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Moody Bitches

A groundbreaking health guide for women of all ages that shows women's inherent moodiness is a strength, not a weakness, and medication is not always the answer Women are leaders, breadwinners, and caregivers. We're leaning in so much we're about to fall over. To take the edge off, many women pop a pill, eat something sugary, have a drink, or spend mindless time online. These activities quickly become patterns that take an enormous toll on women's bodies and natural hormonal balance. Women are made to be moody and, according to Dr. Holland, that's a strength--not a weakness. Our culture tells us otherwise, but when used properly, moodiness is power. By design, our hormones ebb and flow over a twenty-eight-day cycle and wax and wane over decades of fertility. Women are naturally emotional and empathetic because of these fluctuations and our evolutionary role as caretakers. Our moods govern our reproductive cycle, but they are also a smart feedback system. They let us know when our bodies are primed to tackle different challenges and when we should be alert to developing problems. But millions of American women are medicating away their hormones because the culture says that moodiness is a problem to be fixed. One in four American women takes a psychiatric drug, be it an antidepressant, antipsychotic, or antianxiety medication. If you add sleeping pills to the mix, the statistics become considerably higher. In major metropolitan areas, the number of medicated women doubles. Medicating away our natural moods can have devastating consequences for women in many areas of their lives: sex, relationships, sleep, eating, focus, balance, and aging. Unnecessary prescription drug use introduces a host of problems into these basic activities. Dr. Julie Holland knows there is a better way. She's been sharing her frank and funny wisdom with her patients for years, and in Moody Bitches Dr. Holland offers readers insider information about the pros and cons of the drugs they're being offered, as well as some surprising and highly effective, individual, natural therapies that can help them press the reset button in their own bodies and minds. In the tradition of Our Bodies, Our Selves, this groundbreaking guide for all ages will forge a much needed new path in women's health--and offer women invaluable information on how to be better, more balanced bitches at every stage of life
eAudiobook, English, 2015
Books on Tape, [Place of publication not identified], 2015