Front cover image for Fashion, agency, and empowerment : performing agency, following script

Fashion, agency, and empowerment : performing agency, following script

Annette Lynch (Editor), Katalin Medvedev (Editor)
"Fashion has always been strongly linked with the politics of gender and equality. In this global and interdisciplinary collection, leading authors explore the relationships between the dressed body, fashion, sex, and power, with and emphasis on the role of dress in both reinforcing and challenging social norms. Covering a range of geographic and social contexts, the book explores the role of fashion in empowering both individuals and groups to create transformation and change. Taking us from the performance of black dandyism through stylized hats, to the use of challenging dance forms and male-inspired dress by female South African dancers to express independence and equality, to ways in which recent Bond Girls have challenged traditional gender binaries, the book is a crucial entry pointo into discussions of fashion as an empowerment strategy. Fashion, Agency, and Empowerment provides valuable insights into global fashion, political structures, and social life"--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2019
Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London, UK, 2019