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Design for the real world

Victor J. Papanek (Author)
Design for the Real World' has been translated into over twenty languages since it first appeared in 1971; it has become the world's most widely read book on design and is an essential text in many design and architectural schools. This edition offers a blueprint for survival in the third millennium. 0Victor Papanek's lively and instructive guide shows how design can reduce pollution, overcrowding, starvation, obsolescence and other modern ills. He leads us away from "fetish objects for a wasteful society" towards a new age of morally and environmentally responsible design
Print Book, English, 2019
Third edition. Paperback edition View all formats and editions
Thames and Hudson, London, 2019
xxi, 394 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
9780500295335, 0500295336
What is design? : a definition of the function complex
Phylogenocide : a history of the industrial design profession
The myth of the noble slob : design, “art,” and the crafts
Do-it-yourself murder : social and moral responsibilities of design
Our Kleenex culture : obsolescence and value
Snake oil and thalidomide : mass leisure and phony fads
Rebel with a cause : invention and innovation
The tree of knowledge : biological prototypes in design
Design responsibility : five myths and six directions
Environmental design : pollution, crowding, ecology
The neon blackboard : design education and design teams
Design for survival and survival through design : a summation
Previous edition: 1985