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Exploring Japaneseness on Japanese Enactments of culture and consciousness

Today, the Japanese nation faces an identity crisis as it attempts to contend with the misfortunes endured in the 1990s: a downward economic spiral, a renewed crime wave, political corruption, and the failure of the government to take bold, new steps in response.
Print Book, English, 2002
Ablex Publ, Westport (CO), 2002
XVI, 460 p. 24 cm
9781567505412, 1567505414
Introduction Japanese Core Cultural Concepts Guideposts for Exploring Japaneseness by Ray T. Donahue UCHI and SOTO as Cultural and Linguistic Metaphors by Seiichi Makino Japanese Development: Person and Nation The Sociocultural Discourse of Poetry: Japanese Moral and Personal Development as Reflected in Elementary School Textbooks by Tsutomu Yokota Communications as Connections Between Different Japanese Realms: K-ots-u and the Case of Children's Illustrated Books by Sylvie Guichard-Anguis Japanese Nation and State Discourse and Cultural Attitudes: Japanese Imperial Honorifics and the Open Society by Noriko Akimoto Sugimori and Masako Hamada Aisatsu: Ritualized Politeness as Sociopolitical and Economic Management in Japan by Brian J. McVeigh The Great Hanshin Earthquake: The Japanese Response by Eamon McCafferty Through the Ideological Filter: Japanese Translations of a Western News Source by Christopher Barnard Japanese Nationalism and Social Minority Relations Deconstructing the Japanese National Discourse: Laymen's Beliefs and Ideology by Rotem Kowner Koreans--A Mistreated Minority in Japan: Hopes and Challenges for Japan's True Internationalization by Soo-im Lee Nikkei Brazilians in Japan: The Ideology and Symbolic Context Faced by Children of This New Ethnic Minority by Tomoko Sekiguchi Japanese Language Sources of Emotion in Japanese Comics: Da, Nan(i), and the Rhetoric of Futaku by Senko K. Maynard Narrative as a Reflection of Culture and Consciousness: Developmental Aspects by Masahiko Minami The Impact of English on the Japanese Language by Bates L. Hoffer Japanese Rhetoric Japan's Attempted Enactments of Western Debate Practice in the Sixteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries by Roichi Okabe Japanese Identities in Written Communication: Politics and Discourses by Ryuko Kubota Frames in American and Japanese Political Discourse by Hiroko Furo Japanese Pragmatics Speech Act Realizaton Patterns of Japanese Social Refusal: The Question Strategy by Nagiko Iwata Lee Japaneseness Manifested in Apology Styles by Naomi Sugimoto Vagueness Is Not Always Polite: Defensive Concession in Japanese Everyday Discourse by Reiko Hayashi Japanese Mass Media and Internet Communications Japanese Advertising Discourse: Reconstructing Images by Brian Moeran TV Commercials as Cultural Performance: The Case of Japan by Masayuki Nakanishi Projecting Peer Approval in Advertising: Japan versus U.S. Seventeen Magazine by Michael L. Maynard Global and Local in Computer-Mediated Communication: A Japanese Newsgroup by Jane W. Yamazaki