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Bad guys of the Book of Mormon.

Your enemy is smart. You can be smarter. Warning! This book contains information about a deadly enemy's top secret plans of world domination and total destruction. Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to learn what the enemy is planning as well as what his weaknesses are so that you will be prepared to defeat him. Gathered here are case studies of some of the enemy's top soldiers in his army -- Laman and Lemuel, Korihor, King Noah, Amalickiah -- as well as the strategies that allowed the Lord's righteous warriors -- Nephi, Alma the Younger, Abinadi, Captain Moroni -- to defeat them. President Ezra Taft Benson said, "The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ ... It fortifies the humble followers of Christ against the evil designs, strategies, and doctrines of the devil in our day." By learning about the bad guys, by studying their traits, tricks, and tactics, we will be able to see clearly the plans and plots Satan used in Book of ..
eBook, English, 2014
Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, 2014