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This book (anupdated and extended edition) is about mobilizing women and health care policymakers and providers to unite their efforts in a single strategy for fightingcervical cancer worldwide.
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PrelimsPROLOGUECHAPTER1TheFEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM IN HEALTH AND DISEASE 1.1 Basic Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System1.1.1TheOvaries1.1.2 FallopianTubes1.1.3 TheUterus1.1.4The Vagina1.1.5The Vulvaand the Perineum 1.2 BasicPhysiology of the Female Reproductive System1.2.1 FemaleHormones1.2.2 TheMenstrual Cycle1.2.3 Pregnancy1.2.4 Menopause 1.3. An Overviewof the Most Common Women's Diseases1.3.1 MenstrualDisorders1.3.2 OtherDisorders1.3.3 CommonInfections in Women1.3.4 SexuallyTransmitted Diseases 1.4 Tumors of the Female Genital System 1.4.1 Benign Tumors1. 4.2.Malignant Tumors other than Cervical Cancer CHAPTER2 CERVICALCANCER 2.1About Cervical Cancer and Pre-carcinomatosis 2.1.1 Introduction2.12 Definition2.13 Interpretation 2.2 Epidemiology of Cervical Cancer 2.3 Prevention and Control of CervicalCancer 2.3.1 Risk Factors and Education toReduce Their Influence 2.3.2 Cancer Control: CervicalCancer/Pre-carcinomatosis Screening 2.3.3 Non-cytological based CervicalCancer Screening 2.3.4 Management of Women Whenthe Pap test result Returns2.3.5Biomarkersand Cervical Cancer2.3.6HumanPapilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer 2.4 Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer2.4.1 Diagnostic Methods 2.4.2 Staging System 2.4.3 Planning Therapy 2.4.4 Cervical Cancer Treatment 2.5 Prognosis of Cervical Cancer and How to improveit CHAPTER3 LIVING WITH CERVICAL CANCER 3.1 Cooping3.1.1How to Cope When the Result is Abnormal Pap Test?3.1.2 The Diagnosis is Cervical Cancer3.1.3 Support fro Caregivers and Close Family inDay-by-Day Coping with the Disease3.1.4 Support of Extended Family and Friends3.1.5 SupportGroups 3.2 Living with Cancer 3.2.1 Complementary and AlternativeMedicine3.2.2 Holistic View of Health and Wellness3.2.3 Which are other dimensions of HealthDescribed as a Holistic Health Model3.2.4 How we canachieve A Higher Level of Wellness Across all Dimensions of Health?3.2.5 Understandingthe Mechanism of Stress3.2.6 StressRelease Strategies3.2.7 An overview on Eating for Optimal Health inCancer Prevention and Cancer Prevention and Cervical Cancer 3.3 Stories from Real People 3.4 Survey on What Women Think About Pap Test 3.4.1 Background3.4.2 Identifying the Problem3.4.3 Addressing the Problem3.4.4 Study Results and Analysis3.4.5 Conclusion CHAPTER4 CERVICALCANCER SCREENING AFTER 2008 4.1.CURRENT PRACTICES4.1.1 Afterward to the 2008 Edition: What we have predicted4.1.2 What happened with Pap test4.1.2.1 Dethroning classic Pap test4.1.2.2 Disappointment with the global outreach4.1.2.3 Failureof alternatives to repeat the success of the Pap test in the US4.1.2.4 Attemptto balance the screening cost with thebenefit obtained4.1.2.5 Searchfor new ideas to reverse the increasing cancer trends worldwide4.1.2.6 Changeof the WHO strategy 4.1.3 Pap test now 4.1.4 Challenges to standard Pap test - An overview 4.1.5 Liquid - based cervical cytology. 4.1.6 HPV testing and immunization 4.1.7 Management of women afterPap test 4.2GUIDELINES 4.2.1 Overview on Guidelines 4.2.2 Individual Guidelines ACOG ASC 2015 ASCCP USPSTF WHO CHAPTER 5 GLOBALCERVICAL CANCER SCREENING 5.1 Worldwide Application of Cervical CancerScreening5.2 Cervical Cancer Statistics-world5.3 Gross Domestic Product per Capita5.4 Study Summary5.4.1 Examples5.4.1.1 USIndia Symposium on Cervical Cancer5.4.1.2 IndiaPress Release 20155.4.1.3 CervicalCancer in China Press Release 2015 Republic of Serbia 5.4.2 Continents- World Summary 5.5. PreliminaryData Pilot Study 5.6 Examples from Individual countries CHAPTER 6 NEW STRATEGY and ITS GLOBAL APPLICATION 6.1 Executive Summary6.2 Global Cervical Cancer Screening6.2.1 Introduction6.2.1.1 Why NewStrategy6.2.1.2 WhichStrategy to Choose6.2.1.3 NewStrategy Applied for India6.2.1.4 Instead of Conclusion 6.3 MarkPap (R) Technology Platform 6.4 Social Impact: LMIC and Alleviation ofhealth disparity 6.5. Economic Impact - Cost Benefit6.5.1 Global Funding and Application of the NewStrategy 6.5.2 Global Benefit6.5.3 Socio-economic Advantage 6.6 Policy Change (India) CHAPTER 7 NEW TOOLS: MarkPapPlatform Technology Illustrated 7.1 MarkPap (R)Platform Technology: MarkPap Illustrated7.1.1 MarkPap (R)Test 7.1.2 MarkPap (R) Reagent Kit withAccessories 7.1.3 MarkPap (R) Specimen CollectionKit (TM) 7.1.4MarkPap (R) Telecytopathology ``````````7.1.5 MarkPap (R)Digital (Tele -Pap)7.1.6 MarkPap (R)Mobile 7.2 ITTelehealth Center (ITTHC) 7.3 The NewIntegrative Complex MEDYKO 7.3.1 Concept7.3.2 Letter7.3.3 MethodsComparison 7.4 TEMPLATEfor Telecytopathology 7.5 Screen andTreat with MarkPap 7.6 TelecytopathologyProtocol Chapter8 REFERENCES 8.1 Ethics8.2 LiteratureCited8.3 Whereto Read More8.4 Index8.5 EPILOGUE CHAPTER9 ANNEX 9.1Brochures 9.1.1 MarkPap India, LLC. Fighting Cervical Cancer. Brochure, 2012 9.1.2 MarkPap Pacific, LLC. Cervical Cancer inChina. Brochure. 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Presentation at theNIH Symposium on Single Cell Analysis NIH, Bethesda MD, 2013 10. 3 Single Cell Analysis Enzyme Kinetics. Shortversion, Video, 2013 10. 4Telemedicine in Cervical Cancer Screening. Video, Johns Hopkins University,Rockville, MD, 2012 10.5 Cervical Cancer Screening in India. PPPpresentation with sound, 2013 10.6 Molecular Kinetics and Drug Testing. SlideShow, NIH, Bethesda, MD, 2012 10.7 Media Content