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Fashion crimes : dressing for deviance

Joanne Turney (Editor)
Fashion is widely recognised as a site for social acceptance and rejection, and as a signifier of personal identity. What happens when people stray from 'appropriate' dress codes or associate garments with 'respectability' or deviance? How does fashion relate to criminality? In this interdisciplinary volume, leading scholars propose new ways of seeing everyday dress and the body in public space. Garments and individual or group wearers are used as case studies to explore the codification of clothing as criminal - hoodies, trench-coats, Norwegian Lustkoffe sweaters, low-slung trousers and Hip Hop styling are all untangled as garments with criminal significance. The book questions the point at which morality as a form of social control meets criminality, and suggests ways to renegotiate established dress codes and terms such as 'suitability' and 'glamour' through the study of what people wear in response to notions of criminality
eBook, English, 2019
Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London, 2019
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List of Illustrations
Joanne Turney
1 White Lies and the Tailoring of Evil
Jonathan Faiers
2 The Horror of the Hoodie: Clothing the Criminal
Joanne Turney
3 The Criminalisation of the Saggy Pant
Holly Price Alford
4 Mug Shot
Head Shot: Danger, Beauty and the Temporal Politics of Booking Photography
Stephanie Sadre-Orafai
5 Kogyaru and Pleasure of Dressing as a 'Delinquent Girl' (furyo shojo)
Sharon Kinsella
6 There's no B'ness like 'Ho' B'ness (50 Cent, PIMP): Deconstructing the Hip-Hop 'Ho'
Alex Franklin
7 Fear and Clothing in Adidas: Branded Sportswear and Fashioning the 'Handy Dandy'
Joanne Turney
8 Crime and Fashion in the 1950s and 1960s in Socialist Hungary
Katalin Medvedev
9 Queer Materiality: An Empirical Study of Gender Subversive Styles in Contemporary Stockholm
Philip Warkander
10 Material Evidence: Sexual Assault, Provocative Clothing and Fashion
Joanne Turney
11 Skulls and Crossbones: America's Confederacy of Pirates
Anne Cecil
12 A 'Louse' in Court: Norwegian Knitted Sweaters on Big-Time Criminals
Ingun Grimstad Klepp
13 Out of the Trenches and into Vogue: Un-belting the Trench Coat
Marilyn Cohen
14 From Revolting to Revolting: Masculinity, the Politics and Body Politic of the Tracksuit
Joanne Turney