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A world at sea : maritime practices and global history

Lauren A. Benton (Editor), Nathan Perl-Rosenthal (Editor), Adam Clulow (Writer of supplementary textual content), Xing Hang (Writer of supplementary textual content), David Igler (Writer of supplementary textual content), Jeppe Mulich (Writer of supplementary textual content), Lisa Norling (Writer of supplementary textual content), Carla Rahn Phillips (Writer of supplementary textual content), Catherine Lynn Phipps (Writer of supplementary textual content), Matthew Taylor Raffety (Writer of supplementary textual content)
"This is a book in maritime history set in a global context, in the modern and early modern periods. The ocean is featured as a place where history happens"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2020
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University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 2020
vi, 267 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780812252415, 0812252411
Introduction : Making maritime history global / Nathan Perl-Rosenthal and Lauren Benton
Chapter 1. Why did anyone go to sea? Structures of maritime enlistment from family traditions to violent coercion / Carla Rahn Phillips
Chapter 2. Between the company and Koxinga : territorial waters, trade, and war over deerskins / Adam Clulow and Xing Hang
Chapter 3. "The law Is the lord of the sea" : maritime law as global maritime history / Matthew Taylor Raffery
Chater. 4. Reading cargoes : letters and the problem of nationality in the age of privateering / Nathan Perl-Rosenthal
Chapter 5. Sailors, states, and the creation of nautical knowledge / Margaret Schotte
Chapter 6. Indigenous maritime travelers and knowledge production / David Igler
Chapter 7. Maritime marronage in colonial borderlands / Jeppe Mulich
Chapter 8. Sovereignty at the water's edge : Japan's opening as coastal encounter / Catherine Phipps
Chapter 9. Working women who got wet : a global survey of women in premodern and early modern fisheries / Lisa Norling
Afterword : Land-sea regimes in world history / Lauren Benton and Nathan Perl-Rosenthal