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Bayesian statistics the fun way

Will Kurt (Author)
"An introduction to Bayesian statistics with simple and pop culture-based explanations. Topics covered include measuring your own uncertainty in a belief, applying Bayes' theorem, and calculating distributions"-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2019
No Starch Press, Inc., San Francisco, 2019
1 online resource (xxii, 236 pages) : illustrations
9781593279578, 1593279574
Part 1. Introduction to probability. Bayesian thinking and everyday reasoning
Measuring uncertainty
The logic of uncertainty
Creating a binomial probability distribution
The beta distribution
Part 2. Bayesian probability and prior probabilities. Conditional probability
Bayes' theorem with LEGO
The prior, likelihood, and posterior of Bayes' theorem
Bayesian priors and working with probability distributions
Part 3. Parameter estimation. Introduction to averaging and parameter estimation
Measuring the spread of our data
The normal distribution
Tools of parameter estimation : the PDF, CDF, and Quantile function
Parameter estimation with prior probabilities
Part 4. Hypothesis testing: the heart of statistics. From parameter estimation to hypothesis testing : building a Bayesian A/B test
Introduction to the Bayes factor and posterior odds : the competition of ideas
Bayesian reasoning in the twilight zone
When data doesn't convince you
From hypothesis testing to parameter estimation
Appendix A: A quick introduction to R
Appendix B: Enough calculus to get by
Includes index