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A Responsibility to Awe

This reissue of Elson's best writing reintroduces her to the 21st century.
eBook, English, 2018
Carcanet, La Vergne, 2018
1 online resource (147 pages)
9781784106560, 1784106569
Intro; TITLE PAGE; CONTENTS; POEM; We Astronomers; The Expanding Universe; When You Wish upon a Star; Girl with a Balloon; Explaining Relativity; Let There Always Be Light; Dark Matter; Notte di San Giovanni; The Last Animists; Inventing Zero; Theories of Everything; Aberration; Carnal Knowledge; Constellations; What if There Were No Moon?; Observing; Some Thoughts about the Ocean and the Universe; Two Nuns, Lido Azzurro, September; Olduvai Song Line; Poem for my Father; Devonian Days; To Sarah's Child; Evolution; Myth; Frattura Vecchia; February, rue Labat; The Silk Road; Arroyo; Moth. Salmon RunningIn Opposition; After; After Max Ernst; Like Eels to the Sargasso Sea; To the Fig Tree in the Garden; Coming of Age in Foreign Lands; Chess Game in a Garden; Flying a Kite; Family Reunion; Futura Vecchia, New Year's Eve; Eating Bouillabaisse; Radiology South; Midwinter, Baffin Bay; Yosemite Valley: Coyotes Running through a Sleeping Camp; Returning to Camp; Hanging out his Boxer Shorts to Dry; Beauchamps: Renovations; The Ballad of Just and While; The Still Lives of Appliances; OncoMouse, Kitchen Mouse; These Two Candles, Saint Pantelehm; Antidotes to Fear of Death. EXTRACTS FROM THE NOTEBOOKFROM STONES TO STARS; COPYRIGHT