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Data recovery at Pinnacle Peak Village, AZ U:5:239 (ASM), Scottsdale, Arizona

SWCA, Inc., recently conducted archaeological excavations at a portion of site AZ U:5:239 (ASM). This site is a large pre-classic Hohokam settlement located at the northwestern end of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona. It is also known as the Herberger Site or Pinnacle Peak Village, and has been investigated by several different institutions since the first excavations in 1963. The work detailed in this report was conducted at the request of Desert Troon Companies prior to development of Troon Village, a proposed residential development that includes portions of the site. The portion of the site examined by SWCA was located by Parcel O2 of the Troon Village development, and represented approximately 4% of the total site area. The current mitigation efforts combined previous archaeological work with a program of backhoe trenchment, mechanical stripping, and hand-excavation. Sixty-eight features have been identified in the parcel during previous work and by the current project; 16 features including pithouses, roasting pits, middens, cremations, and other pits, have been excavated. The occupation of this area of the site dates to the Santa Cruz and Sacaton phases of the Hohokam cultural tradition, sometime around A.D. 1000. The excavations support earlier claims that the site was a large, complex village that was occupied during the late Santa Cruz and Sacaton phases. Although the site is located outside of the core area of Hohokam, AZ U:5:239 (ASM) exhibits many characteristics typical of sites within the core area, including a large amount of buffware. While the size and diversity of features and artifacts indicates the site was an influential position within the Hohokam regional system, its location outside the core area makes AZ U:5:239 (ASM) unique
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