Front cover image for Pleased to meet me : genes, germs, and the curious forces that make us who we are

Pleased to meet me : genes, germs, and the curious forces that make us who we are

Bill Sullivan (Author)
"Why are you attracted to a certain type? Why do you vote the way you do? Why do you struggle to let certain things go? Philosophers and theologians have grappled with the mystery of human behavior for centuries--but now, science is revealing startling new insights into what makes us tick. This provocative narrative from Indiana University School of Medicine professor Bill Sullivan explores our behavior through. the lens of genetics, microbiology, psychology, neurology, and family history, revealing the hidden forces that drive our individual natures. A fascinating tour of the factors that shape our actions, moods, tastes, political beliefs, and more, [this book] unveils a surprising truth: that many of our most defining traits emerge from things we can't control, including our genes, our early environment, our evolutionary past, and the microbes that dwell inside us. In these pages, you'll learn the real reasons we struggle with infidelity, weight loss, drugs, and depression; discover the biological differences that may separate liberals and conservatives; discern the forces that shape human attraction; and comprehend your own impulse to extend a helping hand or throw a punch. These trail-blazing insights are sprinkled with pop culture references that elucidate the scientific imperatives behind them. Filled with revolutionary observations, this eye-opening book takes us on a riveting journey that reveals who we are--and how we can become our best selves."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2019
National Geographic, Washington, D.C., 2019