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Religion, language, and the human mind

Religion is a multi-faceted and complex human phenomenon, combining many different mental and social characteristics. Among these, language plays a crucial though often neglected role. This volume brings together groundbreaking work from linguistics, cognitive science and neuroscience, as well as from religious studies, in order to illuminate the origins and centrality of religion in human life.
Print Book, English, 2018
Oxford University Press, New York, 2018
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PREFACEACKNOWLEDGMENTSCONTRIBUTORSINTRODUCTION Religion as a Cognitive and Linguistic PhenomenonPaul Chilton and Monika KopytowskaPART I RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE, MIND AND BRAINCHAPTER 1 Whatever Happened to Theolinguistics? David CrystalCHAPTER 2 Speaking about God in Universal Words, Thinking about God outside EnglishAnna WierzbickaCHAPTER 3 Religious Metaphors at the Crossroads between Apophatical Theology and Cognitive Linguistics: an Interdisciplinary Study Kurt Feyaerts and Lieven BoeveCHAPTER 4 Linguistics and the Scientific Study of Religion: Prayer as a Cognitive RegisterWilliam DownesCHAPTER 5 Cognitive Neuroscience and Religious Language: A Working HypothesisPatrick McNamara and Magda GiordanoCHAPTER 6 God, Metaphor and the Language of the HemispheresIain McGilchristPART II INVESTIGATING METAPHOR IN RELIGIOUS TEXTSCHAPTER 7 A Composite Countenance: The Divine Face as Mixed Metaphor in Jewish MysticismEllen HaskellCHAPTER 8 The Guru's Tongue: Metaphor, Imagery, and Vernacular Language in Vai??ava Sahajiy? Hindu TraditionsGlen Alexander HayesCHAPTER 9 Snakes, Leaves and Poisoned Arrows: Metaphors of Emotion in Early BuddhismHubert KowalewskiCHAPTER 10 Buddhist Metaphors in the Diamond Sutra and the Heart Sutra: A Cognitive PerspectiveXiuping Gao and Chun LanCHAPTER 11 The Muslim Prophetic Tradition: Spatial Source Domains for Metaphorical Expressions Ahmad El-SharifCHAPTER 12 Metaphor in Religious Transformation: 'Circumcision of the Heart' in Paul of TarsusRalph BisschopsPART III NEW PERSPECTIVESCHAPTER 13 Cognitive Pragmatics and Multi-layered Communication: Allegory in Christian Religious Discourse Christoph UngerCHAPTER 14 Metaphor and Metonymy in Language and Art: the Dogma of the Holy Trinity and its Artistic RepresentationAntonio BarcelonaCHAPTER 15 Waging a War against Oneself: a Conceptual Blend at the Heart of Christian Ascetic PracticeMihailo Antovi?CHAPTER 16 Hoc est corpus: Deixis and the Integration of Ritual Space Paul Chilton and David CramCHAPTER 17 The Televisualization of Ritual: Spirituality, Spatiality and Co-presence in Religious Broadcasting Monika Kopytowska
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