Front cover image for Album amicorum Jacobi Montani Antverpiani, UBU Hs 8 L 17

Album amicorum Jacobi Montani Antverpiani, UBU Hs 8 L 17

Jacobus Montanus (Dedicatee, Former owner), O. V. Henkel (Former owner), Universiteit Utrecht
Autograph book of Jacobus Montanus from Antwerp, student of theology in Franeker (1593) and Leiden (1584-1598). In April 1598 he made a journey to Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg, Basel, and Zürich, spent the summer of 1598 in Orléans and stayed in Geneva until August 1599. His autograph album contains approximately 90 contributions, among them of scholars from Leiden e.g. Josephus Scaliger, Bonaventura Vulcanius, Paulus Merula and Franciscus Junius, prominent Calvinists in the Netherlands, e.g. Franciscus Gomarus, Jacobus Arminius and Petrus Plancius, also known as a cartographer, and in Switzerland e.g. Theodorus Beza and Isaac Casaubonus
Manuscript, Latin, 1598
174 leaves ; 150 x 100 mm
Blank leaves: 2, 4, 6, 8-42, 44-75, 80-83, 85-86, 89-93, 95-98, 101, 106-107, 113, 115-117, 130-133, 136-141, 144-149, 153, 162
Added: postcard by O.V. (Otto Viktor) Henkel (1916-1996) to A. (Abraham) Hulshof (1877-1955), director of Utrecht University Library, dated Jan, 7, 1942
Contributions in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian or Dutch