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Memory before modernity practices of memory in early modern Europe

This volume examines the practice of memory in early modern Europe, showing that this was already a multimedia affair with many political uses, and affecting people at all levels of society; many pre-modern memory practicespersist until today
eBook, English, 2013
Brill, Leiden, 2013
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Introduction: On the early modernity of modern memory / Judith Pollmann and Erika Kuijpers
PART I. Memory politics and memory wars
The usable past in the Lemberg Armenian community's struggle for equal rights, 1578-1654 / Alexandr Osipian
A contested past : memory wars during the Twelve Years Truce (1609-21) / Jasper van der Steen
"You will see who they are that revile, and lessen your glorious deliverance" : the "memory war" about the "glorious revolution" / Ulrich Niggemann
Civic and confessional memory in conflict : Augsburg in the sixteenth century / Sean F. Dunwoody
Tales of a peasant revolt : taboos and memories of 1514 in Hungary / Gabriella Erdelyi
Shaping the memory of the French wars of religion : the first centuries / Philip Benedict
Part II. Mediality
Celebrating a Trojan horse : memories of the Dutch revolt in Breda, 1590-1650 / Marianne Eekhout
"The odious demon from across the sea" : Oliver Cromwell, memory and the dislocations of Ireland / Sarah Covington
Material memories of the guildsmen : crafting identities in early modern London / Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin
Between storytelling and patriotic scripture : the memory brokers of the Dutch Revolt / Erika Kuijpers
Lost in time and space? : glocal memoryscapes in the early modern world / Dagmar Freist
The spaces of memory and their transmediations : on the lives of exotic images and their material evocations / Benjamin Schmidt
PART III. Personal memory
Disturbing memories : narrating experiences and emotions of distressing events in the French wars of religion / Susan Broomhall
Remembering fear : the fear of violence and the violence of fear in seventeenth-century war memories / Andreas Bahr
Permeable memories : family history and the diaspora of southern Netherlandish exiles in the seventeenth century / Johannes Muller
Women, memory and family history in seventeenth-century England / Katharine Hodgkin
The experience of ruptureand the history of memory / Brecht Deseure and Judith Pollmann