourse of Professional Leadership and the Practice of Management Control in Public Services (Michael I Reed) 15. Professional Agency, Leadership and Organizational Change (Jean-Louis Denis, Nicolette van Gestel and Annick Lepage) Part IV: Global Professionalism and the Emerging Economies Introduction (Ivy Bourgeault) 16. Accountancy, Finance and Banking: The Global Reach of the Professions (Colin Haslam) 17. Professions and Professionalism in Emerging Economies: The Case of South Africa (Debby Bonnin and Shaun Ruggunan) 18. India (International) Inc.: Global Work and the (Re-) Organization of Professionalism in Emerging Economies (Sweethaa Ballakrishnen) 19. Professions and Professionalization in Russia (Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova & Roman Abramov) 20. Professions and the Migration of Expert Labour: Towards an intersectional analysis of transnational mobility patterns and integration pathways of health professionals (Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Sirpa Wrede, Cecilia Benoit and Elena Neiterman) Part V: Sectoral Analysis: Case Studies Introduction (Mike Dent ) 21. The Professoriate and Professionalism in the Academy (Linda Muzzin and Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis) 22. Contemporary Education Policy and Teacher Professionalism (Sølvi Mausethagen and Jens-Christian Smeby) 23. Interprofessional Working for the Health Professions: From Fried Eggs to Omelettes? (Susan Nancarrow and Alan Borthwick) 24. Professional Identity and Social Work (Stephen A. Webb) 25. Journalism and its Professional Challenges (Christiane Schnell)
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