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Copy culture : sharing in the age of digital reproduction

"Copy Culture: Sharing in the Age of Digital Reproduction explores how digital tools are revolutionizing the cultural heritage landscape through copies. Every day, museums, institutions and individuals alike are digitizing more and more of our global cultural heritage, resulting in vast databases of high-resolution images, 3D models and other forms of digital reproductions. These copies are being shared like never before, reading new audiences around the world, inspiring creativity, enabling learning and aiding preservation. Through essays, interviews and project profiles, the book draws from a cross-disciplinary group of experts to better understand the challenges and opportunities for making, storing, sharing and using digital reproductions, in museums and in everyday life. Copy Culture is a result of ReACH (Reproductions of Art and Cultural Heritage), an initiative spearheaded by the Victoria and Albert Museum with the Peri Foundation, to bring museums and cultural heritage practitioners together to collectively draw a roadmap for the future production and use of digital copies. Contributions by Anaïs Aguerre, Eugene Ch'ng, Chance Coughenour, Marion Crick, Abrahgam Drassinower, David Gissen, Laura Jones, Mari Lending, Adam Lowe, Mark Mudge, Wim Pijbes, Vernon Rapley, Loic Tallon, Merete Sanderhoff, Carla Schroer, Sandra L. López Varela and Diane Zorich."--V & A website
Print Book, English, 2018
V & A Publishing, London, 2018