Front cover image for Coral reef

Coral reef

"The white parts symbolise the endangered coral, that loses colour when stressed. This is my way to reflect about how we treat our planet, and think of actions we can take to minimise our impact. I mostly work with paper. I love the versatility of the material, how easy it is to manipulate and also the skill required to turn it into delicate work. Its duality, the fragility and strength of it and the fact that it can be found in many ordinary objects, to be recycled and repurposed. I use drawing and paper to explore the boundaries of book structures and create a story, a tale. Imagining a picture that goes beyond the illustration, with mobile and tridimensional parts as in pop-up books, gives me new possibilities to transport the spectator to a more surrounding, almost touchable scene. I also like to reference bookbinding tradition, using paste or marbled papers that I make according to what I want to say. I take inspiration from the natural world, usually focusing on the individuals, animals and plants, be it from an environmental point of view or to create a visual experience playing with colour and shape"--Artist's statement from Abby Schoolman Books website (viewed July 25, 2018)
Print Book, No Linguistic Content, 2018
[Carla Busquets], [Barcelona], 2018