Front cover image for An economy of well-being : common-sense tools for building genuine wealth and happiness

An economy of well-being : common-sense tools for building genuine wealth and happiness

Mark Anielski (Author)
"The Economy of Well-being examines the stories and examples of what individuals, families, businesses, non-profit enterprises, communities, and financial institutions can and are doing to implement an economic lifestyle that is based on achieving a flourishing life of well-being and enduring happiness."-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2018
New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, 2018
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List of Figures Foreword Introduction: A New Economic Paradigm Based on Well-Being 1. Reclaiming Economics for Happiness Reclaiming the Language of Economics Happiness: Well-Being of Spirit A New Index of Well-Being Measuring Well-Being Objectively Alberta's Economic Growth, Disease and Income Inequality Exposing the Myth of Productivity Measuring Happiness is All the Rage People Prefer Happiness Over Wealth Who Are the Happiest Canadians of All? Happiness as the Ultimate Objective of Economic Development From Financial Capitalism to Well-Being Drowning in Debt The Inconvenient Truth: How the Hidden Costs of Debt are Killing American Happiness The Path Ahead 2. A Roadmap to Well-Being Can Well-Being Be Measured? The Science of Well-Being: What We Measure Affects What We Do Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and an Indigenous Model of Well-Being The Util: Measuring Real Utility Without Virtue, Happiness Cannot Be The Five Capital Assets of Well-Being Well-Being Accounts The Five-Assets Sustainable Livelihood Model for Measuring Assets The Well-Being Economy and UN Sustainable Development Goals Well-Being-Based Governments 3. Bhutan, Edmonton and Alberta: Models of Well-Being Economics Back to Edmonton: The City that Could The Promise of Alberta Alberta's Preliminary Asset Accounts 4. The Well-Being Community The Edmonton Social Health Index Measuring the Well-Being of Valleyview, Alberta Edmonton's Well-Being Index and Measuring the Well-Being Return on Taxes Community Asset and Well-Being-Impact-Based Governance Well-Being-Based Governance and Budgeting Designing a New Economy of Well-Being for Tahiti (French Polynesia) 5. Well-Being for First Nations Measuring What Matters to Community Well-Being Why a Community Asset Assessment? Natural Capital Assessment The Well-Being Community Planning Process Benefits of a Well-Being-Based Approach to Community Development 6. The Well-Being Workplace Well-Being at Work Businesses That Operate on Well-Being Principles The Well-Being Corporation Doing Well By Doing Good: The Flourishing Well-Being Enterprise Well-Being: The Best Interest of Business A Corporate Culture of Well-Being Well-Being By Design 7. Accounting for Enterprise Well-Being The Origins of Auditing Toward Quality-of-Life Auditing and Accounting Well-Being Inventory Five Assets of Enterprise Well-Being Measuring Workplace Well-Being Enterprise Well-Being Index True Pricing: Full-Cost Accounting Making the Business Case of Well-Being Asset Valuation and Verification with Well-Being in Mind 8. Well-Being Impact Investing Virtuous Financial Leadership Lintel Capital LLC: Investment for Good Well-Being Impact Investment Funds And the Times, They are a-Changin' 9. The Community Asset Well-Being Fund Eliminating Poverty in Cincinnati within a Generation 10. Banking on Well-Being All Roads Lead to London: The Queen's Banker's Wife Freeing Economies of the Burden of Interest from Debt-Based Money A Public Bank for Well-Being What is a Public Bank and Could It be Structured to support the Economy of Well-being? The Bank of North Dakota and ATB (Alberta Treasury Branch): The Most Important Public Banks in North America Alberta Treasury Branch: North America's Best Kept Secret Why Could ATB Financial Become the Model for Public Well-Being Banks Across North America? The Future of Money: Well-Being Currency 11. Personal Well-Being Well-Being is a Choice Money, Your Life and Happiness Epilogue Index About the Author About New Society Publishers