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Classic and modern writings on fashion

Peter McNeil (Editor)
"The serious analysis of clothing and fashion has a long history. The Classic and Modern Writings on Fashion area of the Berg Fashion Library contains seminal writings on fashion, including classic and contemporary essays and primary sources. As a whole they form the foundations of fashion theory and methodology, and are essential for scholarly research in fashion, dress and costume. Essays included in Classic and Modern Writings on Fashion previously appeared in Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources (2009), edited by Peter McNeil."--Bloomsbury Fashion Central
eBook, English, 2020
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Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 2020
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Art and Life
The Medieval Aesthetic Sensibility
Society and Festivals
Order and Fashion in Clothes: The King, His Household, and the City of London at the End of the Fifteenth Century
Summer: The Last Century
Between Clothing and Nudity
The Upward Training of the Body from the Age of Chivalry to Courtly Civility
The Renaissance Beard: Masculinity in Early Modern England
Venice and the Dress of Foreigners
Clothing Provision and the Great Wardrobe in the Mid-Thirteenth Century
The Currency of Clothing
Gendered Space in Renaissance Florence: Theorizing Public and Private in the "Rag Trade"
The Economics of Clothing in the Late Seventeenth Century
Looks and Appearance
Gesture, Ritual, and Social Order in Sixteenth- to Eighteenth-Century Poland
Prescribing Fashion: Dress, Politics and Gender in Sixteenth-Century Italian Conduct Literature
Masculine Apparel
To Fashion a Self: Dressing in Seventeenth-Century England
'Twisted' Poses: The Kabuku Aesthetic in Early Edo Genre Painting
The Cavaliers and the Parvenus as Imitators of the Court
Lord Chesterfield's Letters to His Son
Eros and Liberty at the English Masquerade, 1710-90
Popular Dress
Fleshing Out the Revolution
Consumer Behaviour, Textiles and Dress in the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries
European Consumption and Asian Production in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Developing Consumerism and the Ready-made Clothing Trade in Britain, 1750-1800
Involuntary Consumers? Servants and Their Clothes in Eighteenth-Century England
The Treatises of Dandyism
The Invisible Flâneur
The Actress: Covent Garden and the Strand 1880-1914
Tigersprung: Fashioning History
The Love of Finery: Fashion and the Fallen Woman in Nineteenth-Century Social Discourse
The Exquisite Slave: The Role of Clothes in the Making of the Victorian Woman
Dress Reform as Antifeminism: A Response to Helene E. Roberts's "The Exquisite Slave: The Role of Clothes in the Making of the Victorian Woman"
Reply to David Kunzle's "Dress Reform as Antifeminism: A Response to Helene E. Roberts's 'The Exquisite Slave'" (vol. 2, no. 3)
Consuming Kashmir: Shawls and Empires, 1500-2000
The Management of Colour: The Kashmir Shawl in a Nineteenth-Century Debate
Sartorial Ideologies: From Homespun to Ready-Made
Cheap Mass-Produced Men's Clothing in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Invisible Clothing
Wool Cloth and Gender: The Use of Woollen Cloth in Women's Dress in Britain, 1865-85
Materializing Mourning: Hair, Jewellery and the Body
Femininity and Consumption: The Problem of the Late Nineteenth-Century Fashion Journal
'A Dream of Fair Women': Revival Dress and the Formation of Late Victorian Images of Femininity
Femme Fatale: Fashion and Visual Culture in Fin-de-siècle Paris
Sex and the City: Metropolitan Modernities in English History
Dress as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture
The Philosophy of Fashion
The Economic and Social Rôle of Fashion
The Cerementing of the Gentleman
The Predominance of Male Homosociality
Epilogue on Trousers
An Economic Interpretation of Women's Fashions
Themes in Cosmetics and Grooming
Fashion: From Class Differentiation to Collective Selection
Why the Midi Failed
The Production of Belief: Contribution to an Economy of Symbolic Goods
Fashion Shapes: Film, the Fashion Industry, and the Image of Women
Other People's Clothes? The International Secondhand Clothing Trade and Dress Practices in Zambia
The Golden Dustman: A Critical Evaluation of the Work of Martin Margiela and a Review of Martin Margiela: Exhibition (9/4/1615)
Art, Fashion and Music in the Culture Society
Vionnet ... Classicism
Paul Poiret's Minaret Style: Originality, Reproduction, and Art in Fashion
Magic Fashion