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Contemporary language motivation theory : 60 years since Gardner and Lambert (1959)

Preface / Zoltán Dőrnyei -- Integrative Motivation: Sixty Years and Counting / Ali H. Al-Hoorie and Peter D. MacIntyre -- Looking Back and Looking Forward / Robert C. Gardner -- Part I: Second Language Development / Applied Linguistics: 1. Perezhivanie: The Cognitive-Emotional Dialectic Within the Social Situation of Development / James P. Lantolf and Merrill Swain -- 2. Extending Gardner's Socio-Educational Model to Learner Well-being: Research Propositions Linking Integrative Motivation and PERMA theory / Tammy Gregersen, Peter D. MacIntyre and Jessica Ross -- 3. Teachers' and Learners' Motivation in Multilingual Classrooms / MercŠ Bernaus -- 4. The Emotional Underpinnings of Gardner's Attitudes and Motivation Test Battery / Peter D. MacIntyre, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Nicole MacMillan and Chengchen Li -- Part II: Social Psychology / Sociology: 5. Identity, Adaptation and Social Harmony: A Legacy of the Socio-Educational Model / Sara Rubenfeld and Richard Clément -- 6. What's in a Name? Motivations for Baby-naming in Multicultural Contexts / Cila and Lalonde -- 7. Motivation, Identity, and Investment: A Journey with Robert Gardner / Bonny Norton -- Part III: Historical / Methodological Issues: 8. Snapshots in Time: Time in Gardner's Theory and Gardner's Theory across Time / Rebecca L. Oxford -- 9. Researching L2 Motivation: Re-evaluating the Role of Qualitative Inquiry, or the "Wine and Conversation" Approach / Ema Ushioda -- 10. Quantitative Methods in Second Language Learning Motivation Research: Gardner's Contributions and Some New Developments / Paul F. Tremblay -- 11. Identification with External and Internal Referents: Integrativeness and the Ideal L2 Self / Jennifer Claro -- 12. History, Philosophy and the Social Psychology of Language / John Edwards -- Part IV: Discussants: 13. Motivation: It is a Relational System / Phil Hiver and Diane Larsen-Freeman -- 14. How Robert C. Gardner's Pioneering Social-Psychological Research Raised New Applied Questions about Second Language Acquisition / Elaine Horwitz -- Epilogue / Howard Giles
Print Book, English, 2020
Multilingual Matters, Bristol, 2020